somatic defilement


Whitechapel - Vicer Exciser (remastered)

Whitechapel’s debut album The Somatic Defilement is being re-released on Metal Blade after it is remixed and remastered. I must say, it does sound about 350-400 times better than it did originally.

It will be available in North American stores on April 16th, and in Europe on April 15th.

A word from Phil Bozeman

Q: You played guitar in your previous band. What caused you to pick up the mic for Whitechapel?

A: The last band I was in, the vocalist was a good vocalist, but his stage show was horrible. Most people are inspired by people that are amazing, but I was inspired by somebody that completely sucked. He’s the front guy. He’s the guy that has the microphone. He’s the person that people are mainly listening to.

While we’re up on the crowd doing our stuff, playing our instruments, he’s off in the back behind us. I was on the crowd more than he was, and that’s not how it’s supposed to work. A front man needs to be on the crowd, interacting with the crowd. The crowd needs to be paying attention to him because he is working the show. I myself like to keep the show energetic, like to keep kids moving around. No matter what, you’ve always got to put 110% into it. That’s what I feel like I do, and that’s what that guy lacked.

I played guitar for six years and played in that band for 2 ½ , and I was always watching him, being like: “Man I know what I need to do,” so I just want to do that. I love to scream.

- Phil Bozeman is the fucking man.  Reading that was all the inspiration I need to step my game the fuck up. 


Whitechapel - Devirgination Studies