somalian girl

gayeliasbakkoush  asked:

hc: Sana meets a cute Somalian girl at university where they're both studying medicine they end up having the biggest, most beautiful Moroccan-Somalian wedding and live happily ever after with 3 children oh and they work at the same hospital where Sana is a cardiothoracic surgeon and her beautiful wife (in my head she's called Zahida) is a pediatrician and are the most respected and loved power couple in an 1000 mile radius

OMG YES and can you imagine Jamilla’s sly grin when she finds out Sana’s girlfriend is Somalian and them speaking Somali to joke with Sana sometimes. SANA AND ZAHIDA WEARING MATCHING HIJABS (or Sana being like wtf this isn’t mine and then she realizes she has by accident grabbed her wife’s). 

And honestly Sana falling for a pediatrician is so on point because she obviously has a thing for people who are good with children.