somalian civil war

SOMALIA. Merca. 1992. Unloading a Red Cross barge of food aid carrying 300 tons of rice, oil and diesel fuel. When the barge was offshore overnight, looters took 45 of the 145 barrels of diesel. Around 400 men are seen unloading the rest. A lot of the lorry drivers are on strike for more money and without them the food will lie on the beach and disappear. Everywhere people are cheating the relief effort and aid, instead of going to the starving, will end up in possession of warlords and others controlling the black market.

Photograph: Chris Steele-Perkins/Magnum Photos

SOMALIA. Mogadishu. March 27, 2017. Displaced Somali women stand in a queue to receive food handouts in a camp. Somalia’s drought is threatening 3 million lives, according to the U.N. In recent months, aid agencies have been scaling up their efforts but they say said more support is urgently needed to prevent the crisis from worsening.

Photograph: Farah Abdi Warsameh/AP