Part of my series ‘Black Cyborgs’, 2015. TMC showcase exhibition in London, 15-30 January 2016. 

Making a photographic portrait series was new for me because I rarely take pictures of people. I’ve always been shy about asking people to model for me, I’ve always felt like I couldn’t. When I went to Somalia in the summer of 2014 the plan was for me to change the direction of my photography, I actually wanted to take photographs of people but no-one would let me. At first I didn’t mind because I really didn’t know how to take pictures of Somalia without re-creating National Geographic and but then I would notice all of the white men walking around with their cameras and snapping without anyone’s consent and without protest. I came back to London wanting to do Black portraitures but not in the same way we were used to seeing. How can I do this in a way that means something more? The Missing Chapter Collective showcase was the chance for me to do that. I was introduced to the work of Omar Victor Diop during one of our weekly meetings and it was his Project Diaspora series of recreating historical figures and the portraits of the African Choir that helped shaped Black Cyborgs. I knew I was going to reimagine the archives in some way so stylize I used Sheed-Baati my mum had brought back from Somalia and each model mirrored a pose from the African Choir. “ 

If you missed the showcase check out my interview with @mediadiversified here

There is no such thing as Somalian 😡

You gon learn today…
So some people like to call me Somalian, let me just break it down for ya real quick.

Country = Somalia
Ethnic group = Somali
Nationality = Somali
Language = Somali

Somalian = Some alien 
Somali = a member of a dope ass group of people inhabiting the Horn of Africa

There is no such thing as “Somalian”

And to all the people who give me side eye when I correct them like “it’s no big deal” Yes it is. This is part of my identity and I’ll be damn if you go around calling us something else because you do not want to take the time to learn what what we call ourselves.

Shit I dont go around calling German ppl Germanians or Germish.

You get the point right? Good.

Beace and bariis✌


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