“My ambition’s to become the first blind female Somali foreign minister. I’m quite interested in politics and already a member of a local party. Only God can unite the Somalis, but I want to try and unite them and do something for the young and disadvantaged. I was born blind. At a young age, I only restricted myself to memorising the Qur’an because I thought we were only good for memorising but then I heard rumours from people that blind people can actually learn how to read and write. I didn’t believe it. My father brought me to Mogadishu and enrolled me into a blind school. I can now read and write. I’m fluent in English, know how to use a phone and social media, and currently at high school. One thing that confused people was how effortlessly I used to walk because I knew my area inside out. I think that gave the people the impression that I wasn’t blind until they found out that I am blind. I’m glad my mother taught me many life skills, such as cooking and how to manage things. She told me that I don’t have to rely on external help like a maid when I’m married and become a wife. I have met many families with blind children who instead of treating them as equals and giving them equal opportunities, they send those that can see to school only. Please give them a chance, they deserve it.”


“Hamigaygu waa in aan noqdo gabadhii ugu horaysay aan indhaha waxba ka arkin oo noqota wasiirka arrimaha dibadda ee Soomaaliya. Siyaasada waan xiiseeya, hadda waxaan xubin ka ahay xisbi siyaasi ah. Ilaahay ayuunba mid ka dhigi kara Soomaalida, laakiin anigu waxaan rabaa in aan mideeyo Soomaalida, si aan wax ugu qabto dhalinyarada iyo inta dayacan. Waxaan dhashay anigoon waxba arkin, Markii aan yara waxaan samayn jiray in aan xafido Quraanka. Kadib waxaan dadka ka maqlay hadalo oranaya dadka aan waxba arki karin in ay baran karan qaabka wax loo qoro isla markaana loo akhriyo. Anigu maan rumaysan, Aabbahay wuxuu ii keenay magalada Muqdisho, wuxuu igu daray iskuul wax lagu barro dadka araga naafada ka ah. Anigu hada waan akhrin karaa waxna waan qori karaa. Si wacan baan ugu hadlaa luuqada ingiriisida. Waan aqaan sida loo isticmaalo teleefanka iyo baraha internetka ee bulshadu u kulanto. Wakhtigan xaadirka ah waxaan ku jira dugsiga sarre. Hal shayba dadka ka yaabiyey oo ah sidaan u socdo anigu. Waxaan samayn jiray in aan lugeeyo sababto ah waan aqaanay goobaha ii dhow. Waxaan u malaynaya taas baa dadka ku noqotay amakaag in ay u haystaan in aan indhaha wax ka arko Laakiin marka dambe midaas way ogaadaan in aan ahay qof araga naafo ka ah. Runtii waxaan ku faraxsanahay in hooyaday i bartay waxyaabo badan sida, cunto karinta. Waxay i sheegtaa in aanan u baahnayn kutiirsanaanta cid kale, sida qof shaqaale ah marka aan guri yeesho een noqdo marwo. Waxaan la kulmaa qoysas haysta caruur araga naafo ka ah, laakiin halkii ay si siman caruurta wax ugu wada qaban lahayeen xuquuqdoodana u simi lahayeen, caruurta kale ayuun baa Iskuulka loo dira lakiin kuwa araga naafada ka ah looma dirro iskuul. Waxaan kula talin laha fadlan u ogolaada fursada ay xaqa u leeyihiin.”


🇸🇴🏳️‍🌈🇸🇴SOMALIANS! Help a brother out! 🇸🇴🏳️‍🌈🇸🇴

It’s been two and half years now since I left home and ever since then I tried to forget everything.

The one thing I regret forgetting is my culture and how beautiful it is!
I chose to forget because MY culture did not like who I was.
I chose to forget because I felt like I could not be who I am with MY people.
I chose to forget because it hurt seeing MY people look so disappointed in me.

I DON’T WANT TO FORGET ANYMORE! I want to be who I am and still be very much part of my culture. I LOVE MY CULTURE and it’s sad that I thought I could forget it.

So if you’re a 🇸🇴 Somalian LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 Raise your hands ✋🏽Tell us who you are! and share this cause I need to reconnect with culture!

The 2015 attacks you probably know nothing about...

January 3-7: Baga, Nigeria 2,000+ killed
January 25: Mamasapano, Philippines 67+ killed
January 30: Shikarpur, Pakistan 60 killed
February 4: Fotokol, Cameroon 91+ killed
March 7: Maiduguri, Nigeria 58 killed
March 20: Sana'a, Yemen 137 killed
April 1: Garissa, Kenya 147+ killed
May 13: Karachi, Pakistan 45 killed
June 1: Randi, Iraq 41 killed
June 17: Diffa Region, Niger 38 killed
June 17: Monguno, Nigeria 63 killed
June 22: Borno, Nigeria 42 killed
June 23: Maiduguri, Nigeria 30 killed
June 25: Kobani, Syria 146 killed
June 26: Leego, Somalia 70 killed
July 1: Kukawa, Nigeria 145 killed
July 5: Jos and Potiskum, Nigeria 69 killed
July 10: Monguno, Nigeria 43 killed
July 17: Damaturu, Nigeria 64 killed
July 17: Khan Bani Saad, Iraq 100-180 killed
August 7: Kabul, Afghanistan 50+ killed
August 10: Diyala Province, Iraq 50+ killed
August 13: Baghdad, Iraq 76+ killed
September 20: Maiduguri, Nigeria 145 killed
October 5: Baghdad, Iraq 57 killed
October 10: Ankara, Turkey 102 killed
October 14: Maiduguri, Nigeria 42 killed
November 12: Beirut, Lebanon 43 killed

And these are only the attacks with 40+ victims. 
Paris I stand with you, but I will not forget all the victims in other cities. 


Charges dropped against driver in crash that killed 20-year-old:

According to police, the driver of the Cadillac, which was traveling southbound on MD 202, lost control and crossed the center line directly into the path of the oncoming Nissan.The driver of the Nissan, identified as 20-year-old Adedire Olanrewaju Ososanya of Upper Marlboro, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Calero, the driver, also the son of a state senate, was initially charged with DUI and reckless driving, but prosecutors dropped the charges, pending a complete investigation.

Please sign the petition in order to get justice for Adedire here:


“Adedire Olarewaju Ososanya a rising star of his generation and a 3rd year student of Morgan State University was killed in a cold blood car crash on Thursday December 17, 2015 by a hardened and a repeated drunk driver in Largo Maryland. The offender has multiple traffic and criminal records. The alleged drunk driver is James Scott Calero, son of a state senate. James Calero is from  Bowie Maryland. WE WANT JUSTICE FOR ADEDIRE PERIOD.”

Nobody is above the law. Ososanya was just 20-years-old. He was a promising young business student at Morgan State University. No mother should have to bury her child! Please sign the petition, it only takes a few seconds. This is our African brother. 


Reblog, repost,with the petition link, we cannot stay quiet as a community or things will never change,






article: http://www.wusa9.com/story/news/local/maryland/2015/12/18/20-year-old-man-killed-in-violent-head-on-crash-in-largo/77542836/

Syrian kids deserve a chance to feel the childish joy of running out of their houses at the sound of an ice cream truck and buying ice cream

Pakistani kids deserve the chance to go to an amusement park and feel the rush of the wind in their face as they try the biggest rollercoaster in the park

Afghan kids deserve a day to sleep in and wake up lazily to the warm glow of the sun and the sound of happy voices coming from downstairs

A young Iraqi girl deserves the chance to discover the amazing world of cake decorating and realize that she was born to decorate incredibly stunning cakes

A boy from Uganda deserves to fulfill his dream of becoming a singer because his whole family and all his neighbours always praise his beautiful voice

A little Somali girl deserves to know all the different art mediums that exist so she can explore her God given talents as an artist and mesmerize everyone with her work

A brown man enslaved in Kuwait deserves to wake up early and surprise his wife with breakfast in bed and to hold her in his arms

A little boy in North Korea deserves to feel the nervous excitement as he gets on a plane to fulfill his dream of traveling the world

A Palestinian girl deserves her chance to stun the world with her superior acting skills, a surefire Oscar winner if the world ever knew it

A Kashmiri boy deserves a chance to delve into the world of literature and be the greatest poet we ever knew

A Native girl in Canada deserves to find out she’s an amazing swimmer and fulfill her dream of one day competing in the Olympics

A Sudani boy deserves to feel the excitement of seeing a magic trick for the first time and then putting on his own little magic show for the neighborhood

An Egyptian girl deserves to find out she can make the best blueberry muffins you ever tasted and she opens her own bakery to discover she’s a talented businesswoman as well

A black boy in America deserves the chance to graduate from his dream law school and become the best humanitarian lawyer to practice

A Nigerian boy deserves the chance to wake up at dawn and go on a beach trip with his friends so they can catch the sunrise and stare in awe at the explosion of colours against the sky

A Yemeni girl deserves to feel the exhaustion after spending an entire day doing dares with her friends and she goes to sleep with a smile on her face

If they were born on this planet, they were meant to be here. Everyone deserves a chance at a life. They deserve to know peace.

The daily struggles of the children around the world should include arguing with their parents about not wearing a sweater because it’s not that cold out, not making sure they live to see another day.

Everyone deserves a chance at life.

Do what you can to save humanity. Change starts with you.


Let’s talk about the Arab/Trans Indian Ocean Slave Trade because if we’re going to insist on PoC solidarity we must confront our past. Peace be with all the colonised and enslaved Africans and their descendants. [Second to last tweet meant to say **sex slave labour of black women] read more here: http://atlantablackstar.com/2014/06/02/10-facts-about-the-arab-enslavement-of-black-people-not-taught-in-schools/5/


Recently I watched the Movie “Captain Phillips” and it made me think about how these so called Somali “Pirates” are being portrayed by the media. I can remember how terrible different Media outlets tried to make Somali people seem when American and European ships started to get robbed while at sea a few years ago. They made it seem as if they were just savages and thieves and that’s just how they chose to live, but the truth is that the Somali People that are viewed as “Pirates” and terrorists were really just taking a stand against a complete invasion from America and Europe. 

Somalia’s Government collapsed and the U.S. and Europe saw this as an opportunity to do what they’ve done throughout history and that’s to steal the resources away from the Somali people as their seas were now unprotected. America and Europe started dumping nuclear waste into the waters which caused the Somali people to get extremely sick. Somali babies started to be born with deformities and their people were getting rashes and dying from the contaminated ocean water. The nuclear waste that was in Barrels that washed ashore can be tracked back to The U.S. and Europe. While dumping waste they were also taking all the millions of dollars in seafood from the ocean ruining the income and livelihood of Somali fishermen causing countless more Somali people to starve.

Somali People were never savages, they were forced into dying or fighting back and they chose to fight. They did what they could to provide for their people and protect their resources. They had order when they took over ships their goal wasn’t to hurt anybody and they often didn’t, they just wanted to stop the invasion, pollution, and retrieve a profit that was stolen from them initially. You gotta respect that. Never believe what a racist society has to say about your people. SanCopha!

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