somali dress

Just saw someone claim that it makes sense for fictional cultures to go in nothing but underwear if they’re from deserts because it’s what makes the most sense and I’m just kinda wondering if they’ve ever seen traditional Tuareg or Somali dress

Somali women can't win 🙄

I can’t even watch any clips of successful Somali diaspora women posted on BBC Somali or other Somali FB pages without seeing some hating ass sexist comments. They out here tryna talk about how Somali women are dressed rather than the content of the videos of these successful Somali women, who by the fucking way, Somali women have hands down exceeded Somali men in the West by a longshot, yet we got some mediocre ass bitter men hating on successful Somali women 🙄aduunka ilaahi. Wallahi we Somalis are our own worst enemy. I can’t 🙅🏾🖕🏾and just to clarify, no I’m not hating on “all Somali men” just the sexist mediocre lowlives who have nothing better to do except police women.