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22. Giggly kiss

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They held onto each other as they stumbled through the dark streets of the city, tripping over each other’s feet as they struggled to hold themselves upright. The challenge was far too great though and every once in a while, Soul would double over in abdominal pain, and Maka would break out into another fit… of laughter.

Soul continued to slap his knees as Maka sputtered out the joke again, accentuating the highlights and stressing out the syllables, making Soul’s voice echo all around them. They fell onto each other, tumbling onto the ground while Maka kicked out her feet and held her stomach, and Soul beating the ground with a fist.

One of the shutters opened then, and an angry shush silenced the pair. They looked at each other when they heard the window close, but immediately let out a “pfft” and crumpled back onto the floor, shaking and vibrating with the jubilant night and the cackling moon above them.

Maka got up first, brushing herself off and rubbing her sore cheeks. She reached for Soul’s hand as he held his out to her, but he whispered the key word again, turning Maka back into a giggling mess. Her knees gave out then just as Soul had pulled on her, and she came crashing down onto him, sending Soul into another wild high.

She looked up at his face, wiping away his happy tears that sprouted from the corners of his eyes, her hand cupping his cheek as she tried to steady his head. Soul brushed a few stray hairs that escaped from her careful pigtails off her face, biting his lips to keep himself from being too loud, his chest shaking as he held back with all his strength.

Their faces were so close, so warm, so full of life. Maka leaned in quickly and Soul met her somewhere soon after, their breath mingling again. She deepened their kiss, bending her neck and pressing herself harder against him. His lips were still curved into a smile, one that she loved as much as him, that is, until he broke his composure, dissolving back into uncontrolable giggles, and Maka following him into euphoria.

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