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Dear child(ren),

Your mom went to high school with a girl who went and got pretty good at singing songs, and her band came to town, so we grabbed dinner and a Valley Queen show at South on Main with the McVays tonight. A nationally recognized musician has yet to emerge from among my high school classmates, but I’m only 17 years out of school, so maybe there’s still time. (My money’s on Matt Rakes.)


Little Rock, Arkansas. 3.4.2017.

Saito Soma's blog on the time he went to watch DanDevi the Stage Musical

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A blog post from 10th March 2016

Musical 「Dance with Devils」

It’s cold.
I’m Saitou Souma who is fairly dazed after completing my favourite Konari Misato-san’s “Coffee Ikaga desho”.

But, this me was able to spend the best passionate time! That means!
I went to watch Dandevi Musical!

Dandevi that started as a musical anime, I wondered what sort of faces would I see in the stage play, whether there would be new songs, what sort of character Subaru-san has, etc and with all those thoughts I slid into the theater.

Seriously, it was really great!
Starting with Kaminaga Keisuke-san who plays Rem, the casts’ singing, acting, dance, and staging gives a strange magnificence, I laughed then feeling moved and it was difficult.
Especially, that scene from Rem-sama, the humorous feel from Holland-san, and the timing for this song at that scene! Too amazing! I can’t write anymore because it would be a spoiler, but from all the casts and staffs, I could feel everyone’s love towards Dandevi.

Once again, to be connected to such an amazing work titled Dance with Devils, to meet the kind hearted demon named Kaginuki Rem, I’m embracing my gratefulness from the bottom of my heart for all the bonds.
This is really, no matter what I just have to take another chance to play as Rem-sama! I strongly think of that.
To be able to unite with everyone in the theater, it was a really happy time.
Thank you very much!

So, I will end it today around here.
Bye bye~!

Saitou Souma.

(( I’m actually really moved by this blog, that’s why I want to share it with others who also like Soma and Rem )) @smackrifaspork @ask-ritsuka-tachibana @xicequeenxx @dancewithderps @everything-dancewithdevils


SOMA - Midnight in Paris

Jazzy, chill, beautiful voice.

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I liked this a lot more than expected. Also it’s stuck in my head.