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Black butler Twin Ciel theory, the reason Soma was attacked!


I thought over Soma being attacked, and something suddenly clicked and pieces suddenly fell into place.

Like I said in the last post I think the dead Ciel shot Soma and killed Agni. But, from what I have noticed is that dead Ciel was ONLY going after Soma. You may be thinking ‘ Then why did he kill Agni? ‘ and the answer to that is that Agni kept getting in the way. 

Remember? the dead Ciel was trying to get to Soma and Agni kept interfering. Also Agni locked Soma away to keep him safe why? because dead Ciel is clearly after Soma and Agni’s job is to protect him with his life as Soma is his sun ( light in the dark).

Now that is explained and made clear HERE IS THE REASON WHY DEAD CIEL MAY BE TRYING TO KILL SOMA.

So, in a flashback during our Ciel + dead Ciel’s past they were trying to make some food to help their mother get better. And a line which dead Ciel says is this “ I don’t need fake brothers” this line sounds strange and it gives you the feeling that he already has a brother and he’d want no other brother ( he only wants our Ciel as his brother).

So dead Ciel only wants our Ciel as his brother and he states he doesn’t want FAKE BROTHERS.

Now what does this have to do with Soma being attacked? Well before in the last post I said dead Ciel attacked him because our Ciel and Soma are close. But! I was close to the possible answer but, not close enough until now that is.

Because you see Soma said something very recently back in Chapter 119 during the plot against Bravat, and maybe you have forgotten. But Soma said this about our Ciel below

This seems like nothing but being supportive however isn’t it a bit strange? Not too long after chapter 119 Soma just happens to get attacked by dead Ciel supposedly. 

Soma happens to be older than our Ciel and he happens to be very similar to dead Ciel y’know Ciel’s real brother. They’re both social, optimistic, caring, friendly, and OLDER than our Ciel. 

And last post I said that Soma and Ciel are close, and as a matter of fact Soma is the closest to our Ciel than anyone else. As it is proven a few times and by that I mean like for instance in the recent chapter when our Ciel shouts at the unconscious Soma that he should have stayed out of his business. 

He has never reacted so strongly towards someone who has gotten hurt until now of coarse since our Ciel is shaking and gritting his teeth. While reading I thought that our Ciel might cry and I was kind of moved a little but Ciel has his pride which stops him from crying.

So finally I have layed down all of the information NOW FOR THE ANSWER!

Dead Ciel attacked Soma because he feels like he is taking his place as our Ciel’s older brother which makes Soma a fake brother . 

Dead Ciel doesn't want fake brothers and Soma see’s our Ciel as his little brother. In other words dead Ciel may feel like he is being replaced by Soma and he is very upset about that or even angry. 

Also before I stated that Soma and Dead Ciel are similar in personality and I also said that Soma and our Ciel are close. Our Ciel puts up with Soma and his playful and happy antics.

Our Ciel is almost used to the kind of behavior that Soma displays and even in welcomes it in his own way. But because Soma is like his dead brother wouldn't that make our Ciel feel closer and more comfortable with Soma? It does indeed as like I said our Ciel is closest to Soma. 

Dead Ciel is not quite human as last chapter something inhuman attacked Agni. That links to the theory that Undertaker is our Ciel + dead Ciel’s grandfather. 

I have a feeling that dead Ciel went to that townhouse knowing Soma was there so then he went to kill him because he is upset about being ‘ replaced ‘. If he had any ill will towards our Ciel he could have simply gone to the mansion or tracked him down since he’s supposedly now a supernatural.

And the fact is that he does not do that and goes to the townhouse where Soma stays! our Ciel was visiting Soma. He doesn't live there and only goes to the townhouse to visit Soma. 

Therefore it seems clear that dead Ciel was only after Soma not our Ciel. 

Not only that but dead Ciel wrecks our Ciel’s room while trying to leave him a message. I’m not quite sure what the message means however our Ciel seems to know.

However! I have a new explanation about what the message means. The message says “ Who stole the candy from my tummy? “ 

I said before in the last post that the sentence is childish and I saw it as the souls being sold. BUT now here is something which fits in more with my new theory about Soma’s reason for being attacked by dead Ciel.

The message sounds playful. Something an older brother would say when they know their younger sibling has taken a sweet from them when they thought he wasn’t looking. 

And Ciel loves sweets and dead Ciel could also like sweets by what the message says. And the message is dead Ciel’s way of telling our Ciel 

“ I’m back “ 

It makes sense because by the reaction our Ciel has it tells us that it is something he encountered before. A time perhaps when dead Ciel caught our Ciel sneaking a sweet from his plate and then he says in a playful tone “ Who stole the candy from my tummy “. Dead Ciel was going to eat it sending the sweet to his tummy until our Ciel took it.

That is all for now.. This took some time thinking about so please don’t re-post  and don’t re-blog anywhere :) 

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what do you think about Soma and Agni?

I mean, I like them as characters? There’s a whole lot of romanticisation / fetishisation of the culture going on (which honestly it wouldn’t actually feel like it was Kuroshitsuji if they didn’t do that lol), but I don’t ship them or anything.

I’m pretty much an OTP kind of person for Kuroshitsuji, and don’t ship anything outside of that, except maybe a very loose William/Grell (but not enough to read any fanfiction for it, or to even want to; just enough to tolerate it in fics with my main pairing in it).

Idk I think Soma is kind of adorable, and Agni is a very responsible khansama, though probably a little too forgiving? But they serve well as like the um… ‘pure’ parallel to Ciel and Sebastian. Because as a function in the plot, they’re basically there to contrast between the morally grey and impure bond that Ciel and Sebastian have, which - to be honest - I love. Because it means you firstly get a lot of light relief when Soma is in the manga (and anime), which is sorely needed, and secondly Soma is a genuinely caring person with a genuinely good heart who is just genuinely very naive and quite spoiled (like Ciel is quite spoiled, they both come from class and money and this shows in different ways).

Agni is fantastic because he has these moments where he acts as a moral compass for Sebastian, often without realising; as a result, Sebastian ends up performing more morally sound acts when Agni is present, or after Agni has given advice. This sort of presents evidence for the idea that in learning how to become a better butler, Sebastian may actually be learning how to become a better person. I mean obviously he’s evil and corrupt, but he genuinely accepts ‘moral advice’ if it comes in the form of ‘this is how you should behave as a butler’ and I find that really fascinating.

I like those moments in the plot. Soma and Agni don’t become less pure around Ciel and Sebastian, but Sebastian does perform more ‘pure’ or ‘good hearted’ acts because of Agni, and the same can be said of Ciel, because of Soma. They feel like an integral part of the philosophical narrative that is Yana Toboso’s overall idea of what Kuroshitsuji is.

But I don’t ship them, lol. But that’s probably not what you meant anyway? :D


So, after chapter 127. I’m deeply hoping for Prince Soma to fall into a deep depression. Why?

Ciel. He doesn’t see Agni nor Soma as his friends right?
I wonder, after all that happened. Does he still think of them as pests?

What would Ciel think if Soma, the light of the house. Falls into a dark pit of pain.

Would Ciel realize how much they both mean to him? Would he try to comfort Prince Soma. Idk.
I just think the last thing Prince Soma needs now is more BS from Ciel

“Goseiger was terrible!”

“Kiva was sexist!”

“Showa Riders are better than Heisei Riders!”

“Heisei Riders are better than Showa Riders!”

“Super Sentai is too childish!”

“The Neo-Heisei Riders aren’t mature enough!”

“Haruto Soma is boring!”

“Light-hearted Sentai can’t be good!”

“A Rider season is worthless if it isn’t Den-O or W!”

“Jetman and Shinkenger were the only good Sentai!”

Listen up, toku fandom. Not every Rider or Sentai season will be as ‘flawless’ as Shinkenger or Den-O. Yes, they will have flaws, but that doesn’t men you can’t appreciate them for what they did well. 

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Soma prompt- You're the light of my life aka QUIT PULLING THE COVERS OFF ME ITS 5AM

Thank you for the prompt Nessie! I made it super fluffy for you! (imagine that!) I hope you like it! Thank you to khaleesimaka and fabulousanima for editing this thing for me!! :)


“Maka,” Soul called out softly. His girlfriend’s sleeping form lay beside him as they (she) slept, the dim light from the window illuminating the contours of her face and colouring her hair a golden yellow.

“Maka,” he called again, reaching out and gently shaking her.

“What is it?” she asked blearily, sitting up slightly, her blanket cocoon sliding down her shoulders. She rubbed her eyes and rested her weight on her forearms.

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