soma explosion


Rescuers are hunting desperately for scores of Turkish coal miners still missing after an explosion caused a pit to collapse, killing at least 245.

Anti-government protests broke out in the mining town of Soma, as well as Istanbul and the capital, Ankara, with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan heckled as he tried to show concern. Protesters shouted “Murderer!” and “Thief!” and Erdogan was forced to seek refuge in a supermarket, surrounded by police.


I am just entering this post for showing my deep sadness to miners who died at mine explosion at Soma yesterday. I wont post/reblog pictures/gifs or any other thing for a while, for respect the families mourn.

There are more than 400 people stucked underground right now. They’re waiting for help.. And we could do nothing but pray for them. Also I hate that people still talk about politics..

I wish and pray for no more death and they can go back to their home safely.

It’s national mourning in my country/Turkey right now and for three days. All of the prays with Soma and miners..


Turkey coal mine disaster…

Nearly 800 workers were inside the mine when the fire broke out after an explosion in Soma, Manisa. 

Over 230 dead, 80 injured, 363 rescued so far. Hopes fade for hundreds of trapped.  

I’m in deep sorrow (and anger). 

My heart is with everyone affected by this disease… 

(P.S. These photos do not belong to me)