soma and agni

Yana’s comment on chapter 127

Today is the release date of GFantasy May issue. This month, I could eventually draw the episode I have had in mind for about 10 years ever since that character’s first apperance. So please watch over [his fate]. -Toboso


Don’t tell me that this silly “let me in - no I won’t let you in” quarrel between Sebastian and Agni in ch23

was foreshadowing this “let me out - no I won’t let you out” scene in the latest chapter:


For you, My prince..

The life I truly needed,
I found solely by your side.
My expectations you’ve exceeded.
Giving me one hell of a ride.

My prince what a man you’ll become,
This much I can assure.
So with my departure, you ought not be glum,
For you’ll be perfectly fine, I’m sure.

Your future shines bright within your grasp.
Embrace it all and hold it tight.
For whichever path you choose to clasp,
I promise you, my prince that I’ll be the light.

Your radiance is comparable to the sun,
My guiding light that keeps me warm.
Whatever you ask of me will be done,
With me by your side you shall receive no harm.

Serving you was my purpose,
The very reason of my existence.
I dedicate to you my every pulse,
As my loyalty shan’t be bound by distance.

I once was a lost soul,
But with your call I was made whole..

For @nisaki-chan‘s week long Agni Tribute.. RIP you precious being :’(

Original art by Yana Toboso