Inktober #21, SOMA-inspired Nuparu.

Moderately adjusted in photoshop beyond the regular gradient map.


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  • Shipper type 1:I ship them because they have a history together, something in common. They just seem happy about with each others company! SLAY ME! CANON!
  • Shipper type 2:They give us many signals and make each other happy! I ship it!
  • Shipper type 3:They stand next to each other! Just 30 cm away! They breath the same air! OMG IT IS CANON, YOU-!!
  • me:i like that Soul Eater showed two protagonists in a deep and meaningful relationship without necessarily making it romantic. i feel like a lot of works shoehorn romance in clumsily to check off a box but Soul Eater showed Soul and Maka caring deeply about each other without having them get together romantically in the end.
  • also me:...i'm still gonna ship em though. i'm still gonna ship em
  • <p><b>Person:</b> *comes closer*<p/><b>Me:</b> Who are you?!<p/><b>Person:</b> Your worst nightmare..<p/><b>Me:</b> *gasp* YOU ARE FROM THE FUTURE AND YOU WILL TELL ME THAT MY SHIP ISN'T CANON?!?<p/><b>Person:</b> what the- no! The hell is wrong with you?<p/></p>