Okay but is Camille Belcourt really dead? Like, I know the wiki says young vampires can kill older vampires if the murder is unexpected or premeditated, but I just find it hard to believe that Camille, a vampire who has been around for centuries, could really have been killed by Maureen Brown, someone who’s only been a vampire for like 2 months. Especially since Camille’s murder happens off page. I’m just not buying it.

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With the rise of the "Planned Parenthood" topic, what is your stance on abortion?

Pro choice. 

I have a lot to say about it but I have an abortion page and all the posts, stories, and infographics say it for me:)

Also PP does SO much more than abortions. People restricting their funds and rights, restricts people to so much health care and access to resources that PP has to offer for so many people. The pro lifers are being so selfish. The hack that they did on PP site prevented over 200k people that day from going on their site for information and appointments….most not abortions but screening, testing, prevention resources, and other health needs it’s just!!!! Stupid honestly it is stupid and senseless.

To new RVB fans still confused by this post let me explain with pictures (Caboose would love this) and proper names (hope I get this right)

So Church (Epsilon)

is based on Church

who’s based on Church (The Director)

who created Church

from the personality of Church (The Director)

but Church (Epsilon)

is also the memories of Church

created by Church (The Director)

and when Church gets killed

he’s still Church

but the realizes he’s Church (Alpha AI)

as in the Church

based on Church (The Director)

but then Church is destroyed

by Church’s (The Director’s) stuff

and so Church (The Director) is alive

but there’s also Church (Epsilon)

based on Church

based on Church (The Director)

who’s okay and he gets activated so Church (Epsilon) is alive

and Church (The Director) is alive

but Church is dead

and Church (Epsilon) goes

and finds a ton of Churches

in one of Church’s (The Director’s) facilities

and then Church (Epsilon)

finds out more about Church

and also about Church (The Director)

and then Church (Epsilon) goes into the memory unit

where’s he’s Church

and then Church (Epsilon) exits the memory unit

and ascends from being Church (Epsilon)

to becoming Church

and then he goes on a mission to find and kill Church (The Director)

and so Church (Epsilon)

seeks out Church (The Director)

while remembering the memories of Church

who’s based on the memories of Church (The Director)

so Church (Epsilon) is remembering


who’s remembering Church (The Director)

while Church (Epsilon)

is trying to kill Church (The Director)

with the memories of Church’s memories

of Church (The Director)

and so Church (The Director) dies

and Church is also dead

but Church (Epsilon) is alive

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I would love to see the top five most obscure pictures of Michael you currently have saved to your computer. Go.

i can’t believe you’d try to limit me to five but:

So I’ve been binge watching Beetlejuice cartoons lately and there’s the one episode where bj makes the cologne that makes you the exact opposite personality/appearance??

oh no

The suit, the ears

whath whaht hawhaht  what waht WHAT WHATTT