Percabeth Headcanon: Summer Break

Hello hello! Thank you so much for your patience! I really appreciate it. I’ve been so busy with life, I’m happy to finally have a few seconds to do some of these (Even if, in all actuality, I don’t have time, I’m just procrastinating). Also, bare with me. I haven’t done these in forever, and I’m a tad rusty. Hope you like it!

  • The summer their air conditioning broke, Sally returned home from work with seventeen voice mails complaining how hot it was, and two demigods laying on her kitchen floor and eating ice cream after breaking into the apartment.
  • Any time at the beach consisted of Percy splashing around by himself for a solid three hours before he grew fed up of being alone, marching over to his girlfriend and picking her up, tossing her in the waves despite her laughing protest.
  • Annabeth makes double sure that snow cone stands have blue colored syrup before she points out the attraction to Percy.
  • One summer, the couple couldn’t go to the beach more than handful of times. Annabeth walked into their apartment to find Percy relaxing in plastic pool full of sand and beach toys, he lounging in his bathing suit and sunglasses while staring at their TV with images of the beach scrolling over the screen. She joined him without question.
  • Percy always snuck a Barns and Noble gift card on Annabeth’s pillow the first day of summer break, knowing she would need new books to read despite her already massive collection.
  • When it rained, Percy drug Annabeth to the aquarium. Every. Time. It. Rained.
  • On gorgeous and cool days, they opened every door and window in their apartment to let in both the calm breeze and white noise of the city.
  • Annabeth’s birthday was July 12th, so Percy took the entire time after the fourth of July until her birthday to prepare something big. They always ended up doing the exact same thing every year: wake up late, spend the day just hanging around one another, have a fancy dinner, and end the night with Annabeth’s head against Percy’s chest on their couch and he explaining every detail of the big surprise he planned for her. She loved the consideration more than the actual surprise itself.
  • Percy’s birthday was August 18th, and the man woke up to a kitchen smelling like his mom’s baking and a cake resting on the counter with his wise girl’s hand writing spelling “Happy Birthday Seaweed Brain”.
  • The first summer the seven wanted to try and do something together, Percy and Annabeth forgot to tell them they went on an unplanned road trip, calling the other five from a tent in Cape Cod on the day they were suppose to go Coney Island to explain why they couldn’t make it.

Dani and Santana were sitting around after school, just listening to some music while Santana marked som papers and Dani did her homework. It was a quiet night in, just like Dani liked it. Gus were cuddled up by her side when the doorbell rang, Dani furrowing her brows slightly while the dog jumped up and ran out to see who it was.

A Man Called Ove (2016)a

Ove has had the same job since he was 16. His wife died. And now he’s trying to figure out what’s next – if there even is a next. “A Man Called Ove” is a Swedish film based on the novel with the same name. It’s a tearjerker that will not cheer you up, necessarily, so don’t get excited if you haven’t read the book.

What moved me in this film wasn’t really the story itself. It was the attention to detail. Watching it, you get the sense of the dots that need to be connected and watch them slowly come together, the actors do a fantastic job of making you believe each in their roles. The sweetness despite the grey overtones made this film hard to look away from, even in its most contrived scenarios.

You walk away feeling that Ove was a guy who never had much of a chance an yet, his life wasn’t something to pity over. It’s quite a story and it’s absolutely worth your time.


it’s some bad mythology, the guards are here, i don’t know which heart is yours

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