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Infusion: A common way to channel and easily control magic is to infuse it into ink and tattoo it onto one’s skin. The tattoos are generally harmless in their dormant state, and look like normal ink until activated by the owner, when they begin to glow. Depending on the amount of magic and the shape of the tattoo, different effects can be achieved, such as enhanced martial arts or generation of fire. This type of magic is commonly used by soldiers.

“How do you know when the Sarows is coming?
(Is coming is coming is coming aboard)
When the wind dies away but still sings in your ears,
(In your ears in your head in your blood in your bones.)
When the current goes still but the ship, it drifts along,
(Drifts on drifts away drifts alone.)
When the moon and the stars all hide from the dark,
(For the dark is not empty at all at all.)
(For the dark is not empty at all.)
How do you know when the Sarows is coming?
(Is coming is coming is coming aboard)
Why you don’t and you don’t and you won’t see it coming,
(You won’t see it coming at all.)” ~ A Gathering of Shadows

Shared miseries | Marie + Annette

Marie didn’t know who was to blame for her arrest, who had placed suspicion on her, and it made her afraid of angering this mysterious figure that had shattered her trust. It made her angry, but she swallowed that. Better they see her as weak, broken. Lately, she felt as though it was true, and she hated it. But to find that courage again would only put her in danger, put Marian in danger, and that was unforgivable. Better to lose herself than to lose her brother.

She’d made her delivery, resisting the urge to just hand it over to someone like the Steward. She would not act like she had anything to be ashamed of. She had nothing to hide, no matter what people may think. Marie would be careful, but she would not let them take everything from her.

“Of course she couldn’t keep the King interested, she’s Spanish. She’s probably cold to him.”

The words made Marie freeze, the two gossiping servants flashing Marie a sheepish grin when they realised she’d overheard.

“What do you think, about the King and Queen?” They recognised Marie as being someone who’d been around enough to know the gossip, but they didn’t know her well.

“I think they deserve better than to be talked about by people who have better things to do.” Her voice was cold and sharp. A part of her wondered if either of them had anything to do with her secret arrest, but she still wouldn’t let anyone talk about either of them that way. People could betray her, but she would rather die than turn her back on anyone else. “You should be ashamed of yourselves, talking about them like that.”

“You can’t deny the Queen seems arrogant.”

“Have you ever met her?”

“No, she’d never talk to a servant like me, I work in the kitchens. She probably thinks she’s above us.”

“Then you should keep your mouth shut. She’s a good woman, and you would do well to remember that.”

When one opened her mouth to retort, Marie straightened her shoulders. She might be small, but she’d always had the knack of making herself seem more dangerous. Perhaps that was what had gotten her into trouble. To her, it had only ever been her confidence, the knowledge that beneath the dresses that flattered her figure and made her look petite, there were muscles that she could always rely on. It gave her a strength that people couldn’t understand, just see.


“She’s not here!”

“Thankfully. I would hate for her to hear the poisoned words you spoke. But you will still apologise. I am not tolerant of gossips on the best of days, and you have caught me on a day when I don’t have much forgiveness.”

One muttered something under her breath, but withered under Marie’s glare. “I’m sorry.” The two words were muttered by both of them, but Marie accepted them, dismissing them by turning to continue down her original path, turning the corner with her shoulders still rigid.

Marie could not shake the fear that she had just made a mistake. All she seemed to do now was make mistakes.


I love how Talion’s eyes change. Yes, dark are his natural color, but when he’s between life and death, with Celebrimbor taking his body as a vessel, THOSE SILVER EYES KILL ME. 
The last one is when Celebrimbor says that it is over, he tried to fight him, it cannot be done. But Talion merely says: the time has come for a new ring. AND YOU CAN SEE THE FLAMES ON HIS EYES & THEN RETURNING TO SILVER, BYE.

anonymous asked:

I like how you draw employees, do you have any tips for drawing like how you do?

Then I think about som new character based on lobotomy lore, i doing som sketches. At first,  they are people. Second, they are employees.

With my bro’s I did some things (we have role-play based on lobotomy) that mades canon much simpler.
WIth new updates of the game, i think it will become an AU. D:

PS: it’s Huan on da scetches. He’s a cousin of Gonzales

i was gonna draw the age meme w me but i decided to not make myself sad so im just gonna either try and draw my fav characters or som ocs ok!


I was going to make a ref of Jet but I wasn’t able to do so due to my tablet pen crapping out on me OTL

But I’ll talk about him before getting my tablet tomorrow! But Jet is pretty much what Gabe was suppose to be like at first, a bad, laid back guy. He’s pretty chill most of the time and is packed full of confidence, though, he’s not too over confident. He’s a S+ rank player som eof my characters look up to, specially a certain blue haired inkling girl. He mains the 96. Gal, both the regular and deco (though i’m not 100% on his weapon yet) and the Nzap 85

His ink hair color is always black, and whenever he changes his color to something else, the tips of his hair turn to that color. But he always seemed to have some kind of light blue tint on him.  

He is also a musician, skilled in the guitar and the piano. He’s adopted by a wealthy family. mysteriously, when he was a child he was abandoned for unknown reasons that have not been discovered yet. hmmm

 But yeah enjoy these concepts for now before i finally make a ref of him  /sob