*violently enters a room of the Night Spire and screams with eyes closed*

I love you, I have always loved you and will always love you!

*opens eyes to find not Lila but Alucard sitting on his desk*

I don’t love you, I have never ever loved you nor will I ever love you.



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it’s some bad mythology, the guards are here, i don’t know which heart is yours

inspiration based on this!


so i was looking at the new cover for SOM and i saw something


see the right top corner? it looks like a wing, half a wing, so being as curoius as i am, i placed them together 

and they fucking match

GUYS LOOOOOOK, THEY MATCH omfgggg can’t wait to see them all together

fuck i just saw that somebody else found out about this before me, sorry 

last but certainly not least