fightxer  asked:

can you explain to me what is going on on the total drama fandom? i was in it a few moths ago and everything was fine but then i left and i see all these posts about somebody named cherri and antipopulars?


Okay. Cherri is a girl, presumably around eighteen, who’s been making harmful comments, such as demeaning people with mental disorders offended by Mike’s awful portrayal or shipping Chris with Lindsay, which comes across as disgustingly manipulative and borderline pedophilic.She also created theconfessioncam, a confession blog which spouted slurs and harassment at much of the fandom, yet took forever to admit it was her even when there was evidence against her. She never took responsibility for her actions and continuously played the victim while digging herself deeper the whole time. She’s pretty attention thirsty and she can’t make edits (meant to blame others) for shit. (Her supporters include luvly and amegaotaku, who cannot accept she’s problematic.) Now there’s Tasha-loves-duncney, another person who has done problematic things like reblog people’s personals with hate, claim that the phrase “fly away” (used once against her and turned memetic afterwards) was a trigger despite later saying she didn’t know what a trigger was, or imply that rape is not exactly “wrong”.

Antitdpopulars was a blog that spouted disgusting things about the fandom’s race, gender, sexuality, etc. if they had gone against Cherri in the past. The blog was run by hollysojolly, pretty much Cherri in disguise.  Cherri later “hacked” the account and demanded an apology while poorly editing the blog to blame other members of the fandom. I think now something’s going on with amegaotaku, but I’m not sure what.

It’s more complicated than that. There’s more in my tags #anti cqc, #anti tld, and #kill theantipopulars.