solving global warming

science with the gems

I feel like there’s a lot of unexplored territory here in SU, for instance:

What would happen if someone swallowed a gem?

What other things can be gem powered? Cars? Could we solve global warming while pissing off a lot of Lapis Lazulis?

Are other sentient objects possible? For instance, a toaster that goes on bizarre adventures. 

Are they hot because I’m gay or am I gay…because they are hot?? We have a lot of unanswered questions @ the government.

Gold: People who ignored the “Don’t try this at home” warning, what did you do?

Emerald: Cut a Grepa Berry almost in half and put it in the microwave. Sweet ozone fumes.

Red: So what you’re saying is we need to get a microwave of split Grepa Berries to the atmosphere then start it to refill the ozone layer?

Crystal: Interesting tidbit about this - ozone is only important in the stratosphere. In the troposphere, it actually acts as a greenhouse gas, plus it’s toxic. I don’t really remember why though, but it has something to do with UV.

Platina: Correct! Stratospheric ozone acts as a barrier from radiation coming from the sun, whereas troposphere ozone acts more as a blanket keeping the heat that is radiating back off the earth inside the atmosphere!

Red: … So what you’re saying is we need to launch a bunch of microwaves filled with Grepa Berries to the stratosphere?

Pearl: “The Gang Solves Global Warming”

Diamond: hums always sunny theme

Original: Reddit

at a world meeting
  • germany: how can we solve global warming!? sometimes it seems like we'll never be able to
  • italy: *raises his hand*
  • romano: oh my god
  • romano: ohh my god d
  • romano: dont yoU FUCKING
  • romano: I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL
  • italy: would you say that its
  • italy: impastable
  • mark rylance: man i think i'm gonna try out tv and movies again this year
  • mark rylance: *stars in universally acclaimed miniseries based on two award-winning books*
  • mark rylance: *signs with steven fucking spielberg*
  • mark rylance: *wins bsfc award*
  • mark rylance: *wins aacta award*
  • mark rylance: *wins bafta*
  • mark rylance: *wins other bafta*
  • mark rylance: *wins oscar*
  • mark rylance: *wins nobel*
  • mark rylance: *wins pulitzer*
  • mark rylance: *solves global warming*
  • mark rylance: *beats isis*
  • captain america 3: we're too polarised. we need to fool hydra in thinking there's friction. so steve and sam, go to the south of france and pretend to be lovers. bucky, go with them as a college student in his gap year. tony and rhodey - open a cupcake shop in dc. now natasha and wanda, go to alaska and solve the global warming crisis. clint, go back to your family. bruce, you go open a yoga studio in brazil. now hydra will think we've broken up.