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I sent in a matchup request yesterday, but I realized you guys probably have a lot of those to do;;so here's a scenario request! if you're too busy, you can drop my requests !! Also, if you need any help with the account, I could help! That's just if you want, though ;; Anyway the scenario;; Leo, Nazuna, Hinata, Koga, and Ritsu going with their s/o, who hates drops and is afraid of heights, to Disneyland? You could use any amusement park if it's easier for you! Thanks!

aaah what a cute request i love it so much;;;; i did use disneyland ! we have one here in france~ wouldn’t it be a great date spot ? there’s also one in tokyo, which is the one i mentioned for conveniency, since it’s close~

also i changed it from a scenario to headcanons but i made it extra detailed, i hope you’ll enjoy it regardless ! also, congrats hinata for making it on the requested characters list !! - mod mademoiselle


  • When it comes to dates, Nazuna’s usually pretty chill. Well, that’s what you thought. He’ll take care of organizing everything, will meet you a bit late so you two can sleep more and even has neck pillows ready for the train journey.  Turns out he was the only one to use them and sleep on the way to the park, as you were a bit too excited reading his notes about what ride to absolutely do and deciphering the annotated map he hand drew. What even is chill about this guy ? How much time did he spend planning all that ?
  • As much as he was trying to play it cool, the excitement finally kicked in when you two entered the park, as the music, decor and overall atmosphere did their job. He couldn’t help but giggle, eyes wide as he was taking in the view, dragging you by the arm to go to his favorite spots. You only stopped to take a map, which proved a bit more useful than his hand-drawn one, as it was actually readable.
  • His favorite area in the park was Fantasyland. There is not a single ride there you didn’t go to. You suspected he had a well hidden romantic side when he insisted for you two to try the teacups, and briefly wondered if he’d read shojo manga. He loved the “It’s a small world” boat ride so much you did it four times in a single day. That damned song would not get out of your head for the entire day. Nazuna hummed it often, and you sure teased him a lot about it. “Wh-What are you laughing at ?! We did that ride four times, it’s normal the song would get stuck in my head !”
  • As much as he was drooling every time you passed by a candy store, he never stopped by to buy anything. When you practically had to drag him off the window of a pastry shop, you suggest you two went in and bought a snack, but he declined, shaking his head. “I already reserved in a cute restaurant, so we’ll come back later, okay ? I really wanted to eat there, too !”. Of course, when snack time came, the two of you stopped to eat some ice cream, and you were surprised to learn how big a sweet tooth he has.
  • You tried to visit other areas of the park and do some other things, but he didn’t seem really at-ease. Especially when watching the big, scary rollercoasters. As much as you didn’t like the idea of trying one, a park employee mistook the two of you watching the rollercoaster anxiously for hesitating to join the queue, and gave you a big smile, saying there wasn’t much wait and it wasn’t really scary. Nazuna actually jumped up a bit when he heard him, and hastily replied. “No, thyanks, we’ll do jyust fine !” Taking your hand in his, Nazuna dragged you off the area, and he seemed a bit pale to you. When you two stopped to sit for a while, he apologized, biting his lip nervously. “Sorry, maybe you wanted to try that one out… It’s just, I’m not very good with heights, so…”. You hugged him, secretly relieved to hear that, and he had a huge smile on his face when you told him you were the same. “Really ? You should have told me sooner, then !”
  • You couldn’t help but tease him, everytime you came across a ride he didn’t seem to like very much. When you nudged his shoulder and teasingly offered to try the haunted house, he froze and pouted, which prompted you to laugh. “Are you kidding me ? I’d hyave a heardattack if we tried somvinglikthat ! Dyou wanme to die ?! ”. Well, no haunted house for you.
  • He loved hunting after the Disney characters though. Hunting is the word. His camera in hand, adoping a preying posture, eyes squinted to try and see them in the distance… You had to bit your lip to muffle a little laugh, he almost looked like a tiny rabbit trying to hunt a prey ten times his size. Catching you dead in the act, he shot you a nasty glare but resumed his character hunting. You earned yourself quite a few pictures with characters this way, and promised yourself to teasure them dearly : he had a huge, bright smile on his face on each of them.
  • When the day came to an end, he insisted to stop and buy souvenirs. He took one for each of the members of Ra*bits, as well as friends from his class. As you were also shopping for gifts for your relatives and other friends, he came by excitedly, showing you cute matching bracelets. “Do you want to buy them ? Wouldn’t they look cute ?”. So you came out of the stores, bags a bit heavier and wallets lighter, wearing matching bracelets. He wouldn’t stop holding your hand and smiling, after that.
  • He absolutely refused to go home before watching the final night show and camped on a well-situated bench moments before, so as to have a nice spot to see it. You were treated to a nap on his lap though. Touch his legs a bit too much and he’ll squeal before hitting you mercilessly.
  • When it was finally time for the fireworks show, he was looking at the sky in awe, mouth open in a big smile. You tried to concentrate on the show as well, but it was so hard when he was here, face right next to yours, and being so damn adorable. The bright, colored light reflected in his eyes as he was watching it intently. You couldn’t really help it : before you knew it, your lips were pressed on his. Unexpectedly hard. He looked surprised for a moment, but eventually kissed back, even closing his eyes. The two of you kissed under the fireworks for a moment, before resuming watching them, cuddling.
  • As you made your way back to the train station, your legs hurt and you were exhausted, but Nazuna was still hyper, chippering happily about what he liked the most. As much as you would have liked to rest a little during the train journey back home, he insisted on showing you all the pictures he’d taken, including quite a few of you when you were not looking. He yawned a lot but kept going, adding long comments to each picture, no matter how unsignificant it was. At some point, he just stopped talking altogether, and you realized he’d suddenly fallen asleep on your shoulder. Smiling, you then rested your head on his own to get a bit of rest.
  • When the train stopped home, sleeping beauty still wasn’t up. You tried to shake his shoulder gently, but he just mumbled and turned back to sleep. So you opted for the only remaining solution : bridal carrying him home. Fortunately, he’s very light and small, so it wasn’t too hard. He only woke up when you were almost home already, and couldn’t help but flail helplessly and involuntarily kick you in the face. “P-Pervert ! Whadareya doing to me ?! Put me back !”. He apologized when you explained the situation to him, but was still eyeing you warily. And blushing.
  • He ultimately decided to sleep over at your place, as he was too exhausted to make it back to his own house. When he caught the excited glimmer in your eyes, he sighed. “Don’t expect you can do anything weird to me ! It’s just more convenient, okay ?” Turns out he was the snuggle bunny and hugged you tight all night long.


  • Dating Leo is like being on a never-ending emotional roller coaster. He’s so unpredictable, you have stopped trying to understand his thought process a long time ago.
  • So you (almost) weren’t surprised when, upon waking up someday, you found yourself very close to Leo’s face. Turns out he came at your place unnoticed, and was holding a sharpie suspiciously close to your cheek. When asked what exactly he was intending to do there, he just let out his signature laugh. “I thought you were never going to wake up ! You’d better hurry up, ‘cause we’re going to Disneyland today !”. You just stared at him, dumbstruck. “Heey, you heard me ? I said hurry up, ‘cause we’re going to-” Yes, yes, alright. Time for a date.
  • You thought he’d taken care of everything already, and were relaxing during the train ride, thinking about the nice things to come. That is, until he tilted his head and asked “By the way, how do you get the tickets ? I wasn’t really sure, so I decided to leave it out to you.” Damn it. Here goes one more line on the very long list of “Reasons Why Leo Tsukinaga Can’t Be Trusted”. And the list is long already. The rest of the train ride was spent mercilessly answering no every single time he whined and asked if you were at Disneyland yet. “Why can’t it be closer ? I thought it was closer !” Yes, well, if he had prepared a bit… Well, that’s how you like him.
  • The two of you had to queue a bit to buy the tickets once you were there, cue Leo getting impatient. “What are you buying those for ? We don’t need them, let’s just go have fun.“  Without tickets ? He stared at you for a moment before blinking. "I thought you took care of the tickets already, why didn’t you buy them before ?” Okay, time to breathe, long and slow. One more line on the long “no trusting Leo” list.
  • Once you entered the park, Leo’s baby mode activated. He was practically running everywhere, touching everything and pointing at all the rides he wanted to try. You couldn’t help but laugh at his excitement. It was serious trouble matching his pace, but at least you got to try out many different rides.
  • He loved everything he tried, but was never completely satisfied. “You know, if I was the one in charge here, I’d put way more aliens.” Fortunately, he’s not the one in charge, you teasingly answered back. He laughed, launching his “special double poke attack” at you. “Are you saying aliens are no fun ? I’ll arrange for you to be abducted once too, it’s really fun !” As people were staring at the two of you weirdly, you decided it was high time to move.
  • You kept the best for the end of the day : the space and technology oriented area of the park. He was practically bouncing in excitement, and literally dragged you to try everything. He absolutely loved the Buzz Lightyear ride, and spent more time firing his “laser gun” at you than at the targets, so you had to try it out a second time, to be able to compete properly. He won, and with that score of his, you wondered how fast his trigger-finger could be.
  • He also dragged you to all of the space-related rides, including Space Mountain. Now, you really didn’t want to try that one out, but he wouldn’t budge. “I heard it’s all inside, you won’t see anything ! It should be fine, c'mon, let’s try it !” You explained you just didn’t really like rollercoasters, which prompted him to use his ultimate weapon. The puppy eyes. “Are you gonna let me go in there all alone… ? What if I get lost ? What if the rocket really goes into space, and I get abducted again ?” Okay, fine, but just once. And you’ll be allowed to grip at his arm if you’re scared.
  • When you came out of the ride, you were pale-faced, while he was laughing ecstatically. “Wasn’t that awesome ?! I wanna try it aga–” No. One more line on the “Leo can’t be trusted” list. He really didn’t mind all the marks you left on his arm, and you even shouted louder than him, which says something given how… vocal he is during rides.
  • To apologize, he brought you to the arcades, and you had some time to calm down a bit. Now, the ride wasn’t that terrible, but you definitely wouldn’t do it again. Once was enough sensations for your entire life. He didn’t try to drag you into anything you wouldn’t like after that, instead asking you what you would like to try.
  • He bought ridiculous amounts of space-themed merchandise. Including a light saber of his own, which he used to hit you with when he’d get bored during queues. Why did you even let him buy that ? It was just asking for trouble, really. Also, he wore the ridiculous hat he bought during the remainder of the day. You were considering forgetting him somewhere and running away on your own.
  • When he found out that the park sold different pop-corn flavours depending on the area you were in, he immediately wanted to try them all. Caramel, milk-chocolate, salt and honey weren’t too bad, but curry, black pepper and soy sauce&butter ? Leo loved them, on the other hand, and you thought this park would be a good place to bring Kanata…
  • Expect him to find out last minute you also have access to the second park, which is sea-themed. “Oooh, I wanna go, hurry up ! You’re not running fast enough ! I’m gonna ditch you there !”. You really should have forgotten him in a corner when you had the chance.
  • Until the very last minute, your day was spent running from an area in one park to one area in the other park, as Leo couldn’t decide what he wanted to do next. And the worst is, he didn’t even let you sleep at all during the train ride back home. He was shaking you by the shoulders, telling you about his day in great detail even though you were there with him…
  • “…. and the soy sauce popcorn was soooooo good ! And look at that lightsaber I bought ! Hyah !” Ow. That hurt. You tiredly massaged your head, wondering when he would stop talking. Or hitting you with this thing, for that matter. “And the space stuff was aaawesome ! I’m sure I heard aliens talking to me back then !” Yeah, sure. As he continued blabbering excitedly, you decided you were going to take things in hand and make him shut up yourself. By kissing him. His mouth was still-wide open, and he stared at you wide-eyed for a moment before he eagerly kissed back. There. He wouldn’t make as much noise now.
  • He insisted to bring you back home, but really, it was only to get more kisses. As you tucked in your bed after a nice shower, sighing luxuriously at the thought of not having to get up again until very late the next day, you heard a loud “bong” against your window. Of course, you had to get up to see what happened, and Leo was there, on the street, smiling widely. “I forgot the way home, can I crash in for the night ?” You sighed. What about his phone ? He could just have called you instead of throwing rocks at your window. “No battery left ! So, can I sleep with you ?” He can, but he better not try anything. And that’s one more line on the “i’m definitely NOT trusting Leo again” list.
  • He did try anyway. And plopped on top of you, already asleep. All in all, you thought that was a sweet day. Leo was a bit… strange, but you loved him just as he was. You gently kissed his forehead before falling asleep in your turn.
  • That is, until you learned the hard way he snores loudly. And tries to strangle people he sleeps with.


  • You’d been having a bunch of dates with Hinata already, as he loves going downtown on weekends. But he once said he wanted to try something a bit bigger, like an amusement park. He was really excited when you proposed Disneyland, and you spent days planning together your date there. He really wanted to bring Yuta along, and you didn’t mind, but he eventually decided it was a date and as such you had to be by yourselves. Yuta had something planned with Shinobu on that day, anyway, and didn’t want to turn him down. You suspected Hinata was really glad about that.
  • During the train ride to get there, you were already playfully arguing about what to try first, and had to solve the issue with a good old rock-paper-scissors match. He won, and was very pleased about that fact, laughing brightly and disturbing everyone else around you. When the elderly woman opposite you gave you the nastiest glare, just as you were about to kiss Hinata, you decided instead to quietly cuddle and watch the changing landscape, joking about spotting Sleeping Beauty’s castle’s tower in the distance.
  • Hinata wouldn’t let go of your hand once in the park, and when he caught the slightly surprised look on your face, he smiled and whispered in your ear : “I want everyone to know we’re a couple~”. What can you answer to that ? Seeing you flustered, he laughed and kissed your cheek mischeviously.
  • He loved Adventureland. The jungle feeling and music, the feeling of excitement and the exploration… That was just his thing. Now, you’re not sure there’s even something he disliked in the first place, but he loved exploring that huge tree the most. He carefully avoided any “suspended bridge” part though, anxious about you not feeling well.
  • When he saw some of the roller coasters, his eyes lit up with excitement, and you knew he really, really wanted to try them out… but he didn’t, preferring to stay with you. “Besides, we can just come back with more friends, can’t we ? That way I’ll get to try it out, and you won’t be by yourself !” He winked playfully, but you didn’t know how serious he was : he’d already talked about this with Yuta and his first-year friends, and they all agreed to the idea. Oh well. Guess you’ll be coming back soon !
  • You couldn’t really say no to him when he wanted to try out the splash mountain ride, though. It didn’t seem that high, so you agreed. Turns out there was a wicked drop at the end, which got your clothes soaking wet. Hinata’s too, but he didn’t seem to mind. Even less when he noticed your top was now see-through. He lent you his jacket while it dried, but you earned yourself quite a few gropes and kisses. What a closet pervert he is…
  • No real lunch was planned : instead, you just stopped for a snack break every once in a while. Hinata wanted to try out all the sweets the park had to offer : from fresh fruit to ice cream to cupcakes, and of course he bought candy every time he wanted some, and offered some to you. Expect him to spoon-feed you, “accidentally” getting some cream on your cheek to be able to lick it up. He also lets you do the same with him, which quicky turns into a make-out session in the middle of the café.
  • During the afternoon, you went to the sea-themed park. You loved every second of it, and Hinata too. He carefully avoided any roller coaster-type ride, and the two of you had a lot of fun regardless, mainly exploring the zone. He insisted to take selfies with you at some of his favorite locations, to send them to his brother and friends.
  • The two of you had planned a rather long shopping break : Hinata wanted to buy a bit of everything. He always came back with something weird and a mischevious glint in his eye, asking you if you thought Yuta would like that. He eventually bought the weirdest cap he could find for his brother, and cute matching headbands for the two of you.
  • After the two of you tried your favorite rides, it was already nighttime. While you were there, you decided to stay for the final firework show, and Hinata gently held your hand in his while watching it. When he spoke, you could barely hear him through all the noise. “You know, I thought bringing my brother would be more fun, but… I think I loved having such a nice date with you. We should have stayed for the night too.” He winked at you, and you teasingly answered you could still have a great night at your own place, to which he excitedly nodded. Seems like the evening would go on for a bit longer.
  • He tried to keep his hands off you during the train ride back home, but couldn’t quite restrain himself and peppered your face with kisses, telling you how great you were and how lucky he was to have you for himself. He didn’t hesitate one second to spend the night at your place, quickly texting Yuta to tell him he wouldn’t come home until the next day. “My brother’s not gonna let me live it down… but it’s worth it.”
  • And sure enough, it was worth it. The two of you fell asleep snuggled against each other, and seeing Hinata look so happy made you happy in turn. You probably wouldn’t forget this day anytime soon…

Koga :

  • “Huh ? Ya wanna go to Disneyland ?” Koga didn’t seem really convinced when you suggested the idea. “Seems like the kinda stuff Kaoru would like. That means it probably sucks ass.”  Well, that’s one way to put it. You insisted to show him pictures and videos of the park, insisting on the more adventurous side of it. He eventually accepted, maybe because his UNDEAD bandmates talked him into it. Or maybe because he just wanted to try and wasn’t really honest with himself.
  • He let you take care of the planning and organization part, and showing up on time at the train station was his greatest effort of the day. Even though it was really early, you noticed the care he’d put in his outfit and accessories. It certainly looked way more… punk than the cutesy atmosphere of the park, but you noticed with a chuckle he certainly had anticipated this day greatly. “What are ya laughin’ at ? Want me to bite ya so it’ll pass ?” No thanks, mister Wolf. You’ll be fine without him biting.
  • He tried to keep it cool while in the park, even adopting a blasé persona you’d never seen before. “Oh, great. Look at all these fuckin’ kids. Remind me why 'twas a good idea, aga–” Curious, you raised your head from the map you were studying. Why had he stopped, all of a sudden ? You caught him looking at the most wicked rollercoaster of the park with bright eyes. Oh, shucks.
  • You tried your best to deter him from going to that direction of the park, proposing a lot of more inoffensive rides. He let you drag him all the way to Fantasyland, but looked even grumpier than usual, which says a lot. He decidedly didn’t fit the atmosphere, and practically groaned when passing the “It’s a small world” ride. Right. No more Fantasyland.
  • His grumpy airs quickly disappeared when you brought him to the old west American-themed part of the park. “Yeah, that’s more like it ! This just smells of rock and roll, baby. Hurry up, I wanna try that.” Cue him dragging you around, holding your wrist.
  • He especially liked the shooting gallery, and you’re pretty sure he spent a little fortune in that. But then again, the sight of him smirking proudly, a rifle in hand isn’t exactly the worst… He even insisted to take a “wild” selfie with you. “I’m gonna show the damn vampire how much fun I’m havin’ while he’s stuck at home sleepin’ like the old geezer he is.” Well, if that makes him happy…
  • When he passed by the Big Thunder Mountain ride, there was no discussing. He was already queueing, with you. You tried to explain you weren’t good with heights, but he groaned. “You took me to all that kiddy stuff, now it’s my turn to pick. And this is a real ride, perfect for a manly man like me !” Damn.
  • As you were pretty nervous while the park employee checked you were well installed, Koga chuckled. “Ya scared ? Better be. This looks like some damn monster. But, hey : I’m with you, 'kay ?” Whatever that was supposed to mean, you felt a bit reassured. Especially since his hand was tightly holding yours. It was only going to be a short unpleasant moment, and it made him so happy…
  • You immediately regretted your bravado when the wagon slowly brought you higher and higher. You felt yourself squealing, seeing the rest of the park look smaller and smaller under you… As the wagon almost reached its peak, you were closing your eyes. Except Koga prevented you to. “Y'can close your eyes as much as you want after that, but before…” When he kissed you, your heart dropped. You would have kissed him too, if that damn wagon hadn’t started its freakingly fast descent into hell, and you couldn’t help but scream as your heart dropped a second time. Koga was laughing loudly, letting out a howl or a “Hell yeah !” every once in a while. Guess someone’s having fun.
  • You were in for a bench break after that one, while Koga studied the map, eyes squinted. “What the hell ? Why is there either stuff for kids or for girls here ?” When you felt a bit better, the two of you went to eat at a barbecue-themed restaurant. Yeah, Koga was the one to choose. And judging how much he ate, he loved it.
  • After lunch, you were in for peaceful rides only. “But…” Peaceful. Rides. He groaned, but you took him to the Pirates of the Carribean ride, to show him great rides can be pretty calm. He loved that one so much, you did it three times total.
  • Then you stopped to shop for souvenirs, looking for things for your relatives. Koga was looking for something too. “Heh, I’m gonna buy the lamest thing for the vampire geezer… What the fuck ?! Look at the damn prices !” Yep, he found out. He still bought the cheapest thing he could find for Rei, that is, a pink fluffy scrunchie.
  • You, on the other hand, decided to buy Koga a pirate hat, as it definitely fits his image. He turned unexpectedly bashful when he saw it. “Hey, ya didn’t have to buy me somethin’… i’m right here with you, it’s enough for me.” Still, you wanted him to have that hat. No buts. You even sneakily took a picture of him wearing it to send it to the other UNDEAD members. Rei was quick to answer, saying at least Koga and pirates shared the crass language. Which is not wrong.
  • You then went on to visit the second park. Koga’s eyes glinted suspiciously when he saw the infamous Tower of Terror elevator ride. No, bad doggie. You said peaceful rides only. “C'mon, how can you not wanna try it ?!”  There’s no way in hell you’re going on that. Koga groaned but followed you along as you both explored that new park.
  • Before you knew it, you were queuing with him for the Indiana Jones roller coaster. What ? What happened ? Koga was looking very pleased with himself and his newly-discovered persuasion powers. Well, as long as it was the last one… Besides it was supposed to be quick, right ? You’d probably be fine… but when you got out, disheveled and trembling, you were sure of one thing : you weren’t fine. Never again. Koga, on the other hand, was laughing loudly, in a sound suspiciously similar to a bark. “Hey, didn’t ya love it ?” No, certainly not. But as it was the last one, and he’d agreed you would be allowed to pick all of the remaining rides…
  • You took an evil pleasure in forcing Koga to do the girliest and most ridiculous rides in the park. And he wasn’t even allowed to complain. That was all part of the deal. Another embarassing picture of Koga playing in a playground for kids was taken and sent immediately to Rei, who was very pleased with this.
  • As he was very determined to run away after all that humiliation, you decided to calm him down by exploring the jungle-themed parts of the park with him, climbing everywhere you could climb without getting chewed on by employees. And even on areas where you could (and did) get chewed on. Once he was tired of climbing everywhere and running around, he suggested you go back home. He doesn’t “give a damn about the fuckin’ fireworks”, apparently.
  • He brought you back to his place, under the excuse that “ya were sleepy so I carried ya to my room and well there’s only one bed”. Even though his sincerity was dubious at best, you didn’t really care, even glad for this opportunity to sleep close to him. All in all, that was a very good day and even he wouldn’t disagree.


  • He seemed interested in the whole Disneyland idea, but cringed when you explained he would have to wake up early. “Can’t we just go there the afternoon… ?” Well… yeah, you could, but that would be missing out on a lot of things. He sighed, visibly annoyed. “How early ?” 8 o'clock would be a good time to leave, since you had to take the train to go there. He grimaced, his entire face sour. “What about leaving at ten… ?” You ultimately decided to leave at 9, ignoring his pained groans.
  • On the d-day, Ritsu most certainly wasn’t happy. You went to his place to personally wake him up, as you sure didn’t trust his phone’ alarm clock. Or Ritsu himself, for that matter. As much as he loved the good morning kisses, he really disliked the walk to the station. “Are we really going to walk all day… I can’t do that, I’m going to die. The heat is already too much…” Well, maybe he was exaggerating a bit. You hoped.
  • As soon as he plopped in his seat in the train, he started snoring. You were looking at him, eyes wide in disbelief, as you noticed he brought a blanket, pillows and even a face mask. So that’s why his bag was so heavy…  You had serious trouble waking him up once you were arrived, and briefly considered buying an airhorn for the next time.
  • As much as you were excited about finally being there, he just groggily wandered down the park’s streets, yawning and rubbing his eyes. You took him on a few cute rides, holding his hand, but he was dozing off on your shoulder. Well, that won’t do. As you were thinking about what to do next, he unexpectedly woke up long enough to mumble something. “Just go see a show or whatever at one of the theaters. I’ll nap and you can still enjoy yourself.”
  • Which is exactly what you did. The actors and dancers were really good, and you found yourself clapping enthusiastically at the end. You even had some new ideas for a Dreamfest… you’d have to talk to the student council about them. Ritsu looked considerably better once you two got out of the theater, but was still tired. “Let’s go get something to eat… well, you can eat. I’ll just sleep some more.”
  • As you ordered what striked your fancy on the menu, Ritsu was mumbling adorably in his sleep, next to you. The waitress seemed a bit surprised and asked if he wanted something, but you politely declined. He’d get hungry soon enough. You took some cute pictures of your meal, sending them to your friends, and enjoyed seeing the Disney characters in the restaurant, but were feeling a bit lonely. You briefly wondered if you should have brought Rei or Mao along, but Ritsu woke up soon after, inquiring about your meal.
  • Once Mr. Sleepyhead was up, the date was finally about to truly begin. Besides, you had one secret trick up your sleeve. The fizzy drink. You bought one can of Ritsu’s favorite flavor and offered it to him, saying he was probably thirsty. He gladly accepted, even kissing you on the cheek as a reward. Soon after, the sugar was kicking in and he was decidedly more enthusiastic about this date, despite being up and about while the sun was still up.
  • Ritsu hated the walking part. He even suggested you carry him from one ride to the other, but when he eyed the train going around the park, you knew he had something in his mind. For every change of areas, he’d insist to take that cute little train instead of walking, and you even got to make one full circle around the park when he refused to get out, instead preferring to stay seated and kiss you for a while.
  • He loved your favorite rides, and as the afternoon was progressing, he was more and more enthusiastic, even demanding you stopped at some ride he wanted to try. Fantasyland was his favorite area, surprisingly, but he didn’t mind the others.
  • When the two of you passed by the haunted house, you saw Ritsu’s eyes glint in a particular way. Oh well, there was no escaping this one. He was strangely thrilled about it, commenting about the monsters you got to see. “Well, after all, there’s no better place for a vampire like me…” You even thought he would be happy to move in that haunted mansion. Probably…
  • You insisted to visit Sleeping Beauty’s castle, and took a lot of pictures of him inside it. He was the true sleeping beauty, after all. Rei loved them, judging by his almost-instant, typo-filled answer. Guess he still wasn’t used to handling his phone…
  • Ritsu was amused by all the silly merchandise he found in the stores, and insisted to buy you a cute plushie as a gift. You did the same, picking the character you thought he’d find the cutest. As you saw he was ready to walk out of the store, you asked if he wasn’t going to buy anything for his brother. “What brother ? Are you sure you’re okay ?” …. Well. You decided to sneakily buy something for poor Rei anyway.
  • He loved the parade, but absolutely refused to watch it standing : you had to pick a nice seated spot beforehand and wait until it was time for it. He certainly didn’t mind, munching on a pastry he bought a bit earlier. Amused, you asked him if he liked it ; you wanted to try it out yourself. “It’s good, but I’d like your blood better.” You were just left staring at him. Where did that come from, all of a sudden ? He just snickered and winked.
  • When you tried taking him to the sea-themed park, he didn’t seem particularly awestruck. That is, until he spotted the gondola ride. Before you knew it, you were having a nice little tour of the water-based park, while he was snuggling against you and kissing your neck. He even left a bite.
  • Talking about biting, Ritsu would always get clingy while you were queueing for a ride. Sometimes he would be hugging you, sometimes kissing you, without a care in the world for all the people who were around. That one time he left a trail of kisses on your neck to then bite it, you couldn’t help but ask him why exactly he was so clingy, all of a sudden. “I don’t like how the other guys are looking at you.”  Well… you did dress up cutely for the occasion, but you didn’t think you were provoking that much interest… or that Ritsu was that jealous.
  • At the end of the day, he was excitedly humming, stroking your hair in the train. It was your turn to nap : you’d well deserved a bit of rest. “I’m waking you up with a kiss when we’re there, so don’t worry, sleep all you want…” You didn’t have to be told twice, but something in his smirk didn’t exactly inspire you to trust him fully… 
  • And soon enough, you were effectively woken up by a kiss, but he was on top of you, on his bed. You tried to get up or ask for explanations, and he winked. “Carried you home. I’m much more powerful at night, you know. And now, time for my treat…” As for you, you got the treat to fall asleep spooning him. That was definitely the best day in your life so far.