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“[The Queen’s] daughter, I believe. From the deference she’s shown, I imagine she’s next in line.”

HyunA to form a '2nd Trouble Maker' project group in May!

HyunA will form a new project group this May!

She and Hyunseung had a smash hit project group through the first Trouble Maker, but she’ll be working with someone else for the upcoming project group. An insider revealed that the unit group will be mixed gender just like Trouble Maker, and will be made up of Cube Entertainment artists.

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Wow, it literally happened just a few minutes ago… HOW?! I literally don’t know what to say anymore… this happened so fast since early February just… guys, thank you so much! C:

I know I haven’t been very active recently, some stuff got in the way a bit, but I’m working on more projects, don’t worry! Hopefully I’ll get to animate this next GIFset soon (should be a good one hehe). So that’s coming, I promise! :) If I’ll be able to pull it off that is, because this is a kind of project I’ve never done before.

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