Pedro Soltz is a male model from Brazil. He leaves me breathless… Not literally! Or at least, not yet. :) He’s a masculine dude with that look in his eyes. It’s like he’s gonna eat you up. Not that anyone would really complain, since Pedro is super pretty. He’s straight, he’s got a girlfriend (wife, actually) who’s also a model. His modeling career is going very well, seems like we’re gonna see more of this hunk in the future.

Those abs make him very attractive, don’t they? And I’m totally loving those underwear, looks good on this brazilian hunk. :)

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Noobie SolTz Fanfiction i made [WIP]

•Okay,this is like the first time making one. Because i dont really like writting fan fictions. But a Roleplay gave me to much feels,which force me to write one. And yes it’s based in a Rp,and very long. Okay HERE YOU GO /hides face.•

Alway’s with you..

“….I’m sorry” He mutter’s as he cover his mouth,coughing
..“I dont want to bother,or rush you..”

“I dont want you to be worried..”

“..But i promise when im gone,you’ll be okay”

One quiet and peaceful night,Terezi receive a call from someone that she dont really know.
“Miss Pyrope,am i right?”
The mysterious guy asked.
“If so,please come at (Insert a hospital name) Hospital.”
She didn’t bother to ask,who is he and why?

He hang up.

She start’s traveling to the hospital.

As she arrived,she opens the door.A doctor walk’s over to her. “Miss Pyrope?” He asked.

Terezi nods,and asked “Yes,are you the guy who called me? If so,why?”

“Are you a friend of a young troll name Sollux Captor?” The doctor said.

She widen her eyes.“Yes! What happened to him? Is he Okay? Where is he?!” She asked curiously.

“I believe he is in that room” The doctor said as he points at a room with white door.

She nodded and rushes to the room,grabs the door knob,opening it carefully. She peek a little “Sollux?”.

She walks over,sits next to him.She pats his forehead. “What happened?” Terezi asked.“I’m kind of
.Sick,but i’ll be fine” He said as he covers his mouth and coughs,there’s a blood on his hand as he pulled it away.

Terezi took his hand,wiping his blood and asked"Gog, you’re coughing blood! For how long you’ve been sick?“

"Almost two or three day’s..But i’m sure i’ll get better soon or later” He said.

“You should have told me earlier!” Terezi said.

“Im sorry,i didnt want to bother you..I didnt want you to be worried.” He said oddly. “I didnt want to rush you..” He added.

•Alright,i stopped here because im tired. Also,i dont know if i should continue this,because im so worried like “ARE THEY EVEN GONNA LIKE THIS?! OH MY GOD IM SUCH A LAME LOSER CHICKEN NUGGET.” So yeah. /hides forever.•

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