soltosoul asked:

Hi there, I just noticed that your other blog was deactivated, so I apologize for the delay in response. I just tried responding to your question, but tumblr never said if it sent successfully or not. If you received nothing from me today please let me know!

I deleted my original blog. Here’s the truth, I couldn’t handle it anymore, especially with too many followers. So it’s my fault I should have waited first before I deactivated my original blog. So I apologize for that. Thanks Sarah

soltosoul asked:

Dropping a note to say I think your artwork is absolutely STUNNING. I'm in love with the one that is third from the top on your art page. I hope you never stop creating! Be well. :)

thank you so much :) That piece was such a struggle! It was a reductive charcoal drawing. You rub charcoal over the whole page and use erasers to bring the white back out. As opposed to drawing onto a white page. Thank you thank you for the kind words ~~~