Today I did yoga In the middle of Times Square! A celebration of the Summer Solstice & the idea of “mind over madness”. Naturally Toddlerville had to represent.
I went by myself, of course. Because I am so much more at ease that way. Only being accountable for myself is such a luxury.
I hear you asking! So how was it?!
Well, I was on the very outside, lots of space but aware of nearby onlookers. And of my minimal attire. And most of the time I was kicking myself for not hitting the loo before.
But in spite of all of that I managed to focus & got into a zone. I moved into poses & held them - sometimes better than in a studio class.
The sun didn’t make it’s way over the buildings to shine on my spot until almost the end of class.
Afterward, once I had found a bathroom & hit up all the vendor booths, I meandered through the giant H&M and the moseyed back across town to a Grand Central Station.
So in short the whole experience was, well… Just perfect