solstice event

The Solstice Event is live trainers!

From 1:00 P.M. PDT on June 13 to 1:00 P.M. PDT on June 20, 2017 you can catch more fire and ice types! Here are the tiers of rarity for this event based on captures so far:

  • Common: Vulpix, Growlithe, Cyndaquil (yay!), Shellder, Swinub, Ponyta
  • Uncommon: Houndour (more common at night), Charmander, Seel, Jynx
  • Rare: Jynx, Magmar, Lapras, Charmeleon, Quilava, Flareon, Rapidash
  • Ultra-Rare: Thyphlosion, Charizard, Houndoom, Dewgong, Cloyster, Piloswine, Ninetales, Arcanine

Also, there is 3x XP for:

  • Catching Pokemon
  • Nice/Great/Excellent bonuses
  • Curve Bonuses as well

Lastly, there 5x XP for hatching eggs! Get out there and catch some Pokemon trainers!

I have such a busy but lovely week ahead ☃️

  • Monday will be spent running errands and doing last minute shopping before cleansing and such for the new moon
  • Tuesday will be for crafting, making and wrapping gifts as well as dinner with Steve and his friends that evening
  • Wednesday I’ll be prepping for upcoming celebrations and attending the meditation group which is having a little party as well
  • Thursday is the winter solstice which I have a lot of rituals planned for
  • Friday Mercury goes direct and my mom lands so I’ll be spending the evening with her and my sisters
  • Saturday will be spent with them as well then Sunday and Monday will be filled with family dinners and holiday events too!
This Year in Review

Hello Gundam Wing Fandom!

We have had an INCREDIBLE year!! So much amazing content has been created, and so many wonderful events have occurred.

For this last week in the year, instead of doing the weekly roundup, we wanted to pull together details on the fandom events, as well as some plans for 2018!

First off, we would like to say a HUGE thanks to our mods: @helmistress @maevemauvaise @kangofu-cb @anaranesindanarie @rhysgalentalcernunnos @claraxbarton Thank you all so so much for putting in a hell of a lot of time each week to find the content this fandom generates. This is a VERY time consuming task, and I’m sure none of you really knew it would be going in - I sure didn’t - and your work is so, so appreciated. 

Alright, below we’ve got some links for the events in the fandom this year!

Summer of Zechs: a fortnight of Zechs centric content from this summer. There isn’t a master-post of all the things created, but definitely check out the blog to see some really awesome stuff!

End of Summer Block Party: Trope Fest: this is the masterlist for all of the truly phenomenal content that was generated for the End of Summer Tropefest.

OCtober: OC-October: A celebration of Original Character content. This link is the blog that gathered and promoted a really wonderful month long celebration.

Unnatural November: Another Block Party Event, this one featuring a month of the weird and spooky. This link will take you to the master post list.

GW Eve Wars: An event to commemorate the Eve Wars and sponsor Gundam Wing content with a Sci-Fi focus. This link takes you to the blog, but a master post list will be up there soon!

Gundam Wing Secret Santa Exchange: 40 members of the community(plus some pinch hitters) participated in a content-gift exchange. You can find the master post list in the link.

Discord Server Meetup: set up by the amazing @lifeaftermeteor,  open to all Gundam Wing fans! Check out the different channels - for intros, brainstorming, and chatting!

While that list seems kind of short, it’s worth pointing out that HUNDREDS of fanfic and fanart were generated by these phenomenal events.

So where does that leave the Fandom?

On AO3 Gundam Wing has over 4692 posts -let’s see if we can make it 5000 in 2018?

On Fanfiction.Net Gundam Wing has 41,700 posts - let’s make that 42,000 in 2018.

And I frankly have no idea how to collate data from Deviant Art but let’s just say there’s a lot of awesome content there and let’s make even more next year.


There are already some things for the fandom to look forward to (we hope you’re looking forward to them) and you can check back on this blog and @thisweekingundamevents for more details as we get closer to each event, but for now, here are a few things we - and some other amazing blog hosts - have planned for 2018 (And I’m sure more will be added by more amazing hosts, so don’t take this list as the be-all, end-all):

New Year’s Resolution: Break the Inbox 2018. This isn’t an event so much as a challenge. We, mods of @thisweekingundamwing, challenge YOU, fandom, to break the inbox with comments, reviews, reblogs and likes. Our small but mighty fandom is amazing at supporting content creators - but let’s up our game. We challenge you to give as much feedback to your fandom peers as you can - let’s break all of the inboxes with notifications of appreciation.

Re-Write the Romance: For Valentine’s Day @gwblockparty will be hosting a “Re-Write the Romance” event. Ever read the summary of a romance novel and thought “wow, this is REALLY bad. I could totally make this better.” Well, now is your chance to write those wrongs (get it?). Anyway, details and specifics will be posted to the blog soon so make sure you are following!

Women’s Month: International Women’s Day is March 8 and Relena’s Birthday is April 7th. Women’s Month will be an event that supports and promotes content that centers around the amazing female characters of Gundam Wing. More details to come!

Big Bang Event: Brought to you by the masochistic hosts of @gwsecretsantaexchange, we are going to try a Summer Big Bang event. Wait, what is a Big Bang? Well, it’s a collaboration between artists and writers. We will match creators based on pairing and genre preferences (sign-ups are in June) and they will have the summer months to work together to create fantastic collaborations (to be posted in September). More details and the blog site to follow

Halloween Event: We aren’t sure what it’s going to be yet, but it’s going to be something. (Got any ideas? Send us an ask and we will keep track and that will help us decide).

Very Merry Poly-Days: For those cold winter months in 2018, what’s a better way to warm up than spending time with your OT3? Maybe time with your OT4… or OT5 or… you get the idea. Very Merry Poly-Days will be our “Solstice” event that sponsors poly-amorous relationships. Dates and details to follow! 

Discord Meet-Up: A Discord server has been set up and is open to all Gundam Wing fans! Check out the different channels - for intros, brainstorming, and chatting!

But wait, that’s not all!

Over the course of the year, you can look forward to:

Cocktail Friday: We now have a stand-alone blog, which will post weekly prompts (usually photos, gifs, videos or dialogue prompts) on Mondays. Fandom is encouraged to come up with content and post it that Friday during Happy Hour (3:30-5:30 EST)

Interview With a Creator: The inestimable @remsyk-blog is collecting interviews from the entire fandom and will be posting (at least) biweekly interviews with the content creators we all know, love and support. Be sure to fill out the interview if you haven’t already!

This Week Weekly Roundups: Yes, we will STILL be doing weekly roundups in 2018. We want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who took the time to submit content in 2017, and we want to take this opportunity to BEG everyone in the fandom to submit content in 2018. It takes forever each week to search through tumblr, AO3 and to find all of the content you prolific people have created. It would help us tremendously if content is submitted - it doesn’t even have to be by the creator. If you see someone post a fic, art, podcast, playlist, headcanon, meta discussion, moodboard - send it our way! We NEED your help. In 2018 we simply cannot devout so much time each week to hunting down content, so if you don’t submit your content, we can’t guarantee that it will be posted.

Okay, that’s going to round us up for now.

Thank you, fandom, for all that you do, and we can’t wait to see what you make in 2018!

anonymous asked:

What are your favourite/most formative books for your craft and beliefs? I'm curious! For example, your holidays, and where oranges for the solstice is from

Hey there! A lot of my books that were “formative” or ones I still use are field guides, history books, historical accounts, and anthropology. I also read a lot of folklore!
I did read a book series called “Blue Is For Nightmares”, when i was 12, about a Wiccan girl who does real witchcraft. Helped me realize it didn’t have to be 90’s CGI lightning bolts to be real magic :)

The citrus thing is something I grew up with from my Irish/German side of the family. Some of it comes from traditions like Yule and Candlemas, but another was my family has never been rich, and during Christmas sometimes the only thing my family could afford was a big bright orange during the tough winter month. It stuck through generations :) but look up Yule, Jul, Candlemas, Saturnalia and folk practices of agricultural based societies (there’s a ton of stuff about holidays based on lunar events and solstices.)

Now, actual books that I suggest magical or not, things that add to my craft and knowledge:

Wicked Plants & The Drunken Botanist by Amy Stewart
Bitters by Brad Thomas Parsons
Veneficium by David Schulke
Plants of the Devil by Corrine Boyer
Encyclopedia of Witchcraft by Judika Illes
Death & The Afterlife by Pickover
The World In Your Garden by The National Geographic Society (out of print)

Now, the ones on my nightstand or waiting in the wishlist:
The Witching Herbs by Harold Roth
Under The Witching Tree by Corinne Boyer
Cunning-Folk and Familiar Spirits by Emma Wilby
Craft of the Untamed by Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold
The Green Mysteries by David Schulke (unreleased)

There are tons more, but Tumblr crashed and deleted my response, i had to retype and I’ve forgotten some 😅

Oh! Also a lot of herbalism and medical journals. Lastly, a lot of the brujeria and curanderismo that I don’t post about is word of mouth tradition but there are some good books out there!
The Pokémon GO Solstice Event has begun

Fire-type and Ice-type Pokémon will appear more than usual like: Charmander, Cyndaquil, Growlithe, Houndour, Ponyta, Swinub, Vulpix, Sneasel, Magmar, Cloyster  and others.

You’ll receive huge XP bonuses for successfully catching Pokémon with Nice, Great and Excellent Throws, as well as Curveballs and First Throws. Also, you’ll earn even more XP for hatching Eggs. Lucky Eggs will be 50% off in the in-game shop.

This event ends on June 20, 2017.

anonymous asked:

Steven, you're put in charge of creating some holidays for the major religions of Planetos. What significant events from each religion's history would you choose?


For the Faith of the Seven, I’m thinking significant events: the Anointing of Hugor of the Hill, the first landing on the shores of Westeros, the Battle of Seven Stars, the founding of the Starry Sept, the crowning of King Aegon I, the birth and/or death of Baelor the Blessed. Oh, and days to praise each of the Seven, which we already knew about. 

For R’hllorism, I’m going to guess more solar-based events: the solstices, the equinoxes, the eclipses, etc. 

The worship of the Old Gods seems too decentralized to have holidays, but I could see holidays around the changing of the seasons, the harvest cycle, etc. 

The Drowned God thinks that holidays are for the weak. 

Hello, it’s that time of year again, and apparently I’ve talked myself into this.

Like last year, I will be taking 12 slots of prompts that will be posted once per day from Dec 13th through Dec 25th.  Because Advent.  

As a note, these don’t have to be Christmas related at all.  Winter or other solstice-timed events are absolutely accepted!  But full disclosure that I’m an atheist, and so all of my knowledge of these holidays comes from cultural osmosis.  If I get holiday prompts I will research it, but the more you know.

Prompt slots will be picked by those that interest me and give me ideas, rather than first come first serve.  All pairings are open (though my personal biases are very much in play here), and you can ask for prompts from any of my series, or from any AUs your heart desires.

There is one rule:

No Secret Santas, no day/s of gift giving, no worrying about what to get the rest of the team.  It’s the worst part of the real holidays, and the worst part of all fics.  If you want to read this, go reread last years.

Again, this is by interest, so I totally reserve the right to just delete the ones that don’t speak to me.  If we end up with less than 12 that I want to do (unlikely) then I’ll make it a smaller advent, nbd.

You have until Dec 4th to submit your prompts!

Happy Holidays, everyone.

anonymous asked:

Oooo Mark x mc and stress from the prompts list? Thank you!

My first Mark X MC prompt! I’m so excited! My MC’s name is Zoey, so I wrote this using her name. This got a little bit racier than I initially intended. I hope that’s okay! 

Originally posted by chertovskii

No Going Back

Zoey slowly wakes up to the feeling of a laying a blanket being laid over her. She’s lying on the couch and the last thing she remembers is settling in to watch a movie with Mark. The two of them had decided a low-pressure first date was the way to go. They’d ordered in and found something to watch on Netflix. Since Brooke and Sereena were working late at some sort of event at Solstice, it was a perfect chance to have the apartment to themselves.

As she opens her eyes, Zoey finds Mark is sitting on the edge of the sofa cushion. He’s gazing tenderly down at her and she smiles up at him sleepily.

“What happened to the movie?” she asks.

“Well, Sleeping Beauty,” he teases gently, “you’d know what happened if you hadn’t dozed off after half an hour.”

“Oh, Mark, I’m so sorry,” she apologizes. “It’s just that I’ve been under so much stress and working so hard with Leah on getting Persephone up and running. I guess I didn’t realize how tired I was.”

Mark takes hold of Zoey’s hand and chuckles, “Hey, don’t worry about it.”

“No, I’m so sorry. I’ve been looking forward to this night for so long. And then I fall asleep during our very first date? It’s so embarrassing.”

“What a second,” Mark interrupts, a shy smile spreading across his features, “You’ve been looking forward to this?”

“Of course, I have! Mark…” Zoey sits up and lifts a hand to cup his cheek, pulling him close for a kiss. She tilts her head and Mark mirrors her movement. He tangles his fingers in the hair at the nape of her neck. Their kiss deepens and she slides her tongue along Mark’s lips making him moan. Zoey smiles as she pulls away.

“Wow,” Mark says breathlessly. “Well, I’m glad you were excited about tonight because this is all I’ve been able to think about for….well for way longer than I probably should have been.”

Zoey blushes at his words and the way he’s looking at her. She kisses him again and leans back to pull him until he’s laying atop her. Zoey can’t believe how good it feels, the weight of him pressing down on her. Mark shifts so his thigh rests between her legs and Zoey grinds down on him.

“God, Zoey,” he groans against her neck. He starts sucking on her pulse point and Zoey gasps and squirms beneath him. She’s certain this is the most turned on she’s ever been. The man kissing her is not only incredibly hot, wonderfully sweet, adorably nerdy, smart and kind, he also happens to be her oldest and best friend.

Desperate for more contact with his skin, she tugs at the bottom edge of his shirt, trying to lift it over his head. Mark complies and throws his shirt across the room. It knocks one of Brooke’s tchotchkes, the ones that Sereena complains are dust magnets, off the end table.

“Oops,” Mark grimaces.  

Zoey just laughs and then turns her attention back to Mark’s now shirtless upper body. She runs her hands over the muscles of his chest and Mark shivers at her touch. She places soft kisses along his collarbone as she moves her fingertips to trail along his ribs and abs.

“Zoey, you’re driving me crazy,” he groans. “I thought you were tired and stressed tonight…”

“Well, I was, but I seem to have gotten my second wind,” Zoey whispers in his ear. She slips her hand to his waist and unbuttons his jeans.

“And…I think I know just what I need to destress.” She bites his earlobe as she slips her hand past the waistband of Mark’s boxers. Mark thrusts into her hand with a moan.

“I think we should slow down, Zoey,” he gasps out.  

“Slow down?!?,” Zoey asks incredulously, “Mark, haven’t we both waited long enough for this?”

“Exactly, I’ve wait for nearly a decade to be with you like this and I plan to take my time.”


Mark and Zoey lay tangled together on the floor, a blanket haphazardly thrown over them. At some point, they’d fallen off the couch though neither had much cared at the time.

“That was…” Mark pants.

“Unbelievable,” Zoey breathes.

“Yeah,” Mark agrees.

They turn to look at each other and they both start laughing.

“I can’t believe it took us this long,” Zoey shakes her head in disbelief.

“Well,” Mark says, “there’s no going back now. Any regrets?”

He’s still smiling, but Zoey can see uncertainty in his eyes.

“Not a single one,” she replies and kisses him tenderly.

Suddenly, the sound of a key in the front door lock interrupts them.

“Crap!” Mark yelps. He and Zoey both hurriedly stand up. “What do we do?”

“Get in my bedroom,” Zoey hisses and shoves in him the direction of her room.

The two of them stumbled over each other in their rush to get out of the living room. Zoey gets into the room first and Mark follows closely behind, but apparently they’re not quite fast enough because a scream rings out from the entry way.

“OH MY GOD! Did I just see Mark’s ass? My eyes! They burn!”

“Sereena, stop such a drama queen,” Brooke voice chides. “Mark and Zoey are two consenting adults engaging in a perfectly healthy sexual relations…..aaagh! My Precious Moments figure! Noooo!”
Solstice| A Reaper76 Summer Event Short [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Rating: T.
Relationship: Gabriel Reyes/Jack Morrison
Words: 4564
Chapters: 1/1
Title(s): Solstice
Summary: Jack remembers this time of the year fondly, or at least he used to. When he’s begrudgingly dragged out to a place full of memories Jack doesn’t think anything good could come of it. Turns out he was wrong, and is not only reminded by his friends, but by the person he’s missed the most.


Let’s see … how do I make it so that this does not end up being stupid?

All right…..
This is based on an AU … okay? To give a basis this is set in an AU

Ok … (I’m lazy to explain what this is, so go and read the post and draw your own conclusions)


According to a stupid HeadCanon that I came up with, Cedric wants to teach Niko everything about robotics (because he’s going to serve him … he does not stop for that, but … IT’S GOING TO SERVE FOR SOMETHING AND POINT!) But Niko Does not know (or is not interested (?) Of this, so, they are expadicion looking for more robot parts …

Now, combine the images from top to bottom and see how their relationship (since according to my HeadCanon, after the events of “Solstice” were almost unrelated)

(I’ve made too many references to them being my OTP, okay?)
(Also, I pair them more here for being older, but same xD)

Pd: The reference images (i mean, those of the original pose) are not mine! I just draw Niko and Cedric with those poses.

And the AU belongs to @boringlazymod ((NOTHING of what I said here, it must affect in the story that you have already made Hiro, so this is just for fuck and laugh, and to give me fanservice to myself)

And of course, Niko and Cedric are belong to the game “OneShot”

After all this … did you understand my point? XD

Chaco Canyon petroglyph may represent ancient total eclipse

As the hullabaloo surrounding the Aug. 21 total eclipse of the sun swells by the day, a University of Colorado Boulder faculty member says a petroglyph in New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon may represent a total eclipse that occurred there a thousand years ago.

CU Boulder Professor Emeritus J. McKim “Kim” Malville said the petroglyph – carved in a rock by early Pueblo people – is a circle that resembles the sun’s outer atmosphere known as its corona, with tangled protrusions looping off the edges. Discovered in 1992 during a Chaco Canyon field school for CU Boulder and Fort Lewis College students led by Malville and then-Fort Lewis Professor James Judge, the object may illustrate the total eclipse of the sun that occurred over the region on July 11, 1097.

Keep reading