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Winter Solstice Reminder

The astronomical event is the shortest day of the year for those who live north of the equator and the longest day of the year for those who live south of the equator. The solstice starts at 4:48 a.m. UTC on Dec. 22 (which is 11:48 p.m. ET on Dec. 21), the moment when the Northern Hemisphere is pointed at its farthest distance from the sun.

The images above are only a few examples of places in which our ancestors aligned their monuments to astronomical events such as the winter solstice.

Image 1- Stonehenge
Image 2- Newgrange
Image 3-Serpent Mound

statue345  asked:

A lot of people felt that the volume 2 finale was anticlimactic when it came out, do you?

I don’t see that at all.

See, I like to compare things to Avatar: the Last Airbender (that’s what I subconsciously compare most things to). Volume 1 was basically the first half of Book 1. Setup, establishing world and characters, the idea that Huntsmen/Huntresses/The Avatar was a thing. The knowledge that The White Fang and Torchwick/The Fire Nation is up to something, a couple interactions between the heroes and villains.

Then the Volume 1 Finale was the Winter Solstice event. Nothing changed, but where there always was an idea of a thing to do (Stop the White Fang/ Stop the Fire Nation) it set up a timeline (Stop the White Fang and a Torchwick before they have enough resources /Stop the Fire Nation before the Comet comes).

Here, I feel like we’re at the end of Book 1. The enemy has made a Big Move, and the heroes manage to scratch out a victory, but it upheaves the status quo a bit. And here there’s even some infighting and disagreement about how to handle it, where to go from here. The enemy is still out there and can still do things, and it just adds to the urgency, even when things have cooled down from the high action.

“My grandma used to say it wasn’t a real Summer Solstice if we didn’t have lights in the big tree out front. Unfortunately, she forgot to teach me how to get them up there on my own. Any chance you could help a girl out?”