One year ago on August 19th, my world ended. The sun around which I revolved was suddenly extinguished far too soon. I find it incredibly fitting that so close to the anniversary of her death, the actual sun will also be darkened, and over the state where she spent her last happy days. Seems the universe is acknowledging how amazing and important she was.

This year has passed too quickly and too slowly. It hurts because each passing day takes me farther from the times spent with her. It helps because each passing day makes the grief a tiny fraction more bearable. Some days the grief roars up in giant inferno, some days it is a quiet little flicker, but it is always there.

Solstice, you were the best dog to ever happen to me. I would give anything to have you back. Living without you is still so hard, but I’m trying.


~A Tale of Midsummer~

Come, gather round and render tales

Of sunlit skies and rugged flames

Of hands outstretched towards the sky

Of crafted wheels and bales of fire

Of beating drums and crowing men

Of lyrics hollered towards the glen

Of ancient stones and weathered walls

A hallowed sunrise praised by all

A time to mark the longest day

An ancient feast, a grand parade

A jig composed of joining hands

A desperate prayer to bless the land

Don crowns of green and ribbons white

Come, sit beneath the pale moonlight

With merriment and love and fire

The solstice honours Earth’s true sire

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

☀️ Midsummer Ritual ☀️

a ritual for midsummer, a ritual that observes the summer solstice, and the new life that has been growing in the earth.

☀️ perform ritual at noon, call open a circle

☀️ build a safe bonfire in a safe area, or alternatively light a yellow candle.

☀️ leave out an offering for the fae near the candle.

☀️ make a solar wheel and burn it. 

☀️ speak a prayer to each of the four cardinal directions. 

☀️ play music and celebrate in the circle

☀️ close and leave the circle.


Cleansing and charging my altar space ✨Happy Solstice! ☀️ I think I’ll write my cleansing water recipe out and share it with you guys either later today or sometime before the end of the week, so keep an eye out! Ignore the ratty washcloth that I’m drying my stones on, not everything can be pretty all the time I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️