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So, I was speaking with @her-misplaced-wings recently, and we were really curious as to find out when Starfall was! Because (obviously) we’d like to celebrate it! I also spoke with @sarahviehmann to find she was also curious, and our timelines are pretty similar!

So, I created a timeline of ACOTAR/MAF based on our own calenders.

First let me state that historically, Calan Mai is a Welsh holiday (May Day) that happens on May 1st. This entire calendar of events is based off of that date. 

Please, feel free to make corrections! I was going mostly on memory, and our own Solstice/Equinox dates.

So, I’m going to start at Calanmai in ACOTAR.

Calanmai - May 1st - Tamlin the Tool screws some hoe and then bites Feyre.
Summer Solstice - Mid-End June (around the 20th or so) - Feyre gets drunk on faerie wine and parties hard
Feyre returns home - End June/Early July. 3 months stay. 
Under the Moutain - Mid July - End Sept/Early Oct.  Fall Equinox happens around this time too.
Between Books - End Sept/Early Oct - End Dec 
Winter Solstice - Mid/End Dec. Happens just before the book starts. 3 months between books. Big party. About 2 weeks before wedding.
Wedding - Early Jan - Just after the new year. Our favorite dark hero rescues Feyre!
Night Court Visit 1 - Early January.
Spring Court Tithe - Mid January - 1 Week after Feyre returns.
Night Court Visit 2 - Early February
Tamlin Locks Feyre Up - Mid February - 9 days after she returns home.
Night Court Visit 3 - Mid Feb - Mid April. Feyre takes a couple of months to fall in love with Rhys.
Nynsar/Starfall - Late March! Yay! Probably around the Spring Equinox in our calendar.
Mating Bond Shenanigans - Early April
The Dream Team Goes To Hybern - Mid April. That puts Calanmai just a couple of weeks away….
Calanmai - May 1

And there you have it, my pretties. Tell me what you think!

(Also, if these dates are true, the third book will be released around Calanmai….)

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question for those of you with puppies/recent puppies/soon-to-be puppies: when you care about tuck sits and proper mechanics of position changes, when do you start working on sit, down, etc?

With Ryker and Solstice I started sits and downs right away at 8 weeks, but I didn’t know about tuck sits and all that so I didn’t care how they did it. With Chandra, I’d like her to have good mechanics. But she’s still in the floppy puppy stage so we honestly haven’t done much with sits and downs. I try luring her, and it’s about 50/50 whether we get a nice sit/down or whether it’s a lazy puppy sit/down. I’m thinking I should just keep at it and work on my luring technique. I could keep waiting for her to get a bit older and more coordinated but it seems silly to not be working sits and downs with a puppy.

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Here’s the next chapter in my story I am writing for my dear friends @mel-loves-all @almondblossomme and @sportssqueen

The beautiful artwork above was done by the amazingly talented VictoriaOlicity.

Earlier chapters for this story can be found on AO3.

Please forgive any errors as I proof-read as I write.

As always, I do not own these characters, I merely hope I do them justice.

Please leave me a comment to let me know how I’m doing.

We’re almost done…


Chapter 39

Felicity was smiling at Oliver, waiting for a response.

Oliver sat up in bed. He searched her face and her eyes, stunned into silence.

Felicity started doubting herself. Have I pushed too much too soon, she thought?

Oliver took in a deep breath and asked quietly, “I thought these next few weeks leading up to the Winter’s Solstice were for us to talk about our hopes, dreams and plans for our new life together?”

Felicity tilted her head at Oliver, looked deep into his eyes and said, “I would have thought you’d be pleased that I don’t want to wait to get married?” She watched Oliver’s reaction.

He was quiet, as if contemplating his next words very carefully. He simply replied, “I consider us already married in my heart, my love.” He reached for her left hand and gently rolled the engagement ring under his dexterous fingers and said, “There is none but you there,” he paused, brought her hand to his lips, kissed it and continued, “and should we ever be blessed with a child or children, I will make room for them there too.”

Felicity sighed and laid down on his chest. She loved listening to the beating of his heart. Its rhythm never ceased to comfort her. She said, “I thought getting married so soon would be something that you wanted?”

Oliver wrapped his arms around her and said, “I want everyone who matters to us to witness my vows to you. I want them to see that I, Oliver Queen, love you, Felicity Meagan Smoak, and that I promise to love, honor, cherish and worship you. I want them to know that you are my home now. That you are my end and my beginning.”

Felicity hugged him tighter and said, “I didn’t know you felt this way, Oliver. That this ceremony really mattered to you. I’m sorry I tried to rush things.”

Oliver lifted her chin and kissed her gently. “You have nothing to apologize for, Baby. I love you all the more for it.” She laid her head back down on his chest and he continued, “I’m looking forward to using this time for us to plan our lives together, to talk to each other about what we want and not to make any assumptions about what we think the other wants or needs. This is precious time so few couples rarely explore. It’s our opportunity to talk about how we are going to merge our lives together.”

Felicity sighed, smiled at him and said, “So do you like to roll your toothpaste from the bottom or do you just squish it from the middle?”

Oliver chuckled. “I like to roll it from the bottom.”

Felicity looked up at him, pleased with what he said, “See we agree on that already!”

Oliver laughed and said, “Well crisis averted then.” Oliver turned on his side and she slide down next to him. “Tomorrow we should start making a list of topics we need to discuss and figuring out how we’re going to resolve any potential issues.”

Felicity grinned. “Why Oliver Queen, it sounds like we’re planning a merger of our two companies more than a merger of our hearts?”

Oliver grinned back at her. “Our hearts are already merged, Love. We’re just working out all the specifics. Now, come on Babe. Let’s get some sleep. It’s been a long day and I believe you mentioned something about spending the day in the shop together tomorrow?”

Felicity yawned. “Okay, Oliver. You’re right. It has been a long day and…” Another yawn escaped from her. “I guess I’m more tired than I thought.” She rolled over and soon Felicity was sleeping peacefully, wrapped in the arms of the man who loved her.

The next several weeks passed by quickly. Felicity and Oliver spent their days at the shop. Oliver learning more and more about wine and the different types of visitors that came to the Napa Valley. He took a look at Felicity’s website she had developed for the shop and a few others that she had developed for some local businesses. He made several suggestions regarding color palette, verbiage and layout.

Felicity at first, questioned him about his suggestions, but after she had made some of the changes he recommended, realized that his comments really improved each website she had designed. Felicity was impressed by how much Oliver really knew about marketing. It was a talent she wasn’t aware he had. She had him go with her to meet each of the local businesses and made sure to give him credit for each recommendation that led to their respective businesses increase in sales. She was able to show the local business owners that as a result of Oliver’s recommendations, their websites had seen an increase in traffic by almost 30%. She could also show that on-line sales had increased by almost 20% since she had those changes had been made.  She could see how much more confident Oliver became with each word of praise she gave him and the reciprocal thanks he received from the different business owners. Once they were done with the shop or a meeting with one of Felicity’s clients, they would head home for a simple dinner. Sometimes, they delved into what John had stored in the freezer and sometimes, Oliver would make something for them. It never ceased to amaze Felicity that this man she loved was a veritable Thomas Keller in the kitchen. She would have to make sure they had dinner at The French Laundry one night.

Each night after dinner, they would sit on the porch swing and take one topic off their list they created to help them prepare for their marriage. They talked about family. How soon would they start having children? They agreed to wait a year, but if Felicity got pregnant, they would be thrilled. Who was going to stay home with the baby? They agreed that Felicity would spend the first two years at home with the baby, while Oliver ran the shop during the day and at night they would both help with the baby. Felicity broached the topic of religion with Oliver one night. She let him know that she was Jewish, but once her grandparents had passed, she had been lax on observing any of the holidays or traditions. Oliver let her know that no one in his family had stepped foot in a church in many years, but that his Mother’s parents were Methodist. Oliver encouraged her to think about observing the holidays and traditions of her culture and religion. That as they started a family, those traditions would be important to pass down to their children. She told him that it was important to her that they honor his family’s traditions and that they would find a way to make sure they were represented too.

Oliver insisted that Felicity continue her I.T. consulting. They talked about her hopes of exploring new opportunities in I.T., the possibility of her opening up her own I.T. consulting company and working from home. One thing they hadn’t been counting on was Robert Queen bragging to everyone who would listen about his future daughter-in-law’s tech skills. Felicity’s email inbox was constantly being flooded with requests from companies around the globe begging for her assistance in dealing with the flawed Merlyn Global operating system. A particularly lucrative offer had come in from a small company based in Corto Maltese, but Felicity turned them down. Corto Maltese was a known terrorist hot spot and she had had her fill of danger for a lifetime.

They had talked about money, Felicity’s business, Oliver’s trust fund and how would they manage their accounts. Oliver had never had to ever worry about money, let alone follow a budget for his personal finances. He had always had money and plenty of it. Felicity on the other hand, had known financial struggle. In college, her scholarship had covered her educational expenses, but there was little money for travel or entertainment. Even on the farm, one bad year could impact whether or not the farm would be able to qualify for a production loan to get them through the upcoming harvest. She knew that if her profit margin shrank too much, no bank would lend her the necessary capital to continue farming. As a result, she had learned to live as frugally as possible. Any extra money she earned from any side work she was able to pick up building websites was put into savings and used for a rainy day. The money she had earned consulting for QC was sitting in her savings account right now. It would be enough liquid capital for her to be able to maintain enough cash flow so that any bank would be willing to give her a production loan now. This security was something she wasn’t familiar with and it scared her a little. She knew that Oliver had a hard time understanding this, as any money troubles the Queen’s had had were when he was much too young to remember. Finally one night, Oliver asked her, “Felicity, does the fact that my family have money frighten you?”

Felicity sighed, “In a way, yes…But I don’t know if frighten is the right word, Oliver. I think it intimidates me at times and it also gives me a sense of relief too.” Felicity reached for Oliver’s hand and squeezed it tight as they swung on the porch swing. “I’ve never felt really secure financially in my entire life.” She glanced around looking at the land spread out around her. She waved her hands in front of her, trying to encompass the land she owned, “Sure on paper, I’m a fairly wealthy woman, but farming is more than a deed of title to a piece of land. It has been a constant battle of hoping that each harvest would be successful enough to pay off my production loan each year and that there would be enough revenue from the wine shop to cover any losses. When John and I bottled our first vintage, I had to use up almost all of my rainy day fund to finance it. If the job with QC hadn’t happened, I would be in a world of hurt right now with no savings and don’t even get me started on a retirement account, because that doesn’t even exist right now for me.”

Oliver stared at Felicity and said, “I’ve never known that feeling of insecurity before. What can I do to help?”

Felicity smiled at him and said, “Well, once we’re married my struggles, concerns and fears won’t be just my burden any longer. I’ll look to you for help, guidance and I hope a shoulder to cry on if necessary.”

Oliver wrapped his arm around her and pulled her in, closer to his side. “Babe, we are in this together. I may not always have an answer for you, but I will always be there for you.”

Felicity smiled up at him and said, “Well, then you’re in luck sweetie because I have an appointment with my banker to discuss my upcoming year’s production loan now that harvest is done and while I enjoy being knowledgeable about wines and how we make the wines, I really dislike talking to the banker about cash flow, overhead and budgets. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I can totally handle this myself and have ever since my grandparents passed, but it isn’t exactly something I enjoy and there’s always this weird feeling I get right before I step inside the bank, like all eyes are looking at me and I must have done something wrong that they found out about and now they are going to deny me my production loan and then I won’t be able to take care of the farm and I’ll be forced to consider selling to some greedy developer who wants to turn my land into some sort of resort and then when I don’t agree to sell they’ll have some type of  creature appear and try to scare me off my farm and we’ll be forced to solve the mystery and once we’ve solved it the bad guy would cry ‘and I would have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids’.” Felicity stopped, took a breath finally and smiled at Oliver.

Oliver threw back his head and laughed. “Oh honey, all I’m going to say is that tonight, we are not watching 'Scooby Doo! The Mystery Begins’ again. The first two times were plenty for me.”

Felicity fake pouted and said, “But Fred is so cute in this one!” Then she laughed and kissed Oliver on the cheek. She added, “Okay, fine. But seriously though, I really do have an appointment with the banker tomorrow right after lunch and I was hoping that you would go with me, for moral support.”

Oliver smiled down at her, kissed her nose and said, “Of course, Baby. I’ll go with you.” He stood up from the swing, held out his hand to her and said, “Come on, let’s go inside. I need to make sure the suit I brought with me is pressed for tomorrow.”

Felicity smiled at him and asked, “Since when do you know how to use an iron?”

Oliver grinned and replied, “If I stole too many cookies from the cookie jar, Raisa would make me help her with the laundry. My  punishment was to iron my Dad’s clothes. Let’s just say that I really love cookies…” He smiled cheekily at her and added, “I still do.”

The next day Oliver and Felicity closed the shop early and headed over to the bank to meet with Felicity’s banker. The banker reviewed Felicity’s current loan statement, her production loan application for the upcoming crop year, her most recent tax records and bank account statements. The loan officer let her know that he would need a few weeks to process all of the paperwork, but that given her current cash flow status, it would appear that her production loan would be secured for the upcoming year. Felicity smiled at the loan officer, thanked her and then said, “Come on, Oliver, let’s head home.”

Oliver stayed seated and asked the loan officer a question, “What is the current interest rate assigned to Felicity’s production loan?”

The loan officer smiled at Oliver and said, “Oh it’s currently, set at 8%.”

Oliver tilted his head at the loan officer, nodded his head and said, “I see.”

Felicity turned to look at Oliver and said, “What?”

“It’s just that if the current mortgage rate on a home loan is averaging between 3% and 4%, why are operating loans so high?” he asked.

Felicity shook her head no and said, “I have no idea.” They both looked at the loan officer who was starting to turn a bright pink.

She explained, “Well, you see, farm operating loans are considered short term loans and carry considerable risk given it’s an agricultural based loan. As a result, we’ve always maintained a certain interest rate level for these loans.”

Oliver smiled back at the loan officer, turned to Felicity and said, “Babe, I will gladly fund your operating loan at a guaranteed rate of 3%. You’ll save a significant amount of money in interest and I’ll earn a heck of a lot more interest on this loan than what my trust fund return is currently.”

Felicity gave Oliver a surprised look. She looked at the loan officer in confusion. The loan officer said, “Miss Smoak, we’ve been partners with your family’s farm for three generations, through good times and bad…”

Oliver smiled, reached for Felicity’s hand and said, “I’ll have my accountant draw up the paperwork and overnight mail the documents this week for your review. Once you’ve signed the paperwork, I can have the money wired into your account immediately.”

Felicity’s head was swimming. Oliver wanted to invest in her family farm…scratch that, their family farm. She smiled at him and said simply, “Okay.”

“Great!” he replied. He stood up, extended his hand out to Felicity’s banker and said, “It’s been a pleasure doing business with you. I’ll make sure my bank coordinates the wire transfer into Felicity’s business account with your office.”

The loan officer simply nodded her head in agreement and stayed silent.

Felicity felt overwhelmed with happiness. She knew she had shook the bankers hand and that Oliver had escorted her outside the bank. She turned to him and said, “I can’t believe it.”

Oliver gave her a confused look. “What do you mean?”

“I mean that you really are becoming my partner. It’s not just marriage and life. It’s now business too. My family farm is going to be our family’s farm!” she exclaimed happily. She threw herself into his arms and kissed him soundly on the mouth.

Oliver put her down gently and said, “It’s you and me, Babe. Now and forever.” He kissed her again and they walked down the street to head to the ranch truck to take them home.

John and Lyla returned from Star City later that week. John had helped Lyla up to his apartment, then he joined Oliver and Felicity in the farmhouse to pick up a few things for Lyla to eat while resting. He let them know that he had stayed in Star City longer than expected so that he and Lyla could work some things out together. He was really happy that they had had that time together to talk about everything that had happened and to forgive each other for past mistakes made on both sides. They had decided that they were going to try and make a go of it again and see if they couldn’t make it work this time.

Felicity hugged John. She was so happy for him and Lyla. Oliver shook John’s hand and congratulated him. John just smiled and let them know he was going to head back over to his place, but tomorrow they would get together for breakfast before going to work.

The next day, John and Lyla both came over early and joined Oliver and Felicity for breakfast. Lyla asked how the wedding plans were going and Felicity blushed. “Truth be told, Lyla,” Felicity replied, “I haven’t really made any plans yet.”

“Kiddo,” John said, “You told everybody that the wedding would be on the Winter Solstice and next week is Thanksgiving. When were you going to start planning the ceremony and reception?”

Felicity looked at Oliver. They both shrugged their shoulders up and down. Oliver simply said, “We hadn’t really thought about it. We’ve been so busy with the shop, securing the upcoming crop production loan and taking our time learning more about each other…”

Felicity interrupted and added, “I figured we’d have a small ceremony and then have dinner at one of the local restaurants.”

Lyla chuckled and said, “Don’t let Thea Queen find out that’s your plan.” She looked directly at Felicity and said, “She visited me in the hospital almost every day wanting to know if Johnny or I had heard of what your plans were for the wedding and reception. She’s been carrying around bridal magazines filled with sticky notes so much that the paparazzi are beginning to wonder if she’s planning your wedding or her own…”

Oliver frowned and said, “She’s much too young to get married.”

Felicity rested her hand on Oliver’s arm and said, “Thea’s a grown woman now Oliver, running her own business.  Besides, Roy Harper is a good man. You leave her be.”

As if on cue, Oliver’s cell phone rang. He stood up to answer it and walked outside onto the porch.

John looked at Felicity and asked, “Are you starting to have second thoughts, Sis?”

Felicity’s eyes widened in shock, “Absolutely not!” she replied emphatically. “We’ve really just been spending so much time talking and getting to know more about each other, that we haven’t really thought about the actual ceremony.” Felicity looked out the window and saw Oliver standing there talking on the phone. He looked up at her and smiled. She continued, “In some ways, it’s almost as if we’re already married…”

Lyla frowned and said, “Felicity, but you’re not married yet.”

Felicity looked at Lyla and said, “Well, now that you and John are back, maybe, I can start focusing more time on planning our wedding?”

Oliver came back into the kitchen and said, “That was Thea.” He looked at Felicity and continued, “She, Roy, Mom and Dad are planning on coming for a visit next week for Thanksgiving.”

Felicity looked at Oliver with concern. “I don’t have room here at the house for everyone.”

Oliver smiled and said, “They’ve already made arrangements at the resort down the way to stay there. Plus, Mom and Thea both want to see what you’ve planned for the wedding and reception.”

Now Felicity felt real fear. She looked at Oliver, John and Lyla and said, “What am I going to do?”

Oliver smiled at her and said, “You and I will spend tomorrow figuring out where to hold the ceremony and then where we can have a small reception just for our family and whatever friends we choose to invite.”

Felicity nodded her head yes and said weakly, “Okay.”

Oliver smiled at her, squeezed her hand and said, “Everything is going to be great. When Mom and Thea get here, remember, this is your wedding, you’re the bride and whatever you say goes.”

Felicity smiled at Oliver, but thought to herself, I hope so…

The Queens with Roy arrived on the Monday morning before Thanksgiving. It was normally a very slow time on the vineyard and in the shop, so Felicity had left a sign in the window letting her customers know she would be closed that week. Oliver and she had decided that they wanted to get married under a small canopy in front of her vineyard. They had asked the local rabbi to perform the wedding ceremony as a nod to her Jewish heritage. John and Oliver had already begun to clean out all the equipment from the barn and they would use it for their reception. When Felicity had informed Moira and Thea about their decisions, she noticed a slight frown appear on Moira’s face, but Thea wrapped her arms around Felicity and started talking about renting twinkle lights, a DJ, catering, decorations and the invitation list. Felicity looked over at Oliver, pleading with her eyes for him to rescue her, but he merely smiled at her, shook his head no and continued talking with his father and John. Felicity frowned and thought, thanks a lot Queen!

Every day, Felicity spent time with Moira, Thea and Lyla reviewing wedding plans. When Moira wanted to bring in an orchestra to play music for the ceremony, Felicity adamantly opposed. Thea helped negotiate her mother down to a string quartet. Then when Moira insisted on flying her favorite Chef in to cater their wedding rehearsal dinner and wedding reception, Felicity put her foot down and let Moira know that one of the local caterers she had created a website for had insisted on catering both. Thea finally asked Felicity about the dress. Felicity knew exactly what she wanted, but she hadn’t had time to go look.

Moira said, “Well, this sounds to me like we need to take a drive into San Francisco.” Thea clapped her hands in excitement. Lyla smiled and Felicity looked like a deer in the headlights. Moira looked at Felicity and said, “I’ll make arrangements for the car service to pick you and Lyla up first and then head over to the resort and pick Thea and I at 9 a.m. tomorrow.”

Thea said, “I’ll start calling designers I know in The City and make arrangements to have dresses in your size ready for you to try on when we get there.” Thea hugged Felicity and said, “Oh Liss! This is going to be so much fun!”

Felicity hugged Thea back and said slightly less enthusiastically, “It will be something.”

Lyla chuckled and Moira pursed her lips.

Oliver walked inside the house. Felicity looked up at him and said, “Perfect timing!” She stood up and walked over to him.

He smiled at her, leaned down, kissed her on the lips and whispered, “You don’t look like you have too many battle wounds.”

Felicity replied softly, “Oh, they’re definitely there…”

Oliver let the ladies know that instead of cooking a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with the family, his Dad had suggested that they enjoy a special Thanksgiving meal at The Mustard Grill. Oliver told them that it would be a private affair, just The Queens, Felicity, John, Lyla and Roy. Felicity loved that restaurant and was so excited that Robert had chosen one of her favorites in the Valley. This news really boosted her spirits. She thought to herself, maybe tomorrow won’t be so bad after all.

The next day, the car service was right on schedule and the group departed Napa on time and headed to The City. Thea had made three appointments for Felicity to try on dresses and also managed to schedule a 12:30 lunch appointment at one of Felicity’s favorite San  Francisco restaurants, Kuleto’s right by Union  Square. The first design house had lovely dresses, but nothing that said to Felicity, 'we’re going to be best friends you and I’. They made it to the second design house located on Maiden  Lane, but once again, Felicity simply couldn’t find something that she thought would be the perfect dress. The ladies decided to make the short walk across Union Square to the restaurant. City workers were already beginning to start decorating the Square for the holidays. She looked up in the windows of the Macy’s building and saw the Christmas wreathes were already in place, but unlit until the day after Thanksgiving. Lunch at Kuleto’s was amazing as always and Felicity gladly finished off her meal with a little scoop of mint chip gelato. The final design house Thea had made arrangements with was located away from Union  Square, closer to Golden  Gate Park in a beautiful old Victorian home in Russian Hill.

The designer was a young girl, Thea’s age and Thea hugged her tightly. Thea introduced her friend Cassandra to the group and Moira gave the young girl a hug and asked how her family was doing. After all the pleasantries were accomplished, Cassandra led them into a well lit room lined with racks and racks of white dresses. Cassandra said, “Thea had some definite thoughts about what she hoped you would wear Felicity and I picked out several dresses that matched her description for you to try on, but I’d like to hear from you what you would like to wear walking down the aisle at your wedding.”

Felicity’s face lit up with a genuine smile. This was the first time today a designer had asked her what she wanted. Felicity said, “I’m a pretty traditional girl, but not afraid to be edgy,” she pointed to the industrial piercing in her right ear. “I’m not sure I’d like a strapless dress or sweetheart neckline, but would rather have something that’s slightly off the shoulder and hugged the curves of my body.”

Cassandra’s eyes twinkled and she said, “I may have just what you are looking for…” She walked out of the room. They could hear doors opening and closing and then Cassandra walked back in with a garment bag. She hung it on the rack next to where she stood, unzipped it and pulled out a beautiful white silk gown. It had a deep boat neck, in front and back, and small train. Felicity took one look at it and simply said, “I have to try it on.” Cassandra led her over to the changing room. Felicity quickly changed out of her clothes and slipped the beautiful dress on. It fit her like a glove. The neck line perfectly flattered her shoulders and the dress seemed to adhere to every curve she had, front and back. She stepped out of the dressing room and walked back into the sitting room where the ladies waited for her. Lyla gasped, Thea had tears in her eyes and Moira smiled. Felicity knew, this was the dress for her.

Cassandra said, “Felicity, you look amazing! This dress looks like it was made specifically for you.”

Felicity smiled at Thea’s friend and said, “I have to have it.” She looked at the other ladies in the room and they were all shaking their heads yes in agreement.

Moira spoke up and said, “Cassandra, please have it ready for us by December 10th. I’d like for it to be delivered to Felicity’s home by then.”

“Not a problem, Mrs. Queen, ” Cassandra replied, “I just need to hem it a little around the bottom and take it in a bit in the back.” Cassandra turned to Felicity and asked, “Can you come back to The City for a fitting next week?”

Felicity smiled and nodded her head yes. “I’d be happy to. Your dress is amazing and it’s everything I had hoped my wedding dress would be.”

With their mission accomplished, the ladies made it back to Napa just in time for dinner. They had a light casual meal at Felicity’s home and afterwards, then the Queens headed back to the resort. Thanksgiving was the next day and they had plans to meet at the Mustard Grill at 5 p.m. It was a leisurely day for them all. John and Oliver watched football, Lyla joined them and Felicity sat next to Oliver, tablet in hand and worked on remotely updating a new client’s firewall. The client was one of Robert’s friends and he paid her consultancy fee with no hesitation. When it was time for the group to leave, they headed out to the restaurant. Thanksgiving dinner was a lovely evening. Felicity had chosen several different bottle of wine, both red and white for the group to enjoy with their meal. The group laughed as they listened to stories Moira told of her children’s childhood. Felicity even told a few funny stories she had of growing up on the farm. She knew that the evening was a success. The group said good bye to each other at the restaurant as the Queens were heading back to Star City early the next morning. Roy was going to stay in Napa until the wedding so he could help out John and Oliver with their preparations on the farm. Felicity looked around at the people in her life and smiled. This is what family should be, she thought, and this is her family now.