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SO I had a friend who played Skyrim for well over 2000 hours. Like at least a month in total game time. He knew all the missions, all the little easter eggs, level like 86somethingfuckalldemigod, and used all the crafting he could because fuck it. I told him how I named my favorite swords and hammers. He never knew you could name stuff through enchanting. In all his time this was the one thing that eluded him and his smug "Ive done everything" attitude. I laughed. I'm still laughing to this day.

I only recently learned about Solstheim’s four peaks, and I’ve been playing fairly consistently for at least two years.

Elder Scrolls: A Summary
  • Arena: Help! You must find all eight pieces of this staff to defeat the main antagonist! Did I mention that all the pieces are in eight different locations scattered all over the world? Have fun!
  • Daggerfall: Help! You must choose to give this all powerful Numidium to one of six potential factions! This will in no way affect the outcome of the next game however! Have fun!
  • Morrowind: Help! An all powerful self-created God, Dagoth-Ur is rising. You, the reincarnate of a long-dead hero must destroy the Heart of Lorkhan to defeat him once and for all! By the way, good luck with that whole claiming to be the Nerevarine thing. Have fun!
  • Bloodmoon: Help! Werewolves are attacking a fort on an island off Vvardenfell! When you're not defeating Dagoth-Ur, come help us solve this mystery! Oh, and a Daedric prince is involved? Have fun!
  • Tribunal: Help! Sotha Sil of the tribunal is going mad, and must be defeated, so as to save Morrowind! Oh wait, Almalexia, are you okay? Have fun!
  • Oblivion: Help! The emperor is dead! Quick, find his illegitimate son so we can stop Mehrunes Dagon from invading Tamriel. Whoops, lost the Amulet of Kings, it won't be that hard to get back, right? Have fun!
  • Shivering Isles: Help! A portal has opened up and it leads to the realm of the Daedric prince of Madness! You must go try and close the portal! Don't accidentally become a daedric prince yourself or anything! Have fun!
  • Knights of the Nine: Help! We must restore the Knights of the Nine to take down a historic enemy back from the dead! You have time to do that whilst shutting Oblivion gates, right? Have fun!
  • Skyrim: Help! You, the one we tried to behead for no reason, you are a Dragonborn! So yeah, only you can stop Alduin, fabled dragon, world eater, from destroying Tamriel. Just try and avoid that civil war happening too. Have fun!
  • Dawnguard: Help! A faction of vampires have appeared, we must create a new faction of vampire hunters to stop them at any cost! Wait, why are you a vampire now? Have fun!
  • Dragonborn: Help! That creepy werewolf island is back! This time another Dragonborn is jealous of your new found fame! Oh dear, another daedric prince is involved this time... Have fun!
  • Hearthfire: Help! I need a new Thane, and you need a house! Also, adopt some children... have fun!
  • Online: Help! Molag Bal is invading Tamriel and will enslave everyone! You, the Vestige, are the only one that can stop him! Oh, and can you deal with every single village in Tamriel's problems? Have fun!

Solstheim Genesis - WIP

This is my latest modding adventure: returning Solstheim to its third era glory. The southern half of the island will look like the verdant hills of Vvardenfell with its characteristic flora and mushrooms and a ton of beautiful grass. I’ve removed all of the ash textures from the ground but will leave some of the smoking trees, lava projectiles, and the smoke plume from red mountain. All ash storms have also been replaced with some clear and sunny weather. The northern part of the island will have more trees and flora, similar to the Bloodmoon DLC I’m using Mt St Helens as inspiration so if you think this is cool then check out how the area around the volcano has sprung back to life after 35 years. It’s been over 100 years since red mountain has erupted, plenty of time for the island to come back to life