alriight, lii2ten up a22hole2. ii know thii2 ii2 gonna be 2hocking two you, but they call iit a driinkiing problem becau2e iit2, you know, a problem.

(iit2 not that hard two google.)

rx ii2 done wiith that 2hiit and ii thiink 2he2 had enough trouble dealiing wiith iit wiithout you bulgehat2 throwiing 2alt iin old wound2.

2o the next tiime you thiink about 2endiing an a2k about how the two of u2 2hould be driinkiing together, you miight want two con2iider the probabiiliity of a whole other problem called “how two remove an angry p2iioniic'2 fii2t from your face.” thank2.



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Happy Valentine’s Day, Solrox tag! I haven’t written a fic in AGES, but I really missed these two. So… Enjoy some fluffy lemony fic from me to you. <3 And, uh, sorry it’s not that stellar. I’m sort of have asleep at the moment. (*HALF. See what I mean?)

This is basically a continuation of mine and Liz’s RP ages ago, but, shh, nobody needs to know that.

TG: soooooo
TA: 2o what.
TG: so im bored
TA: lol ok.
TA: and?
TG: muh u are the worst @ pickin up hints
TG: im tellin you i wanna do something
TA: 2o do iit?
TG: with YOU dork
TA: oh.

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apathygender  asked:

Hacker Babes


  • favorite non-sexual activity: video games, hacking each others’ computers with dumb shit, roxy dragging sollux out to get in trouble
  • who uses all the hot water: roxyyy
  • most trivial thing they fight over: PROBABLY VIDEO GAME RELATED THINGS OMG
  • who does most of the cleaning: they probably take turns depending on who gets messier at the time
  • what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue: roxy really likes these sorts of things more than he does
  • who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: roxyy fthhfht
  • who steals the blankets: ROXY and sollux is just like w/e
  • who leaves their stuff around: BOTH OF THEM
  • who remembers to buy the milk: roxy because sollux wouldnt remember
  • who remembers anniversaries: i think they would both think the other would forget so theyd both secretly remember and surprise each other
  • who cooks normally?: roxy would try but sollux is actually better at it, its just a matter of getting him to do it thats the problem ahaha
  • how often do they fight?: they usually just play-fight but they can get heated sometimes
  • what do they do when they’re away from each other?: sollux works on his coding, roxy does scieeeennce and hangs out with a bunch of ppl since those are things they dont really do together
  • nicknames for each other?: RX, lalonde; sollicks, mr captor, soolux/slooluz/various other typo names
  • who is more likely to pay for dinner?: probably split since they dont go out much anyway
  • what would they get each other for gifts?: GAMES MOSTLY HOO HOO and other nerdy paraphernalia
  • who kissed who first?: roxy smooched him <3
  • who made the first move?: see above
  • who remembers things?: theyd both be forgetful as shit so it depends on the importance hahaha
  • who started the relationship?: roxy i guess
  • who cusses more?: both of themmm sollux maybe
  • what would they do if the other one was hurt?: oh my god they would flip so many tits because they just know the other one hurts and doesnt feel good enough and just ugh they want each other to be happy i have a lot of feelings for this ship