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Re: "You know what happened to the other one." My instant reaction was 'what brother?' but then, seeing where Sherlock where to be sent and what prospects Mycroft saw for him coming back alive (he gave him six months) couldn't he be talking about 'the other person we sent to do this thing I'm now suggeting we send my brother to do'? Because sending someone on what seems to be a death mission wouldn't really be called brotherly concern by many others than Mycroft.

Oh, now that seems way more plausible. I’m going with this until proved otherwise!

This is why I love you.

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1. Why did you choose your URL?

Because People Are Strange by The Doors

Because Dr. Strangelove, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the War by Stanley Kubrick

Because Emily the Strange and Wednesday Addams and Lydia Deetz and Coraline

Because Google Image Search Results for ‘strange’

Because Welcome to Night Vale and Tim Burton and Edward Gorey and Charlie Kaufman and Wes Anderson

Because Wikipedia’s list of Unusual Articles

Because Sherlock

Because portmanteau

Because ‘Dr. Strange’ NO. Sorry, not even a little bit.

2. What is your middle name?

No. But I will talk about how I chose a patron saint when I was a kid. 

All Roman Catholics do this leading up to confirmation (I think). Mine is Bernadette who saw a vision of aquero (technically means ‘that’ (!) but assumed/believed to be Mary) 18 times, was told to go to a place and drink of the water, and which is now the healing waters of Lourdes. Reading the wiki article now that I’m a recovering Catholic is fascinating. Like how cruel is it that she found the waters, but didn’t benefit from them (she was sick all her life and died young)?

3. If you could be a fictional pet what would you be?

the TARDIS. or an unsettled daemon.

4. Favorite colours?

Grey, Black, Green

5. Favourite songs?

(Sittin’ on) the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding

House of the Rising Sun by the Animals

A Day in the Life by the Beatles;

Dream and Little Dream by Momma Cass

6. Favorite fandom?


7. Why do you like tumblr?

It’s the one social platform where, as an aspie / ace / agendered person, I don’t feel painfully outnumbered. Plus there is fandom and art and fandom art. And the friends. :)

8. Tag eight tumblr users who are your favorite and would do this:

I’m going to choose eight tumblr users based on wanting to know the answer to #1 and if you did this already and I missed it, then :(









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Random question is random but... how do you think one would spell Mummy's nicknames for Mycroft?

I’ve always been inclined towards ‘Myc’ if you’re going to shorten Mycroft, since that would be the first syllable anyway so doesn’t seem any need to change the spelling to ‘Mike’. ‘Mycy’ on the other hand just looks very strange to me, so I’d have to go for ‘Mikey’ there.

Just my own inclinations; not much of a technical analysis or anything! 

It didn’t change the fact that [Sherlock] felt completely alone right now. Outside the bubble that was university people’s primary relationship didn’t consist of friendships; out in the real world people’s primary relationship always seemed focused on a partner. A sexual partner.

And he couldn’t be that. He couldn’t do that.

—  from Let your body decide by solrosan (16,372 words)

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Limerick ("It’s people who aren’t evil, but have evil-sounding names.") - Do you like your name? Why/why not? (Bonus points if you answer with a limerick.)

On my French name, Diane, I’m ambivalent
But it also has an English equivalent
Should you call me Die-Ann,
I’ll respond, if I can,
But I prefer if you try to be vigilant.

(or, in less absurd verbiage, I like my name but it gets mispronounced a lot, which I am not too fond of)

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14? :)

14. What have you done that you are most proud of?

Escaping to Seattle. I left Illinois in the summer of 2000 in a Honda Prelude that had a questionable AC and no CD player, packed with my stuff and $200. I didn’t exactly plan it. I got an invite to a wedding, which is only a small step above throwing a dart at the map. Never done anything so impulsive in my life. But it didn’t feel impulsive at the time. It felt necessary. Best day. Best decision. No regrets. 

question meme… if you are so inclined

Speaking of Anthea as more than a secretary, check out @solrosan’s “Just Another Day” for a really interesting take on just how that would work. I’m on my phone so can’t provide a precise link but it’s on AO3 and very well done.

Basically, Sherlock is bored and causes some minor trouble and John, Lestrade, Mycroft, and Anthea all have to help solve it (or not) in between non-Sherlock concerns. And the story is really about those other things. On top of being a really nice character study piece of all four people with some charming stroppy!Sherlock cameos, it does a good job of world building wrt Anthea’s and Mycroft’s professional relationship. Good fix and good food for thought about what that might look like.

'As I said, [the black ring is] a reminder that it’s fine,' Sherlock didn’t even feel irritated that he had to repeat himself, 'It’s not a declaration to the world, I don’t care about the world, and it’s actually subtle enough for people not to notice it. It’s not a statement, because I’m no more proud of being asexual as I guess you are of being straight. No more ashamed either.'

from A Black Ring by solrosan (2,243 words)

Platonic one-shot.

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: John Watson, Anthea (Sherlock), Greg Lestrade, Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock Holmes
Additional Tags: Slice of Life, Everyday Life, POV Alternating

A quite ordinary day in John’s, ‘Anthea’s’ and Lestrade’s lives, because even lives involving the Holmes Brother are filled with routine. In the end nothing ever really happens to anyone.

The events (or non-events) presented in this charming genfic show a typical day in the lives of basically all the major Sherlock characters. All the characterisations are excellent. Highly recommended.

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Hello! I have very little to say, but I thought I'd stop by and say hello anyway. I hope your 2015 will be lovely and that you're settling in nicely with the new computer. I've had mine for three weeks now and I still don't know what it wants of me!

It wants the same thing as mine: For you to learn, to create, to reach out to people who believe in the same things you do, to send lovely messages like this one and to use as a window on the world.They’re powerful tools. 

And if you can say hello to someone, you never have little to say :)

I hope this year is your best yet, my love. 

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Johnlockary, (pregnant) stomach kiss! :)

Mary leaned back, letting her weight fall against John’s chest. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders, hugging her comfortingly.

"You don’t have to let him do this, you know." He eyed Sherlock warily. Sherlock was rummaging through the drawers of the small desk in the lounge, pulling out a measuring tape, a marker, and what appeared to be a set of callipers. Mary laughed, her body vibrating against his.

"I don’t mind, John. Let him have his fun. We’re all in this together."

Gleefully, Sherlock dropped to his knees in front of her, settling down with a notepad that had every previous week’s measurements and recordings. Slowly, he raised her shirt. She smiled down at him, amused by the hesitance in his face.

"Well go on then, she’s going to start kicking and flailing and you know how that messes up your measurements."

As if the baby had been listening, the outline of a foot, or possibly an elbow, distorted the line of Mary’s belly. Impulsively, Sherlock leaned forward and pressed his lips to the protrusion. Mary’s breath caught in her throat, and she reached forward to run her fingers through his curls as John tilted to kiss her cheek.

Sherlock lay flat on his back, staring up the ceiling, feeling confusingly violated and…empty. Slowly, the emptiness was filled with epinephrine and, in response to that, his heart rate increased, his vision closed and it became harder and harder to breath properly. He wasn’t completely sure, since he’d never done it before, but he didn’t imagine sex would lead to a panic attack.

It wasn’t what popular culture had made him believe. Popular culture just showed how amazing and wonderful and desirable it was. He had constantly during his seventeen years been told that he was supposed to long for sex, live for sex. That he was supposed to breath for it. Especially since he was a young man. Apparently young men only had one thought in their head: getting up girls’ skirts and down their blouses. Or did that constitute two thoughts?


from Asexuality (Series) by solrosan [ AO3 | tumblr ] (26,248 words)

Part 2 of the series spans Sherlock’s life from his first heterosexual experience through his homosexual ones and finally to John after he discovered his asexuality. The sex isn’t graphic but you should heed the tags for possible triggers.

(Despite the word ‘violated’ in the quote above, this does not refer to a non-con situation, just a confusing and ultimately unpleasant one.)

solrosan replied to your post:Hello! I have very little to say, but I thought…

Then it has a strange way of showing it! I not-so-secretly wish for the person who developed Windows 8 to always step on Lego and never find jeans that fit. I truly miss my old one…

Oh, you wanted actual technical advice, not me being wordy. I won’t lie, Window’s 8 is mind fuck. My advice is simplify to the nth degree. I keep forgetting mine has a touchscreen. It’s like being in the Next Generation.