so uhm I bought a new pair of solotica lenses and i tried it out pero di naman kita haha. pop gray yung kulay pero you see, black eyes pa din ako dito lol nag effort pa ko mag light makeup para bongga sana tignan HAHA but anyway, I love it. Nakaka foreigner pag suot mo sya hahaha


**For clarification all LEFT photos are of Solotica brand contacts and all RIGHT are of Desio brand contacts.

So let’s compare the two.

Both provide some what of a realistic look to them, however I feel Solotica has Desio beat when it comes to how natural the contact looks.

- Desio has a pixilated pupil hole which makes it appear that your eyes are always dilated. Solotica has a more focus pupil. I also feel Desio’s iris striations (the darker stripes of color in the iris pattern on the color portion of the contact) are too dark which gives the appearance of an almost anime quality to them.
Solotica does an amazing job at creating a natural looking pattern, much more subtle than Desio.

- I will say Desio does a better job at providing a more striking color change in comparison to Solotica. Almost all the lenses Desio makes drastically changes your eye color (I’m comparing this on very dark brown eyes like I have) but I’ve noticed two out of the three colors of the Solotica contacts I have are much more subtle with the color change.

- Both companies have a large line of colors to pick from but Desio has more browns which one of my favorite colors to wear is Desio Cappuccino. Solotica has more options of style of contacts to pick. You have the Naturals and Hidrocor which basically gives you the option to have a dark ring around the iris of your eye or not which is nice because one of the complaints I have with Desio is the dark ring.

In terms of comfort I find both contacts to be relatively comfortable, however, after Desio changed their contact material I find the new line more irritating than it previously was. I’ve noticed the newer line will dry my eyes out more. With all my contacts I typically will soak them in a contact solution of my preference for a few days before wearing them, just to kinda get rid of the factory solution the contacts ship in. I find them to be much more comfortable after soaking a few days.

Now let’s talk money. Desio charges roughly 42 euros for their lenses which is around $47 US. Desio lenses only last 3 months so with a bit of math that comes to about $188 for a year supply. Solotica however charges $95 (from the site I buy from) but they last an entire year so you save about $93 with Solotica in the long run. Now don’t get me wrong, I can wear Desio longer than 3 months but after a while they do become much more uncomfortable the older they get.

I believe both companies provide power prescriptions with their lenses however the site I order my Solotica from does not sell power prescriptions on it. Also Desio absolutely requires an up to date contact prescription from your eye doctor in order to purchase anything from them even plain non-prescription contacts.

Shipping for Desio takes longer than Solotica by about a week for me. I am located in the US and from the day Solotica ships it takes about a week to reach my home, while Desio takes two weeks. ***This could absolutely vary depending on which site you order from and your location!

Overall I love both companies but I think I prefer Solotica for every day just because they are more natural looking. Desio I would wear out to a club or something to make more of a statement. Both are lovely and I genuinely like both.

If you have any more questions shoot me a message. 😊