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Hi! I was wondering where you get your cosplay contacts? This year is gonna be my first year wearing contacts for a cosplay but I'm rlly nervous cause I read that they can be really dangerous

uniqso!! and also solotica is a good (BUT EXPENSIVE) brand and i get them from which is amazing and they give u free oreos every single time :> !!!!!!! i ordered from them a couple times and they gave me a free FULL BOTTLE of lens solution its gr8. but i dont pay for shipping bc theyre uae based but i dont think its expensive??? like their standard shipping is always made priority mail i believe and i heard they ship fast overseas idk. im passionate abt their customer service theyre actually fckin lovely

lmao i still cant believe i wasted like 90$ on these solotica lenses, i never even got to insert it to my eye!! i was terrified since it was my first time trying to put on contacts, just as i was about to insert it to my eye it fell off my finger and landed on the sink with water in it and then i just threw it away cus i didnt want to risk becoming blind due to it being mixed with water……..