solomon webb

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i need more jaytim in my life pls draw more when you have time 'cause you're the best

I MISS JAYTIM TOO but literally every time I post art it means I’m slacking…off…. I probably have free time in between AX and Comicon. depending on how fast I can finish solomon webb……….

Solomon Webb by VVireak or runmonsterun :D

AAAAHHHHH!!!! OH my GOSH thank you so much this is absolutely the best <333 I love it what an awesome surprise thanks so much for drawing these two geeks I feel refreshed like my Soul has been touched by an angel!!! I truly appreciate and adore this so thank you, I will have to print it out to help motivate me through my work! (   ; A ;)9

Read it here, Starting Monday, June 30th!

Chapter 2: What makes Him a Hero?

Hey everyone, I’m super excited to begin sharing Chapter 2 with; it’s been a really tough month traveling, preparing for AX, and unfortunately, lost all of my work/data on flashdrives and my tablet, but I managed to pull through a bit late with stuff by redoing everything (that gentle sound in the distance is in fact my tears) to share with everyone!

I can’t wait to see anyone coming to AX next weekend, so please feel free to stop by and say hi!


Finally after so many years I’m actually putting together Solomon Webb… It’s been ripped apart and redesigned so many times I was finally like “Screw it, I’m going in this direction and we’ll see how it goes;” and so far I’m super excited about it! So I’ll be busy for a while besides working on other projects and things for convention! ;w;

Me and my friend Mei’s OC’s Piper (Left) and Jinjii (right) respectively… more or less the main characters to my Heroverse Comic (The same one with Solomon…)

My own personal hero verse actually did all branch off from Solomon Webb who I created a few years ago and I’ve never wanted to make it into an actual comic so badly until now…There’s been so many new additions since then and it’s been fun to build that world!

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you know what i love your art like don't ever stop drawing ever (and dont ever stop drawing jaytim)

THANK YOU SO MUCH AND I REALLY MEAN IT! sorry I havent been able to update recently, Ive been so wrapped up in working on solomon webb and con season is soon so Ive been preparing for that as well, but thank you for still being there for me!

I’ll never stop! 

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how did you go about writing a comic? i want to write one of my own in the future and i could really use some tips if you don't mind c:

I don’t mind at all!

Also okay my advice is probably going to be my own personal preference so keep that in mind! Just remember there’s never one way to do anything and everyone has a different approach; it’s the variety that makes art interesting! :)

First of all, try to balance the length of the story with the amount of information you’re putting in each chapter…basically just make sure you’re not throwing everything out there at once (Which is super hard for me, I always just want to immediately spoil everything…) and make sure you’re not withholding so much it’s hard to stay interested. 

Also one thing I’d wanna say is try not to add too many secondary characters that don’t do much to the plot, depending on what kind of story you’re writing… Like don’t get me wrong, I’m a TOTAL sucker for secondary characters that don’t do much (You have no idea how many secondary characters I’ve wanted to put into Solomon Webb that did like…nothing, and some of them still may make it in,) but just remember that too much of a good thing is not always good…

That being said, write every person like… a person. Even random people who show up once… Even well written “prop” characters really add to your storytelling, so make sure you’re utilizing every written character in a way that adds substance, not just adds dialogue. 

And uh, most of all, have fun. Not EVERYTHING in your story has to have meaning. If you wan’t to write in tiny details, go ahead. It doesn’t even have to be mentioned in the comic. One of my favorite details is where Solomon puts bathtowels down on the motel bed because it’s a dirty motel room, and he’s a little squicked out. Even if not everyone noticed  it’s small crap like that that REALLY makes writing fun for me.  

And overall honestly I think I’m sort of a scatterbrain when it comes to writing. I usually think of tiny details and points in the timeline first then expand that from the plot, so I put together many different arcs that connect to tell the story. For me the hardest part is connecting point A to B to C and so on in a way that makes sense and isn’t overly complicated but still interesting.

Sorry this was long but also not really any in depth advice. I have trouble giving advice solely because I fully believe there is never one way to tackle anything. By not doing any of the things I say above I fully think you could come up with something amazing lmao. But seriously I hope this may have helped even a tiny bit, and I wish you the best in your comic, I fully look forward to it and I’m sure others will as well!