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World Map of literature

The Americas

Canada - Anne of Green Gables
U.S.A - To Kill a MockingBird 
Mexico - Pedro Paramo 
Guatemala - Men of Maize 
Belize - Beka Lamb 
Honduras - Cipotes 
El Salvador - Bitter Grounds 
Nicaragua - The Country Under my Skin 
Costa Rica - La Isla de los hombres solos 
Panama - Plenilunio 
Colombia - 100 Years of Solitude 
Venezuela - Dona Barbara 
Guyana - Palace of the Peacock 
Suriname - The Price of Sugar 
French Guiana - Papillon 
Ecuador - The Villager 
Brazil - Dom Casmurro 
Peru - Death in the Andes 
Bolivia - Bronze Race 
Paraguay - I the Supreme 
Argentina - Ficciones 
Chile - The House of the Spirits 
Uruguay - Soccer in the Sun and Shadow 
Cuba - Havana Bay 
Haiti - Breath, Eyes, Memory 
Dominican Republic - Wonderful Life of Oscar Wao 
Bahamas - The Measure of a Man 
Jamaica - A brief history of Seven Killings 
Puerto Rico - When I was Puerto Rican 
Lesser Antilles - Wide Sargasso Sea 
Greenland - Islands, the Universe, Home

Europe & Russia

Norway - Hunger 
Iceland - Jar City 
Sweden - Gosta Berling’s Saga 
Finland - The Unknown Soldier 
Denmark - Feeling for Snow 
Latvia - Nāvas Ena 
Estonia - Truth and Justice 
Lithuania - Black Sheep 
Belarus - Voices from Chernobyl 
Ukraine - Death and the Penguin 
Moldova - A Siberian Education 
Romania - Forest of the Hanged 
Bulgaria - Under the Yoke 
Poland - Pan Tadeusz 
Germany - Buddenbrooks 
Netherlands - The Discovery of Heaven 
Belgium - The Sorrow of Belgium 
Luxembourg - In Reality: Selected Poems 
United Kingdom - Great Expectations 
Ireland - Ulysses 
Czech Republic - The Good Soldier 
Slovakia - Rivers of Babylon 
France - The Count of Monte Cristo 
Spain - Don Quixote 
Portugal - Baltasar and Blimunda 
Austria - The Man Without Qualities 
Switzerland - Heidi 
Italy - The Divine Comedy 
Slovenia - Alamut 
Croatia - Cafe Europa 
Hungary - Eclipse of the Crescent Moon 
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Zlata’s diary 
Serbia - Dictionary of the Khazars 
Montenegro - Montenegro: A Novel 
Albania - The General of the Dead Army 
Macedonia - Freud’s Sister 
Greece - The Iliad 
Russia - War and Peace

Asia and The Middle East

Turkey - My Name is Red 
Georgia - Knight in the Panther’s Skin 
Armenia - The Fool 
Azerbaijan - Blue Angels
Iran - Shahnameh 
Iraq - The Corpses Exhibition and Other Stories 
Syria - The Dark Side of love 
Lebanon - The Hakawati 
Israel - Mornings in Jenin 
Syria - The Dark Side of Love 
Kuwait - A Map of Home 
UAE - The Sand Fish 
Saudi Arabia - Cities of Salt 
Qatar - The Emergence of Qatar 
Yemen - The Hostage 
Oman - The Turtle of Oman 
Kazakhstan - The Book of Words 
Turkmenistan - The Tale of Aypi 
Uzbekistan - Chasing the Sea 
Kyrgyzstan - Jamilia 
Tajikistan - Hurramabad 
Afghanistan - Kite Runner 
Pakistan - The Reluctant Fundamentalist 
Nepal - The Palpasa Cafe 
India - The God of Small Things 
Bhutan - the Circle of Karma 
Bangladesh - A Golden Age 
Myanmar - Smile as they Bow 
Laos - In the Other Side of the Eye 
Thailand - The Four Reigns 
Vietnam - The Sorrows of War 
Cambodia - First they Killed my Family 
Taiwan - Green Island 
Sri Lanka - Anil’s Ghost 
Mongolia - The Blue Sky 
North Korea - The Aquariums of Pyongyang 
South Korea - The Vegetarian 
Japan - Kokoro 
China - The Dream of the Red Chamber 
Malaysia - The Garden of Evening Mists 
Brunei - Some Girls 
Indonesia - This Earth of Mankind 
Philippines - Noli Me Tangere 
East Timor - The Redundancy of Courage

Australiz, New Zealand & The Pacific Islands

Australia - Cloudstreet 
Papua New Guinea - Death of a Muruk 
Vanuatu - Black Stone 
Solomon Islands - Suremada 
Fiji - Tales of the Tikongs 
New Zealand - The bone People


Algeria - The Stranger
Libya - In the Country of Men
Egypt - Palace Walk
Morocco - The Sand Child
Mauritania - Silent Terror: A Journey into Contemporary African Slavery
Mali - Sundiata: An Epic of Old Mali
Niger - Sarraounia
Chad - The Roots of Heaven
Sudan - Lyrics Alley
Nigeria - Things Fall Apart
Cameroon - The Old Man and the Medal
Central African Republic - Batouala
South Sudan - They Poured Fire on Us from the Sky
Ethiopia - Beneath the Lion’s Gaze
Somalia - The Orchard of Lost Souls
Democratic Republic of the Congo - The Antipeople
Uganda - Abyssinian Chronicles
Kenya - Petals of Blood
Tanzania - Desertion
Angola - A Gloriosa Familia
Zambia - Scribbling the Cat: Travels with an African Soldier
Mozambique - Sleepwalking Land
Zimbabwe - The House of Hunger
Namibia - Born of the Sun
Botswana - The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency
South Africa - Disgrace

anonymousamethyst  asked:

Can I have an Eilat Stone dragon?

In the ruins of a forgotten temple mottled hides of green and blue carved in ancient patterns dance amongst the desert dust. They are called The Old King’s Dragons. 

Nobody remembers now who the Old King was, but his dragons remain. 

It is said that if you come in need and bring an offering for the birds, the dragons will grant you audience. Will grant you wisdom. Few knowledge seekers return.


so yeah my fav show ever aint gettin the rep it deserves pLS

edit: i forgot that slide there. the first one in the text. it’s supposed to be fourth. im a lil silly rn.


For anyone who hasn’t read it, here’s the short Solomon Stone Christmas Special that Matt Digges and I did a few years ago. I think you can probably pin it down to the last December before I started working full-time at ComicsAlliance – it was the middle of December and I had a dumb idea about Solomon fighting Atnas the Anti-Santa, and wrote it in an hour. Matt buckled down and drew the whole thing in something like a week, and we got it out just in time.

For those of you who don’t know, Solomon Stone is a half-vampire private detective and skateboard champion (the other half is wizard, which he learned when he was sent as an adventurous teen to Rookstone’s Academy For Magically Gifted Youngsters). His sidekick and lady love is Minxy Flatbush, the daughter of the Mayor of England. Originally I would post his adventures as chapters of my sadly unpublished urban fantasy novel series, but then Matthew Bramble drew a few full-length 24-page comics that we posted, where Solomon faced off against Tyrannosaurus Hex, the Dinosaur Witch, and Dorian DeWolfe, his arch-rival, a werewolf BMX champion private investigator.

It was pretty obviously a parody of everything that bugged me about terrible modern fantasy novels (it’s no coincidence that I was writing Sol at the same time that I was annotating the Anita Blake comic, and you can see the multiple Twilight references in the strip above), which is why Minxy exists solely as a collection of faux-anglophile slang, plot exposition and dubious sex appeal, but I’ll admit that by the time Sol was skateboarding into a volcano to fight the ghosts of the dinosaurs with his magic guns (guns that had magic wands taped to the barrels), I had some genuine affection for him. Also, I will never not laugh at Smithy’s joke about drawing him with exactly half of a reflection, split vertically right down the middle.

Oh, incidentally, if you’re wondering about the background in pages 1 and 2, Solomon and Minxy live in the Cosmodrome, a planetarium/skatepark.

Anyway, do enjoy this short Christmas adventure with Atnas, who dresses in green and black and lives at the south pole with his factory full of giants. Not gonna lie, I’m still pretty proud of Boxing Dave.