Okay, but Yamaguchi is the fave because:

  1. He is absolutely average and he has to work 150% harder than the other first years to get noticed because he wasn’t born with natural athletic ability
  2. His work ethic
  3. He has no confidence in himself in the beginning but realizes that hell yeah he can do it
  4. Actively tries to make things better between Tsukki and others
  5. Will become the mom friend
  6. Is the most progressed character in the series, second only to Kageyama
  7. Has a really playful personality once he’s comfortable with someone
  8. Is the most realistic character shown so far
  9. Could be a bitter character like Tsukki with good reasons to be but isn’t
  10. Loves his friends so much *clenches fist* so much
  11. A really good listener
  12. Refuses to let someone feel bad about themselves if he can help it
  13. Freckles