I feel bad for all the solo Harry stans that want Harry to hate 1D TBH because their issue, from where I’m standing, is self-hatred.

These fans also tend to want Harry to be the kind of guy that fucks around with models and does hard drugs like candy. I think it’s all about validation. Validation that their favourite artist is a rockstar not a popstar, not a member of a boyband that was formed on the X Factor.

These people don’t want Harry associated with 1D as a brand any more because they want external validation from the GP that they’re cool. There’s literally no other reason I can think of for such a thing. Harry can be a successful and record-breaking solo artist without having to hate his band or band mates. He has never even hinted at having animosity of any kind with them. In fact, he has shown the exact opposite a thousand times.

They tend to like Zarry and Narry (a lot of them dropped Zarry after Harry did seem to have issues with Zayn) because Zayn is now ‘real music’ and Niall was always seen like the sporty dude that’s friends with everyone. The issue is with the band and Liam and Louis (I guess they don’t make the cool cut?).

It’s sad tbh. Needing validation from the outside so badly that you want to change one of your idol’s foundation (and isolate him from the people he loves and that have supported him and grown with him for the past six years).


1. Harry Styles

Look, I know, but hear this: Christopher Nolan. (OK, now imagine me whispering it.) This year, instead of taking the road oft traveled, Harry shed his hair and boy-band baggage and began filming Dunkirk, a World War II drama with a trailer that should’ve been nominated for every Golden Globe this year.

Where so many boy-band alums jump straight into their solo acts and cling to their existing fame like their lives depended on it, Harry is looking at his career in a broader sense. He seems to know that his fame as a musician isn’t disappearing anytime soon, so it’s time to prove himself as an actor. And this means he’s ending the year with serious possibility. While we know he inked a solo recording deal (and he spoke freely about his musical influences and his feelings about music in his Another Man interview), we still haven’t been teased with any particular sound. We actually haven’t been teased with … anything. He’s stayed under the radar, he hasn’t really tweeted or posted on Instagram, and aside from an occasional appearance at a certain Jenner’s birthday party, he’s keeping his personal life personal. He is an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in an Yves Saint Laurent blazer. Which means that he gets to dictate the terms of his 2017 narrative, and he has chosen to take his time and approach his projects with thought instead of capitalizing on his existing momentum.

And that is powerful. It’s the professional equivalent of merely staring at somebody who’s waiting for you to speak. Right? You’re (well, he’s) the captain now. - MTV

The excitement kicked off with the news of Styles signing a major solo contract with Columbia Records in June – one that’s reportedly worth $80 million. Styles has yet to release any music, but has managed to remain the talk of the band with his upcoming role in the Christopher Nolan wartime film Dunkirk, which is set to be released July of next year.

While that’s certainly news enough for the Styles fanatics, perhaps one of the biggest – or at least most shocking – revelations that occurred was his dramatic haircut for the Dunkirk role. After a sneaky reveal on his Instagram with a cryptic photo of his hand holding a long ponytail and captioning it “Whoops,” fans eagerly waited to see his new look, which he technically has yet to unveil himself aside from a photo shoot with Another Man magazine. Other than that, though, Harry fans really don’t know much about what their boy has been up to, as he remains rather quiet on social media and has yet to say anything about his solo deal. Hopefully that’ll change soon?

“I had already decided that the record was going to be called Bella Donna. With my previous boyfriend, who was an engineer on Tusk, I had gone to Chile for six weeks after finishing recording Tusk. I met his mother, who was just a marvelous lady; she became like Bella Donna to me. She’d been around when the [1973] military coup happened, and had been in love with a man who, when the government fell, was banished to France or face life in prison. She told me this story one night, and I just decided right there that my first solo record was going to be called Bella Donna.
I knew it meant ‘beautiful woman", but also that it’s a poisonous root. People use it for healing, but if you take too much, you can die. So I thought: “This is the perfect double-edged sword title for the record”. So that ideas was handed to me on a little silver tray with some toast and blackberry jam by the sweetest lady,“ she smiles, grateful still.

After Fearless, I had a lot of people say ‘She’s an 18 year old girl, there’s no way she carried her weight in those writing sessions.’ There was no way I could prove them wrong other than to write my entire next record solo, so that’s what I did.
—  Taylor Swift proving you shouldn’t doubt her because she’ll prove you wrong. ALWAYS.
Getting a glimpse of what Fifth Harmony looks and sounds like as a four piece on stage last night was very promising. The harmonies, the solo distribution, and the arrangements were already so much better and it was only their first real performance...