Lovely - Harry Styles

Summary: Harry says goodbye to Y/N on tour and sets plans for the future

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“What are you doing?” Harry asked with an amused grin. He’d arrived onto the bus after having stayed a while to meet some fans after the show, taking a little longer than usual. You usually waited until he was ready to head back to the bus but he’d been informed by his crew that you’d made your way there earlier.

“Decorating,” You replied as you taped pictures along the wall of his bunk bed. Despite having the money for better accommodations, Harry enjoyed sleeping in a tiny bed while driving to the next location. It reminded him of his starting days with the boys and it was a sort of nostalgia he wasn’t ready to let go of just yet.

“I can see that, love,” he chuckled as he looked at the various pictures. They were all of you two, some seemingly romantic and others obviously taken in drunken states with your heads being laughed off. They were all the good times you’d managed to document while you were on tour with him.

“Well, you know I’m going back home because the semester is starting,” You began.

“Which you know you don’t have to do if you don’t want to. I can provide for both of us,” Harry interjected. He was sad to spend any time apart from you and he was more than willing to provide for you if you decided to stay. In fact, he was more than ready to provide for you for the rest of your life, but he knew better than to think you’d take the offer.

“Harry, we’ve talked about this. I’m trying to get a degree! I want to be something in life!” you laughed at his small pout, “We can’t all be famous singers, you know.”

“No, but you can be a famous singer’s wife,” Harry replied with a sly smile. Your attention snapped towards him, your eyes wide.

“Don’t joke like that, Styles,” you warned. He chuckled at your response before pulling you to your feet and into his arms. His hand reached up to caress your cheek as his tone lowered.

“M’not joking. You know I want to marry you,” he said softly. His thumbs grazed the skin of your cheeks delicately as if scared that he’d somehow harm you.

“You want to marry me now just so I won’t go away,” you accused, a teasing smile on your face as his fingers trailed down to your jawline. He grinned devilishly as his eyes sparkled at your accusation.

“Absolutely right, doll,” he placed a kiss on your lips that made you swoon, only to be held upright by his arms. “I’d do anything to keep you here with me.”

“Tour is almost over,” You pointed out, “I won’t be missing much. Then you can stay with me for a while.”

“In your dorm?” he asked with a mischievous smile, “can’t say your roommate would be fond of the noise. Y’know how rowdy we can get when I haven’t seen you.”

You blushed furiously at his insinuation and attempted to hide your face, only to have your hands pried away from your eyes.

“Shy, love? Don’t like when I talk about us that way?”

“It’s not that,” you quickly denied. “I just hadn’t quite thought of that situation just yet.”

“‘M surprised you haven’t, but thankfully I have. Came up with a solution, actually.” You raised an eyebrow, begging him to go on. “I’ve bought a house.”

“A house?”

“Yeah, for you and f’me,” he replied with a bright smile. “It’s not much, if I’m being honest. Quite a humble home, but it’s warm and comforting and right by your school. We can be at peace there.”

Harry wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you in, the scent of sweat and cologne dripping off of him as he placed small kisses along your neck.

“How’s that sound, doll?”

“Absolutely lovely.”


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Song Blurbs

Woman- “I’m selfish, I know, but I don’t ever wanna see you with him.”

Intertwined - “I’ve pinned each and every hope on you, I hope that you don’t bleed.”

i'd like you to close your eyes. you don’t trust me? oh that’s nice isn’t it? i’ve been coming to stockholm for seven years. first time i roll up on my own [imitating a fan] we don’t trust you! i cant wait to come back! close your eyes please. [jokingly yells] do it! i’d like you to join hands with the person next to you. i’ll give you two minutes to put your phones away. alright, everyone good? i’d like you to raise them up in the air. ok. you can put them down. now stick them back up in the air… you are joined hands. and i’d like you to know every single one of you here tonight–if you are black, if you are white, if you are gay, if you are straight, if you are transgender, whoever you are, whoever you wanna be– i support you and i love every single one of you.