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Reylo Theory

I absolutely love the theory that, while on a search for other Jedi’s with Ben, Luke kills a dark side user couple who turn out to be Rey’s parents and wipes her mind before leaving her on Jakku. But while on the ride to Jakku, Ben and Rey bond and that’s when their force bond begins. Kylo has doubt’s that Rey is the same girl they left on Jakku all those years ago until the forest scene when she takes the lightsaber. That’s when (in the book) he says “It is you”

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I need headcannons for mermen Solo triplets!


is this what happens when you watch The Thirteenth Year too much as a kid? you get overly excited about merfolk aus?

I’m gonna keep this entirely SFW, but if y’all want some NSFW headcanons too, you know where to ask me for ‘em ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (right here, in this blog’s inbox lolol)

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  • Kylo has a red and black tail, the red really shining through on sunny days when he’s near the surface
  • the fluke of his tail looks a bit tattered and almost like it’s been torn up in some fights 
  • Kylo prefers to stay closer to the bottom, though, where there’s less light from the surface coming in
  • even though Kylo is attracted to darker, deeper waters, he’s weaker in it since his visibility becomes a bit limited 
  •  hangs out the most in a private little cave he found where he can be alone


  • his tail is dark blue, but if the light hits it right, some of the scales have some green and purple highlights and undertones to them
  • very toned, but still looks pretty small next to Kylo
  • the fluke of his tail is wider and fuller than Kylo’s, though
  • the most social of the three and can charm any mermaid he desires, but he tends not too as much as the rumors about him suggest


  • his tail is orange with some spots of grey
  • the smallest of the mermen Solo triplets, both in terms of tail size and muscle build
  • a bit shy, but very social… albeit awkward
  • relies on Ben a lot to interact well with other merfolk in the sea
  • especially since he tends to talk about his older triplet Kylo a lot since he looks up to Kylo so much
    • he wishes he had Kylo’s courage to dive into the deep and explore more of the ocean