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An Ill-Timed Departure

Request: “When you get a chance can you do a modern au where the reader and Matt sleep together? And he wakes up to an empty bed + reader doesn’t answer his texts so he thinks it was just a one night stand which makes him sad because he thought it’d be the beginning of something more? But when he’s talking to Ben & Kylo about it, reader shows up and explains that she got called into work last minute or something? I honestly don’t know but please give it a happy ending”

Pairing: Matt the Radar Technician x Reader

Word Count: 2.1k

Warnings: implied smutttt and Super FLUFF

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The tips of his blonde hair glowed a brilliant gold in the filtered sunlight, the curtains billowing gently in the morning breeze. The clock on the nightstand read 10:48am, and even though you knew you should be getting up, you didn’t want to leave the warmth of Matt’s arms. His big glasses lay beside the clock, reflecting the lit-up screen of your phone. Whoever it was could wait for a second.

Your fingers traced lazy patterns along his spine, pressing the moles and freckles on his broad back as he snored softly. Matt’s lips uttered silent words, moving along with his scrunched eyebrows while he spoke to someone in his dreams. He looked magnificent in his purest and most vulnerable state, the one he had finally showed you last night. A smile found its way on your face as you remembered the events, a blush spreading quickly as you recalled the amazing things he had done to your body.

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omg 32 with ben plz!

Please do 41 with Ben for the Disney prompts!!!

Alright bebes, I figured these would go together so I hope you enjoy the final product!

Smuggler Ben Solo +  “All right! We did not die today, I call that an unqualified success.” +  “I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day.”

Your day couldn’t have possibly taken a more drastic turn than the one it decided to go. In the thick of a stand off with the First Order is where you found yourself. You weren’t exactly sure how or why, but trouble certainly had a way of finding you.

To make matters worse storm troopers were gaining on you, only growing closer and closer. Though you were skilled with a blaster they easily outnumbered you in both fire and man power. The possibility of you making it out of the situation without a scratch on you was looking less and less plausable.

Just as you were about to fire another blast you suddenly got shot in the arm. Instantly you cried out, clutching your other hand to the arm which was holding your blaster. Gritting your teeth together you attempted to shoot the troopers once again only to suddenly be handled by them. As much as you tried to fight back against their firm grips they still managed to hold you down and cuff you.

You sighed as they pushed you forward, “Kriff.”

One of the troopers put up his hand before you, “Hold the prisoner here while I-”

Suddenly a round of blaster shots were heard not too far in the distance causing both troopers to turn their attention in that direction. Once they heard a few yells and more blaster shots they finally turned back to you. The trooper before you gave the one behind you a nod. Before you knew it, you were shoved forward and landed with your knees burying into the dirt beneath you.

“Wait here.”

You huffed as they walked off, “Gladly.”

As they walked off you wish your glare could burn holes in their uniforms. It would certainly make this situation better. With a huff you rested in place before you suddenly heard a voice off to your side.


Your brows furrowed as you turned to look to your right. Just as your eyes scanned the perimeter, finding nothing, you suddenly heard that same voice.

“Over here.”

Turning to look to your left you suddenly saw a man towering over a pile of crates between two buildings. Though you couldn’t make out all of his facial features distinctly you could see his pale complexion and dark wavy hair. You could also see the smug smirk he wore on his lips from where you sat.

“Need help there?”

“Does it look I do?”

“You do look like a damsel in distress.”

You huffed, “I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day.”

The man’s brows furrowed as he let out a faint chuckle, “You’ve got this? Then why are you in binders?”

Just as you were about to retort with a snide remark you suddenly noticed him sliding out from behind the crates. As he approached closer your brows furrowed.

“Whoa, whoa what are you doing?”

“Helping you out.”

“I don’t need your-”

“Stop right there rebel scum!”

Swiftly the man pulled a blaster from his side and began firing at the troopers approaching. To his dismay however, they were beginning to grow in numbers. Looking back to where he emerged as he continued shooting the man yelled out.

“Chewie! Toss me one!”

Just as swiftly as he had pulled his blaster out the man caught a hold on a small grey device. As he shifted it in within his palm you could feel your eyes widen. It was an explosive. With a quick slip of his finger the man set off the blinking red light on the device before hurling it towards a nearby tower. A tower that you were now realizing was far closer to you than you would want it to be with explosives. Suddenly the device flew into the top of the tower, instantly detonating as it hit the stone surface. 

Before you could comprehend what was happening next the man grabbed onto your shoulders aggressively as he tugged you down.

“Watch out!”

Quickly he rolled you further back with his own person acting as a shield from the debris. Though you knew you were being saved you couldn’t help but to fear what was going to happen to you and this smug stranger as the tower collapsed. Before you knew it the man was practically laying on top of you, shielding your head with his arms. Despite not seeing the tower collapse you certainly heard and felt the structure crumble as the heavy stones shook the ground and the debris clattered against other surroundings. 

As the dust finally settled the man pulled himself off of you, looking around with a certain hint of caution.

“That was a close one.”

You scoffed, “As opposed to what?”

The man clapped his hands together, obviously ignoring your statement as he sat in a squatting position.

“Alright! We did not die today, I call that an unqualified success.”

You rolled your eyes as he extended his hand to you, “I’m Ben by the way. Ben Solo.”

You gave him a nod, “Pleasure, but you seem to be forgetting something Ben.”

Ben’s brows raised as he lowered his hand, “Oh right! The binders.”

“Yes I, (Y/N), would appreciate some help with that.”

As Ben turned himself properly to face the binders he smirked.

“(Y/N) huh? Lovely, it suits you.”

You rolled your eyes with a smirk. 


Author: imaginesxreaders
Warnings: major fluff, insecure!kylo, scar reveal
Description: After several months of his absence, Kylo returns to your home on Naboo in secret.


It had been three months, yet anxiety tugged at Ren’s heart as he stood in front of her door. Three months without seeing her and he was nervous. Why shouldn’t he be? They had parted ways so quickly - ripped apart by time and deadlines. He practically risked his life taking the trip to her doorstep, galaxy across galaxy. He wondered what she would think of his wound. His scar.

‘What if she doesn’t like it?
What if it shows I’m weak?
Maybe she doesn’t even want to see me after I left her so quickly.’

Although it was a warm summer night on Naboo, he felt a cold shiver run up his spine under his brown robes. He looked back up at the sky as it flowed with stars. And it was true, Ren loved you more than words could ever show. You were the call to the light. The humming in his ears and the ache in his hands. Even now, he could feel your heartbeat as you dwelled inside. He could feel the blood run through your veins, like you were connected in some way.

But he was so unsure of your feelings towards him. He left so suddenly the last time you two met, without any notice or warning. But that didn’t matter now, Ren was there and he traveled so far to see you. He knocked on the door rather forcefully. He swiped his head left and right as he grew paranoid someone would see him. Most of the people on the peaceful planet didn’t dress like he did. Although he left his mask and black robes behind, he still wore a black tunic. His scar only added to his menacing figure, and he was often taller and larger than other men standing next to him.

Ren grew impatient and he knocked once more. Only this time the sound of books falling erupted behind the dark wood. Some incoherent curses could be heard, and he knocked once more.

“Just a moment!” you shouted, and he felt his chest tighten. He heard your bare feet pat against the floor, and some rather frantic shuffling of papers. After about a minute of the reoccurring moments Ren got perhaps too impatient. With his heavy boots he kicked the door off of his hinges and it slammed to the floor with a clang.

His eyes scanned the room for you, only to see your figure in the corner still frantically searching for some sort of papers. “I have the credits with me,” you said as your voice shook with fear. “I swear I set them here a couple days a-” you paused in mid sentence as you turned to meet his gaze.

For a moment you stood still, gazing upon him. You dropped your papers as instinct gripped your brain, running over to him.

Ren stomped his way over to you, locking his hands on your jaw as he smacked his chapped lips against your own. Your hands wrapped around his thick biceps as you melted into the roughness of his actions.

He felt all anxieties melt away as he touched you. His hands slid their way into your hair as he gently pulled at the roots. He finally pulled away, resting his forehead against yours as he closed his eyes- relishing in the softness of his hands against your neck.

He suddenly felt your cool fingertips against his cheek, running across the scar upon his face. Ren grabbed your hand, pushing it back against your side. You starred at him for a moment with your eyebrows furrowing. “I’m ashamed of it.” he said, absent of a tone as a whisper fell from his lips.

His eyes looked slightly glossed over as they twinkled under the soft warm light of your quarters. “Don’t be.” you whispered, leaning in towards his face. “Show me everything. I’m willing to listen, to see.”

Ren didn’t think twice. He grabbed both your hands, leading them to his jaw and cheeks. Ren focused hard as he stared into your eyes, you closed your own as you began to hear a slight humming in your ears.

Images flowed into your head. His father, a brown haired girl, and his mother. But suddenly it all played out like a production in your head, it all made sense to you. The fear and anxiety. The loneliness and the retribution.

By the time you opened your eyes, Ren was sobbing as he pressed his forehead against yours. You pressed your hands against his hair and pushed his face into you neck. He wrapped his arms tightly around you to the top of you back. He dug his fingers into your skin and he began to cry loudly into your nightgown.