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Come one, come all. Get on that Dirty Vibe.

We gonna celebrate, every fuckin’ day. Come play with us here at Dirty Vibe, We’re waiting for you, Hara

— We’re semi-au; that means you can be who you want to be without the restriction of following a personality to a T.
— We’re smut and open in our relationships; That means that you can play until you drop, then come back and do it all over again.
— We’re friendly; yes, you heard it. If you’re active, we’re happy to oblige in all your darkest, or sweetest, fantasies.

So what are you waiting for? Come see what all the Hype is all about.

— Semi-AU — SMUT — Est. 2015 — General.


anonymous asked:

I don't get the hype tbh to me Niall is very in our faces all the time. Why SC your whole day or post the 27833 selfie? He just loves the attention. And somewhere along the road last year it felt like I don't recognise him any more! The whole solo vibe and stuff he did and said really disappointed me.

I mean, of all the things to complain about, you’re upset you’re seeing too MUCH of him?

He’s got a song in the top 20, he’s going to release an album and tour, this is what he loves!

Considering every other boy has kind of dropped off the planet (which, bless, they deserve this break) I’m majorly impressed with Niall for all the work he’s doing. I love him for becoming his own UA.

Feel how you feel. If he upsets you, I guess, ignore him? But I would challenge the idea that he’s some sort of sellout. Of course he’s doing this for attention, but aren’t I? Isn’t anyone who uses social media? Especially a celeb?

This Hux, with this Kylo (part v).

Alex Clare’s Too Close distantly playing in the background.

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