solo vanitas

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The melody filled the air around the musician, and could possibly be heard quite a little ways away from where he was performing. The moon and the stars were such a lovely setting from where he stood, despite being on the streets. People still flocked to where him to hear his song. And when he was done, he still lingered a moment longer despite how late it was. He merely wished to stay out a little longer, despite the risk of running into trouble.

Finally deeming it time to depart, Mintha knelt down to pack up his ebony violin back into the case that at on the ground. However, something white seen from the corner of his eye caught his attention. Blue eyes shifted to the source, a little startled to see a cat that had not been there before. Or at least, he was sure it had not been there. It had such odd mismatching eyes, but was still a very pretty cat.

“Ah…hello? How long have you been sitting there?” He gently reached a hand out to it, wondering if it strayed too far from it’s owner. The bard could only assume this feline stranger was not a stray, considering the fancy ribbon it wore.