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@knightpilotweek BenPoe theme day 6: happy Alternate Universes day!!!

a BenPoe mermaid AU, a harry potter AU and amazing dog park AU: bb-eight and bb-niney are dogs that fall in love, causing their owners Poe and Kylo to spend time together raising their unexpected litter of pups! And one AU for  @tenukii​ based on ‘Love Proof’ where Poe and Llewyn Davis are twin brothers. 


FKA twigs and her fiance, Robert Pattinson, were photographed in Malibu, jogging today with their little dog, Solo. The pup recently got a mohawk haircut for summer time. Good to see them keeping fit and taking advantage of the great weather in L.A. at the moment. Tuesday, May 9, 2017

It’s likely that the pap who took these pics was a quarter to a half a mile away, using a long lens. There are videos on YT showing how the paps can be a great distance away and celebrities are not aware of them being there at all.

Dogs of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Han Solo
Handler: Bobbi Morse
Breed: Anatolian Shepherd
Trained for: Mobility impairment
Tasks: Bracing, providing balance and stability, item retrieval, item carrying

Can often be found: Trailing Agent Morse, carrying her batons or gym bag. Running charts in the lab. Fetching crutches, a knee brace, or an inhaler.

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anonymous asked:

I've been out with my family all day, so I could you update me on what's happened today (Larry, Louis, Harry, 1D, etc.)?

Sure - Here’s an update for Monday, March 23rd

One Direction sure seems to be in People magazine a lot lately! Funny, considering they haven’t been in since Haylor. Harry kissing James Corden? Check. And a good article about Zayn too. 

The Elounor break-up seems to be making Eleanor more and more high-profile for some reason. She got papped solo (+ pup) yet again, which is three times in a few days, and people are writing articles about buying her exact clothes. She’s everywhere. Are we sure Louis is the famous one in this break-up? Billboard also reported the break-up, which is apparently a thing now.

The official tour rider was leaked for some reason, and it turns out two members share a room. Fancy that. There’s also a smoking room, if that matters to you. Also, it’s interesting in general. 

No real updates on the Zayn situation.

The boys were MIA except for some Wellington-level pics of Harry and Liam getting off a plane in Jakarta.

Basically, things seem to be happening, and we’ll all be on the edge of our seats for a while :)

Also, Harry’s hair is majestic.