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A/N: Okay, so this is off anything reasonable. Really. It’s just really really hot in my room (it’s like a bloody sauna) and well… you can guess the rest, I reckon.

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You’d think the session would be a wrap if the rain started pouring down from the sky, think again. Rowley takes his SOLOS for a swim while in the ‘querque for the All Nations Skate Jam.

Take a dip in Geoff’s Classics inspired SOLOS at and find a skate shop near you. 

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hammnar  asked:

If you were to rewrite Reneesme as a character, how would you write her? SM really seemed to want her to be the perfect child but it always annoyed me, so I'm curious as to how you would imagine her!

I think more than anything Renesmee just needs to be more . .. specific? Like she’s good and smart and loving. Great. But that’s pretty vague. There are different kinds of “good” and “smart.” Carlisle’s nerdy science/medicine is a different sort of smart than Jasper’s cool strategy, but they are both smart in specific ways. Renesmee just being this perfect amazing good-at-everything supernatural child feels so . .. unformed? Unspecific? Like an idea rather than a person? 

SM has said that Renesmee was partially created to be a future narrator, because her being half-human makes her more relatable than the vampires, but I didn’t find it that way. The vampires may all be super smart and fast and deadly, but they’re all still specific. I feel like maybe she’s falling into the same “want to keep her vague so more people can step in her shoes” thing she did with Bella. 

Maybe Renesmee is brilliant at languages and writing and storytelling but just doesn’t have the spark for music–she can learn to play it “perfectly” but it’s lacking inspiration and passion. Maybe she’s super fast and agile but hates team sports like Cullen Family Baseball and prefers solo things like swimming. Or maybe the reverse. She’s loving but she still must have deeper relationships with some members of her family than others. Who are her confidantes? Who are her playmates? Who are her mentors? Those are all different sort of loving relationships. Give me some specifics! 

170726 LA line @ hongkira
  1. ilhoon said he really enjoyed driving in LA because the road is well constructed and isnt much traffic… peniel is confused as to which LA ilhoon went to because LA is notorious for its crazy traffic ‬
  2. peniel asked hyunsik if hes fully naked during his bubble bath broadcast 
  3. since his solo track is titled swimming, hyunsik wanted to rent a swimming pool and do a broadcast from there but
    a) there isnt any available venue
    b) that would be showing off too many skin lol
  4. hyunsik can cross-stitch and he enjoys pretty much all things crafty
  5. ilhoon thinks he is the handsomest when he looks at himself in the bathroom mirror, peniel judges him and said he doesnt admire himself while showering like hyunsik and ilhoon do 
  6. hyunsik thinks that he looks like a bride in a wedding gown with the bubbles around him in his bubble bath broadcast
  7. peniel said his 3 charms are first his round head, his front teeth and also his wide shoulder
  8. ilhoon cant dance to peniel’s that girl choreography at all because its too hard
  9. hyunsik lost a lot of weight in 10 days by cutting out rice and just ate chicken breast…. but he is gaining them back as he realize he lacks power (?) to sing as a result of rapid weight loss
  10. regarding the order of piece of btob - cube has decided an order but realize it wouldnt be made possible since all of them have individual schedules at different time, so they resort to letting whoever’s ready to put out their stuff first
What I learned over the weekend

Solo naked nighttime swimming doesn’t solve all the world’s problems, but it certainly helps for a minute.

*SVTFOE, The Battle for Mewni Bloopers 

Hey, Everyone! Since I saw The Battle for Mewni, I decided to finally work on my blooper post for it! It was so much fun! My friend @agentpfangirl1997 and I came up with some really good ones and one of which a running gag included by me! I’m still doing my little AU on svtfoe being a tv show that everyone is in with Daron as their director, so Hope you like it! And thank you Bianca!

 •Return to Mewni 

 -Angie:“Marco? It’s 3 a.m.“ 

 Marco:(sadly) "Is it?" 

 (Marco turns on the tape recorder and Eric Carmen’s song "All by Myself” plays) 

 🎶All by myself 

 Don’t want to be all by myself anymore 

 All by myself Don’t want to live all by myself anymore🎶 

 (Marco cracks a smile. He covers his face on the table and we hear mumbling. His head springs up laughing hysterically) 

 -(Moon is turning on the wheel to open the magic well springs) 

 Star:“Is that supposed to be all”-(notices it’s not black, but brown goo. She raises an eyebrow) “chocolate-y and thick?" 

 (Janna shows up with a stick and a strawberry stuck through it) 

 Janna:"Sorry” (puts the stick through the well that’s now shooting chocolate) “chocolate fountain was busted" 

 Star:"Uh, Janna, we’re in the middle of shooting and you’re not in the movie”

 Janna:(rotating her stick around the chocolate for the strawberry) “Whatever" 

-Moon:(tearing up) "Toffee and his monsters killed my mother" 

 (Star’s face looks shocked and her mouth opens. She closes up her mouth and tries to hide her laughter) 

 Moon:(sternly) "Really Star?" 

 Star:(laughing) "Sorry" 

 (Take 2) Moon:(tearing up) "Toffee and his monsters kill-" 

 (she’s interrupted by Star laughing again. Moon tilts up her head sternly looking at Star) 

 (Take 3) Moon:(tearing up) "Toffee and his monsters killed my mother”

(Star’s face looks shocked and her mouth opens. Moons mouth cracks a smile and she covers her face trying to hide it. Star points at Moon) 

 Star:“A-ha! Now you’re doin’ it!" 

 (they both laugh) 

Moon the Undaunted 

 -(Young Queen Moon (a.k.a. Star) puts a coin in the vending machine and presses B4. Nothing happens. She pushes the button again. Still, nothing happens. Star groans and presses it once again. Nothing. She glares and grinds her teeth as she repeatedly presses the button rapidly. As she continues to, she shakes her fist angrily. She raises her fists in the air and screams toward the sky. She uses the wand with both hands and holds herself up on the machine with her legs as she smashes the wand against the machine denting it and groaning. The machine moves back and forth slowly with Star scared thinking she’s going to fall. The machine falls on its back with Star screaming. We hear a loud thud. Star holds onto the machine. She looks up and raises herself up dusting off her dress. She innocently puts her arms behind her back and nervously laughs) 

 Star:"I’m not me when I’m hungry" 

 (the machine shoots out the candy bar and she grabs it in the air)

 Star:"Snookers satisfies" 

 (the staff laughs) 

 -Young Queen Moon (Star):(to Toffee) "I want you and your army to leave immediately or”-(her British accent fades back to English) “face the”-(stops when she realizes it) “Oh, um, sorry!” (coughs) “I got this” (squeaky voice) “Or face the”-(back to English) “No, that’s chipmunk" 

 (Toffee sighs) 

 •Book be Gone 

 -(The spellbook blasts Ludo away) 

 Ludo:(air born) "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" 

 (Take 2) (the spellbook blasts Ludo away) 

 Ludo:(air born) "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-”(the harness gets stuck in mid flight dangling Ludo upside down. He waves his arms frantically) “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!" 

 |continuing from Moon the Undaunted| 

 -Young Queen Moon (Star):(French accent) "Bonjour!" 

 Toffee:(unamused) "That’s French" 

 (Star darts her eyes away. Looks at Toffee again) 

 Star:(German accent) "Gutentag!" 

Toffee:(still unamused) "That’s German" 

 (Star thinks for a moment then uses a Japanese accent) "Konichiwa?" 

Toffee:(slightly annoyed) "That’s Japanese!" 

 |returning to Book be Gone| 

 -(Ludo is angrily marching through different landscapes while groaning. The projector screen shows the following: mermaid shore, forest, dessert with skulls, swamp lands, rain (he slips a few times. Then the screen shows the Las Vegas strip with party music. Ludo gets up and looks behind him. He laughs and points back with his thumb) "I wish!" 

 -Ludo:(to the spellbook) "So if you’re not letting me write in you because of something I did or I said, I-I… All right. I’m just going to come right out and say it. I love you, book. I do! I love you!" 

 "Spellbook”:(husky voice) “I love you too Ludo!" 

 Ludo:(his eyes widen and freaks out) "Wha-What!? What!? What!? WHAT!?(points at the book) “The book can talk!?" 

 (The spellbook snickers and Ludo looks behind it and looks annoyed. He points a finger away) 

 Ludo:"Janna, get out of the scene!" 

 (Janna gets up from hiding behind the book and walks off annoyed)

 Ludo:(calling out to her) "You’re not in the movie!" 

 Janna:(off screen) "Yeah, well I should be!" 

 •Marco and the King

 |continuing from Moon the Undaunted again| 

-Young Queen Moon (Star):(Hawaiian accent as sticks her hand out to Toffee for a hand shake) "ALOHA!" 

 (Toffee just stares at her disapprovingly. Star awkwardly puts her hand away and looks down at the ground. Looks back up at Toffee) 

 Star:(Italian accent as she waves her hands about and squatting) "Babadaboopi! Beebeda Boobeda Babeda Babeda!” (grins) 

 (Toffee face palms) 

 |starting to Marco and the King| 

 -King River:“We all-”

 (a guy throws corn at River, but he misses and hits Marco knocking him back. We hear him go “Ow!”) 

 King River:(concerned) “Marco!?" 

 Marco:(off screen painfully) "Polo!" 

 (King Moon laughs) 

 Marco:(off screen) "Help me up!" 

 -(Ludo gestures for his rat army to attack. The rats scatter around squeaking and some cover Ludo. He freaks out) 

 Ludo:(flailing his arms about and running around on the spider) "GET ‘EM OFF ME! GET ‘EM OFF ME! GET 'EM OFF ME! ANIMAL TRAINER, GET 'EM OFF ME!" 

 •Puddle Defender 

 -Moon:"Excuse me. Where is your washroom?" 

Buff Frog:"Uh, washroom?" 

 Moon:"Yes. I’d like to freshen up a bit" 

 Star:"She has to take a sh*t!" 

 (Star and Moon smile embarrassingly as the staff laughs)

 -Katrina:(to Star) "Sometimes you just gotta sneak out to the club and go dancing and make it rain on the hoses" 

(Stars eyes widen in shock) 


 (Katrina giggles) 

 Katrina:(to Marco off screen) "Okay Marco I said it! Can I have my dollar now!”

 (she and the tadpoles laugh) 

Star:(glares at Marco off screen) “Marco!" 

 |continuing from Moon the Undaunted once again| 

-Young Queen Moon (Star):(she has her fingers on her temples and is rubbing them getting into focus as Toffee is slouching impatiently) "Okay, I got this, British, think British, tea, crumpets, cricket, London bridge, Spice Girls” (stops rubbing her temples and spreads out her arms) “Okay let’s do this!” (claps her hands and she and Toffee straighten up) 

 Star:(Australian accent) “Gidday mate! Names Moon from down under, would you like another shrimp on the barbie!?" 

 Toffee:(frustrated) "That’s Australian!" 

Star:(annoyed) "Well its close enough!" 

 (Toffee puts one hand on his hip and the other on his head as he hisses stressfully) 

 •King Ludo 

 -Ruberiot:(playing his lute and singing) 🎶Ohhh, he…Came on bird and spider🎶 

 Fool Duke:(singing) 🎶Uh, shone his grace upon us all🎶 

 Ludo:"I did do that, didn’t I?" 

 Ruberiot:🎶And he brought the rats here to-🎶 (a string on the lute breaks. Ruberiot looks pissed) "Ah sh*t!" 

(the staff laughs. Ruberiot is still pissed) 

 Ruberiot:(to the staff off screen) "It’s not funny!” (slams lute on the ground and storms off)

 |still continuing from Moon the Undaunted| 

 -Young Queen Moon (Star):(she is trying to get in British mode again by mouth exercising) 🎶Me-ma-mo, me-ma-mo, me-ma-mo🎶 (all the while, Toffee is slouched with his eyes stuck rolled up. Star is now making horse noises and cleansing herself with her hands in front of her. She stops to pause and smile) “And we’re doin’ this!” (she and Toffee straighten up again) 

 Star:(Cockney British accent) “'Ello General! 'ave you 'idden me 'atchet!?”

 Toffee:“COCKNEY BRITISH STAR! SERIOUSLY!?” (groans and face palms again while holding up his elbow) 

 Star:(looks to the camera. She smiles and continues with the accent) “'Ello! I’m Nigel Thornberry! Today we’ll be observing the overdramatic lizard!” (grins)

 (Toffee peeks through his fingers to glare at Star) 

|returning to King Ludo| 

 Ludo:(to River) “Do you have any last words?" 

 King River:"People of Mewni! I am not afraid!" 

Ludo:"Blah-blah-blah. Levitato" 

 King River:"And neither should-” (is blasted away in the sky) “Yoooooooouuuuuuuuu!" 

(everyone looks up. Ludo notices something falling) 

 Ludo:(pointing up) "Hey, what’s that?" 

 (King River comes crashing down screaming and Ludo screams seeing it and River crashes onto him. Ludo frantically waves his hands and feet around mumbling) 


- Choir Kids:(singing) 🎶Born to the wild, a gift from above🎶 

🎶A story of triumph, a story of love🎶

 🎶An army of rodents with he at the helm🎶

 🎶He toppled the old king, brought peace to the realm🎶 

(Janna slides in singing along, but louder)

 🎶Handsome and fearless and brilliant and tall🎶

 (The choir kids stop and Janna finishes off the song) 

 Janna:🎶Beloved by Mewmans, he tends to us all🎶 (she takes a bow. Ludo marches in) 

 Ludo:(angrily points away) "Janna, get out of here!" 

 Janna:"Damn it, Ludo I should be in the movie!” (storms off mumbling) 

 -(Star emerges out from the black goo smiling. Waltz of the Flowers by Tchaikovsky’s ballet song plays as she syncretize swims around solo. This goes on for a few minutes) 

 -Toffee:(to Moon deadpanly) “Are you finished?" 

 (Marco punches Toffee (Note:Marco was supposed to aim for his chest where Toffee was wearing a punch through suit), but he misses and punches his collarbone instead. Toffee winces in pain and bends down clutching his shoulder) 

 Marco:(looks around panicking for a moment looks to Toffee) "Oh my gosh! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to-" 

 Toffee:(painfully) "I’m fine!”

 (Moon holds onto Toffee as he’s bent down clutching his shoulder while Buff Frog runs off screen to get help, Ludo crawls over to see what’s goin’ on worrying) 

 Marco:(panicking more) “I’m sorry! Should I get some ice!? You want me to call a doctor!? Again, I am so sorry!" 

 Toffee:(still in pain) "Marco, I told you, I’m-Ah!" (hisses painfully) 

 (Buff Frog comes back with two paramedics. They hover around Toffee)

 Paramedic 1:(gesturing people away) "Back away, back away" 

 (The paramedics take Toffee away) 

 Toffee:(off screen) "Damn it, Marco! Some one get my agent on the phone! Ah!" 

 (everyone looks at Marco with him nervous) 

Marco:(whimpering) "Am I fired?" 

 |final shot from Moon the Undaunted| 

 -Young Queen Moon (Star):(talking to Daron who is off screen) "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get! We have only one film left for the shot and then we’ll continue tomorrow for the rest if I mess up again” (Toffee is typing on his smart phone indifferently as Star continues to talk to Daron) “Okay, okay, I promise, I’ll get this right! Sorry Daron!” (turns to Toffee) “Are you ready?" 

 Toffee:(stops typing, looks up from his smart phone and sighs) "Are you sure about it this time" 

 Star:"Yes, I promise" 

 Toffee:"Alright fine” (puts away his smart phone and crosses his arms)

 Star:“qaqIHneS >sup qaqIHmo’ jIQuch, bIpIv'a" 

 Toffee:(raises an eyebrow) "Since when do you speak Klingon!?" 

 Star:"From the "Star Wars Rebels” studio!“ 

(Toffees had enough) 

 Toffee:"THAT’S IT! I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! (to Star) "You’re not even taking this seriously!" 

 Star:"Hey! I just panicked okay!" 

 Toffee:"And that was your fallback!?" 

 (they argue over each other and hear some things like Star saying, "You’re such a killjoy!” and Toffee saying, “This why you’re known as a studio brat!” and another with Star saying, “You’re lucky you’re still getting paid throughout the whole season!”. The arguing continues and Marco leans in deadpanly facing the camera. He slowly pulls out a clapperboard and raises the clapper, he grins and claps it ending the shot)