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With today’s release of his debut solo single, the beloved singer is a testament to the fact that rushing greatness rarely works in one’s favor and that sometimes taking a break to restore one’s creative energy is a more fitting decision before diving in headfirst again.

As his new single proves to be well worth the wait for his fans, many are weighing in that when the singer is left to his own devices musically, he skews in a direction that is all too reminiscent of David Bowie - and in the best way possible.  A stark contrast to the work he collaborated on with the pop sensation that helped him begin carving his legacy, Styles’ solo material is as majestic as it as captivating.

The song opens with the singer’s impassioned voice softly joined by an effortlessly sound piano melody and as the song unfolds, the moment captured is not rushed whatsoever but rather is developed gradually; a nod to Styles’ beginning to hone his songwriting skills in a new way. With the track almost reaching the six-minute mark, Styles depicts a somber scene, full of cryptically vague lyrics and an urgency to take action, as he sings a compelling argument that the end is near.

While the song’s design allows listeners to interpret the meaning as they wish, Styles revealed during an appearance on BBC Radio 1 that this is the song he’s the most proud of writing thus far. Considering the weight of it all, it’s clear “Sign of the Times” was pulled out of the very depths of Styles’ brilliant mind, expertly crafting a song that sets the bar extremely high for his forthcoming debut masterpiece.
—  Spotify Editors’ Picks for New Music Friday - Billboard

                                             “하루 한 달 일 년 그쯤이면
                                             웃으며 추억할 거라 했지만”

                             “After a day, a month, and a year, by then
                                I thought I could recall it with a smile”


Listen to this and let your ears be blessed😭


I’d like to introduce a Tatar folk tune via the song “Along the Riverside” performed by a 13 y.o. girl from my native city Kazan. She really touched the souls of two members of the jury at the “blind audition” of the Russian “Golos” /”The Voice”/ song project.
See Harry Styles Play Mick Jagger, Perform New Songs on 'SNL'
Harry Styles took over 'Saturday Night Live' as the One Direction singer popped up in multiple sketches while also serving as musical guest.

Harry Styles took over Saturday Night Live as the One Direction singer popped up in multiple sketches while also serving as musical guest.

 In one sketch, “Celebrity Family Feud: Time Travel Edition,” Styles was called upon to play a young Mick Jagger, with Styles hilariously embellishing the Rolling Stones singer’s trademark mannerisms.

When Kenan Thompson’s Steve Harvey complimented Jagger’s solo output, the singer responded, “Solo? Why would anyone in a successful band go solo? That is insane,” a nod to the (temporary?) dissolution of Styles’ One Direction.

The “Celebrity Family Feud” bit was one of three sketches that the singer and burgeoning actor appeared in as Styles planted the seeds for a potential  SNL hosting/musical guest double duty spot in the not-to-distant future.

Styles also made a cameo during Jimmy Fallon’s David Bowie-inspired opening monologue, then reappeared again during the a musical sketch about Civil War soldiers around a campfire: link

On top of all the sketch appearances, Styles also debuted a new acoustic number titled “Ever Since New York,” a track off his upcoming self-titled solo LP : link

Styles also delivered an impassioned rendition of “Sign of the Times,” the first single off Harry Styles, due out May 12th: link