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Even his grump face is adorable. How could he intimidate anyone?


HOWEVER. Do not piss him off for real. Because Keith absolutely has the ability to intimidate you:

Keith is dangerous. You do not want to become his enemy. Wanna know why? He is scary when he loses his temper, sure, but look at this:

Keith is calculating. The times where he keeps his cool he knows 100% what he is doing, risks and possible failures included. He was able to fight side by side with Thace and leave him to die a few seconds after. He is realistic, has a sharp mind and an even sharper temper - we’re lucky that he hangs out with his friends so much because on his own he would be terrifying :P

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Have you ever read His Dark Materials series by Phillip Pullman? The one where everyone's sole manifests as an animal beside them and until puberty can shift between forms and then settles on a single shape at puberty? Setting aside the kind of bizarre zoo that would inevitably turn the rebellion into, what sort of animal soul things do you think DAV characters would have? I'm dead curious about your thoughts :D

I have never read His Dark Materials but I’m familiar with the concept of daemons and how they work, so, here you go.

  • Leia’s daemon, appropriately enough, settled as a dragon. Her parents were always pretty unnerved by this, and Leia herself found it odd since there are no dragon species native to Alderaan. When she first meets Luke in that Death Star cell, he’s momentarily stunned into silence because there’s the Princess sitting there calm as you please with a Krayt dragon.
  • Luke’s daemon settled as a kokaru, a cliff-dwelling bird of prey native to Tatooine and known for its steep dives and incredibly acrobatic flight patterns. He’s immensely proud of this fact after Obi-Wan told him that his father’s daemon was also a kokaru.
  • Anakin’s daemon was indeed a kokaru, and still is, but Luke could be forgiven for not recognizing Vader’s daemon. When Anakin burned so did his daemon, and now she’s scarred and wingless. It would be a mistake to think that means she’s any less ferocious, though.
  • Han’s daemon, to his everlasting embarrassment, settled as a nerf. This is only made worse by the fact that Chewie’s daemon is a varactyl.
  • Ahsoka’s daemon is a moonmoth, an insect native to Coruscant. During the day it usually remains still, sunning itself, and is active at night, when its wings glow with reflected light.
  • Kadee’s daemon popped into rather startled existence the first time she said, “I own myself,” and pretty quickly settled as an anooba, a ferociously loyal pack animal native to Tatooine. Her anooba regards Kadee, Anakin, and Anakin’s kokaru as the members of its pack.
  • Palpatine probably killed his daemon years ago because that’s the kind of person he is.

@skywalkerapologist I KNOW THIS FEELING. it’ll be so painfully creepy if they go any younger than 40, because by the time catwoman’s cast, ben affleck’s gonna be in his late 40s, and every time they’re on screen together it’s going to be implied that they’re together. i’m nervous. i don’t know if i can trust you, matt reeves

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I misread 'mod' as 'mood' so I thought it said 'mood: galra keith' and I was like. same.


Same though, anon. I mean, how could it not be the biggest mood? Go to the BoM episode and look at Keith, he looks flawless in every single frame. No matter the angle




you can pause almost anywhere and he looks absolutely stunning. 

It’s ridiculous. I would die for him.

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In your opinion, which star wars character is the mostly likely to make puns?

All of them.

I mean, Anakin Skywalker canonically makes puns on a regular basis, sometimes while killing people. So, you know, he probably wins the pun wars here. But he’s far from the only contender.

  • Luke definitely takes after his dad in the pun department.
  • Han Solo groans a lot at other people’s puns, but it would be a mistake to think that keeps him from making his own.
  • Chewie has three modes: hungry, salty as hell, and punny. You just can’t tell ‘cause he doesn’t have subtitles.
  • Leia’s puns sometimes go over people’s heads because she gets pretty detailed and even esoteric about them. Sometimes her puns are visual rather than verbal. They’re also all brutally sarcastic.
  • Lando Calrissian is that rarest of rare comic masters: someone who makes puns that are both sophisticated and actually hilarious (rather than just so bad they’re good).
  • Artoo mostly curses, tbh, but when he’s not cursing he’s punning.
  • Threepio wins the secret underground droid pun championships pretty much every year.
  • Obi-Wan’s puns are generally terrible, even by pun standards. Although he puns pretty regularly, for some reason people are always surprised when he does.
  • Padme mostly makes political puns. Everyone groans. That’s why she keeps it up. Their groans give her strength.
  • Shmi Skywalker is the undisputed champion of puns that look like groan-worthy humor on the surface but, on closer examination, turn out to be scathing indictments of people in power. As well as just really good puns.
  • Jar Jar Binks regularly drafts and submits legislation with punny names.
  • Sola Naberrie runs a holonet site that’s nothing but punny political memes. It takes on a decidedly revolutionary slant after the establishment of the Empire.
  • Breha Organa is capable of delivering puns with a completely straight face to Governor Tarkin, and even, on one memorable occasion, to Palpatine himself.
  • Bail Organa is a dad joke in human form.
  • Beru Whitesun takes after Shmi in her scathingly punny sense of humor.
  • Owen’s puns are much more groan worthy but Beru and Luke love him anyway.

And I could go on. This is a galaxy replete with punsters.

Except Palpatine. Sometimes he tries to make a pun, but it’s painfully obvious that his heart isn’t in it and though he can fake a lot of things, a decent sense of humor isn’t one of them.

Kang Daniel College Scenario

Pairing: Kang Daniel and OC

Genre: Fluff

  • So the semester just started
  • Which means everyone and I mean EVERYONE relies on public transport during this time
  • You sat in traffic for about 20 minutes trying to park to get to the train which hella pissed you off
  • Anyways, you finally got a parking spot and super sped walked 
  • When you got there, it was packed and you had to hold onto the railing right beside the door
  • The train chimed to signal it was about to close the doors when you saw a dude running towards you like his life depended on it
  • You already felt like a sardine in the train but you felt bad for the guy since it was the start of the school-year and it would suck to be late so you stuck you hand out to prevent the doors from closing
  • He reached the train doors and squeezed his way in
  • With the amount of people in the train, he had to put his arm around your shoulder to hold onto the railing
  • Talk about personal space cuz gurl, it doesn’t exist in this scenario lmao
  • So this dude looks down at you and thanks you but he does it while breathing super heavily between each word cuz he’s out of breath
  • And you just smile and say “no problem” cuz you find the whole scenario pretty amusing and DID I MENTION HE IS GORGEOUS??
  • Anywho, y’all continue riding the train and you’re minding your own business but you can’t help but notice he KEEPS LOOKING AT CHU??
  • Like hello yes
  • And every time you look back at him to see if he was gonna say something, he just smiles shyly and looks down
  • So you’re like:
  • Also, you notice he keeps letting go of the railing and shaking his hand 
  • The train drops y’all off and you guys head your separate ways but little did you know, homeboy thinks you’re his soulmate or something
  • All you care about is finding your class but he’s frantically texting his homies about you
  • So fast forward 4 classes
  • Now you’re waiting at the station to go home and surprise surprise
  • So is the boy
  • And he’s trying to be low-key about how excited he is to see you again but it’s purdy obvious
  • He decides to take his shot and approach you with one hand in his pocket, looking all smooth
  • But then some skateboarder skates in front of him real quick, throwing him off guard
  • So he freezes in place, SHOOK AF
  • And you try to pretend to be occupied with something else to make him less embarrassed even though you witnessed the whole thing lol
  • Then he does that stupid thing that all boy’s do where he scratches the back of his neck and laughs it off
  • He then goes, “Hey, I didn’t get a chance to properly thank you earlier! I’m Daniel by the way.”
  • Cue the eye smile
  • And unintentionally, them butterflies be dancing in your stomach and you automatically feel bubbly
  • But you shut that down real quick cuz
  • You don’t fuck with the devil.
  • This becomes a routine for the rest of the semester and he’s a major sweetheart which makes it really hard not to fall for him
  • You guys often meet at the campus library to do homework and study since y’all have the same schedule in terms of time
  • And he knows your favorite drink and brings it for you every time
  • And you’re like, “Damn, this kid is a blessing.”
  • So now it’s coming close to Halloween which means
  • You’re not really a party person because you just find them really draining
  • Don’t get me wrong, you can really rock a party but honestly, watching people get hella wasted is not really your cup of tea
  • But one of your closest friend is throwing this party so you think you should probably stop by
  • You dress up as a referee and head to the party whoop whoop
  • When you get there, your friend texts you saying he’s in the kitchen and as you head there, you run into Daniel
  • Who is dressed as a police officer and you’re like ooooooooo damn
  • You guys both head to kitchen to meet up with your friend and you find a bunch of people doing body shots
  • Daniel knows you’re not much of a drinker so he asks if you wanna hang out on the balcony instead 
  • And in your head you’re like, “BLESS UPPPP ThIS KID ROCks MY SoCKS YO”
  • It’s pretty peaceful on the balcony despite the bass from the music inside 
  • You’re about to tell him about something weird that happened in one of your classes the other day but he beats you by saying:
  • “Fuck it. I like you.”
  • And you awkwardly stare at him with your mouth open…not cuz you shocked or anything because you’ve been getting vibes cuz he’s obvious
  • But you just didn’t know how to react lol
  • So the first thing you say is, “You’re drunk.” while pointing at his red solo cup
  • He replies with, “Actually, I’m not.” And he shows you what’s inside of the cup and you guessed it
  • He put potato chips in there bro
  • You still didn’t know what to say so he continues talking
  • “You don’t have to give me an answer, I just wanted to get it off my chest.” 
  • So more silence followed and he leans against the railing and eats his potato chips (in a pretty sad manner which is rare for Kang Daniel)
  • And you’re having a major battle in your head right now because you like him but you’ve been trying to beat your feelings for a while because boys suck lol
  • But Kang Daniel is an exception
  • You then join him at the railing and nudge him with your elbow
  • He looks at you with the saddest puppy eyes and you kinda died a little
  • You tell him the feelings are mutual and you swore the look on his face is the look that someone makes when they win the lottery
  • But that disappears in an instant because cocky Daniel comes in play
  • And he tells you he’s gonna take you to a drive-in theater for your guys first date and seals the deal with a kiss on yo forehead
  • And that moment, my friend, is when you decided
  • You were going to fuck with the devil, but this time only.

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That pose tho. Love your edits Mod HappyKeith. I'mma be smiling all day thanks to that.

I’m about to make you regret that words - here, have a Keith demonstrating how wide you made me smile:

- mod: happykeith

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Can you spread the word: We are viewing SeungRi's Got To Talk To You Video on YouTube to show YGE & YGEX that we will support his comeback solo and concerts. Also to show our appreciation of him as a singer, songwriter, and producer and all he has done to get BB to where they are today. We are asking you to view GTTU to the end (so it counts as a view) at least once (more if you can). Thanks for your help.

I’ve seen and retweeted that already☺️💕
You’ve heard guys!!!

Cotillion (Jay x Reader)

Warnings; like one curse word

Notes; I just watched Descendants for the first time last night, and I’m totally in love with Jay so I decided to write this. Hope you enjoy.

Originally posted by molzies-fanfics

You and your friends, Carlos, Evie, Mal and Jay were walking around the campus.

“Hey Jay.” You heard many girls say, while as you walked. Of course they had all fallen for Jay, his charm, his looks, his confidence had them all won over. And if you were completely honest with yourself it won you over too but you never said anything not wanting your feelings to come.

“Hey do you torture them?” Carlos said as he nudged Jay in the shoulder. “Just pick someone to go to Cotillion already.”

“I’m going solo,” Jay replied “So I can dance with all of them.” Jay looked over at you to see your reaction, but you were to busy you looking at Chad, who had been weirdly staring at you the whole day.

“Y/n? Y/n?” You snapped our of your daydream as Evie waved your hand in your face. You looked over at her. “So who are you taking to the Cotillion?”

“Myself.” You smiled cheekily, Evie rolled her eyes.

“Y/n, I know these aren’t your type of thing, but come on having a da-”

“Hello ladies.” Evie was cut off by Chad. “May I steal y/n for a second?”

Evie smiled brightly “Of course.” As you walked away from her, she winked at you, which you rolled your eyes at.

Jay turned around to see you gone “Where did y/n go?”

“I think she went to go find her prince charming.” Evie giggled as Jay stood there confused. “Ugh you’ll see what I mean soon.”

Chad dragged you away from your friends. “What do you want charming.” He smirked.

“I want you to be my date for Cotillion.” You looked over at him.

“I’m not buying that for a second, we all know you still aren’t over A-” Chad moved his hand to cover your mouth.

“Shh, don’t mention her name. And yes you’re right. I thought maybe you could help me, with a plan.”

“Oh god, not one of your ‘brilliant’ plans.”

“No listen, all you have to do is be my date, make Audrey jealous. Maybe kiss me, but that’s it. And what else do you have to loose, it’s not like you have a date anyway.”

“I don’t know why I’m doing this, but fine.”

“Thank you, ok so all you have to do for now is act like you’re super excited that I’m your date, like go around telling everybody.” You rolled your eyes “And try to act happy about it.”

“Ok.” You honestly didn’t know why you agreed to do it but whatever now you have a date.

After Chad pulled you over to talk to him, you went back to Carlos and Jay’s room. You knocked on the door of their room and you heard a come in.

“Hey guys.” You walked in with a shy smile on your face, trying to act as happy you could be with getting a 'date' to the dance.       

“Ohhh, I know that face. It’s the I got a date to Cotillion face.” You rolled your eyes at Evie.

“Well, maybe.” You watched as everyone’s facial expressions changed. Mal and Evie’s were excited, Carlos’s was surprised, and Jay’s was just blank. But then Carlos nudged him in the shoulder, causing him to put a fake smile on his face.

“Well who is it y/n?”

You covered your mouth with your hand “Chad.” You muffled into your hand so no one could hear you.

“Come on y/n there is no need to be embarrassed, tell us.”

“Chad.” You said quickly so you could get it over with. Evie clapped her hands excitedly.

“Look at you, finding your prince charming. Oh I have Chad’s fitting soon, I can see you guys together, so your dress matches him.”

“Ugh, really?”

“Yes of course, come on.” She pulled you out of the room. You took once last glance at everyone before you left. Jay was staring at you with an angry expression and watched you leave the room.

“What the hell?” Jay stood up angrily “Why is she going with that idiot?”

“Wo, chill Jay it’s not that big of a deal.” Mal said as she left the room too.

It was the night of the Cotillion and you were all ready. You had your hair and makeup done, by Evie of course. You wore a f/c dress. You met Chad outside of the boat then walked onto it.

Chad had dragged you over to some of his friends, which was really boring. He had a hand wrapped around your waist, you noticed Audrey look over in your direction angrily. You nudged Chad’s shoulder and motioned your head over to Audrey.

What you didn’t notice was another very anger stare, coming from the one and only, Jay. He watched as you laughed at something Chad said. He has made you laugh like that before right? He thought to himself. Then you smiled and looked at Chad sweetly. She never smiles at me like that he grumbled to himself.

“What Jay? What was that?” Evie asked.

“Nothing.” Jay grumbled back continuing to glare at you and Chad. Evie caught on pretty soon.

“You’re jealous?” Jay shook his head.

“What? Pfff no, I don’t get jealous.” He cockily said with a smirk.

“Ok, whatever you say.” Evie said as she walked off. After she left his smirk quickly turned into a frown as he continued to glare at you. Jay watched as Chad pulled you into his. Chad then quickly pulled you into a kiss. While kissing you, Chad slipped his hand on your upper thigh.

“What are you doing?” You whispered to Chad.

“Sh it’s working.” He said as he motioned over to Audrey. Before Audrey reached you two, someone else did. Jay roughly pulled Chad away from you.

“Hey get your hands off of her1” Jay yelled in Chad’s face.

“Jay no it’s fine.”

“Yea Jay. What I’m not allowed to touch my date, sorry I got to her before your scummy ass did.” Jay punched Chad causing Chad to hit the floor. Audrey quickly ran up to him, comforting him.

You looked down at Chad and then back at Jay with a shocked expression.

“Y/n I’m-m sorry-y.” He said before running off.

“No Jay wait.” You said but you were too late he was already gone. You look down at Chad and Audrey.

“Thanks y/n.” You smiled.

“Don’t mention it.” After you said that you went off to find Jay. You looked all over the ship until you found him sitting on the edge of the boat. You quietly walked up to him.

“Hey, can I join you?” You watched as he wiped his eyes.

“Sure-e.” He said, his noise stuffy. You both sat there looking out into the ocean. “Why did you go with him?”

“Who? Chad?” Jay slowly nodded. “He came up with his stupid plan to get Audrey jealous, by me going with him and it’s stupid but I agreed to it.” Jay perked up.

“Wait so is what your saying is that you didn’t actually go with him?” You nodded.

“Why do you care anyway?” Jay looked down at his hands “Wait were you-were you jealous?”

“Pff, no. Maybe just a little.” you laughed.

“Don’t worry Jay. I um like you too.” You mumbled the last time so he could barely hear.

“What? What was that? I didn’t hear it?” Jay cheekily smirked.

“Please save my face from getting any redder than it is now.” Jay laughed. And leaned into you. Your lips connected. This was by far your best Cotillion yet.

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is it true that all houses in usa have those thin walls you can punch a hole through? or is it like those red plastic cups? movies only

w…who convinced you that we don’t actually use those red plastic cups

The Solo* cup is a staple of American social reality, my friend! They’re disposable, recyclable, stackable, cheap, and they’re just big enough for one can’s worth of beer or soda. Every barbecue, house party, company picnic, family outing, camping trip, outdoor sports game, and non-formal event is sure to have them. It’s an unspoken rule that if the cup is red the drink is probably alcoholic; some families/gatherings will use multiple colours to avoid confusion. If there are enough people at the event, common knowledge is you need to either keep that fucker in-hand or write your name on it. (If it’s not a family event, you just keep it in-hand till you’re done with it.)

[pictured: cheap cups and really cheap beer]

There is literally an entire country song dedicated to the red Solo cup and its hallowed place in American culture. Bless your heart, Anon, please cuff whomever told you these only exist in movies upside the head for misleading you lmao

Now as for the wall thing, there’s a very wide variety of materials used in houses in the US. Really old, really cheap, or really expensive houses might use stone and/or hardwood; the most ramshackle might use scrap wood & metal. But in modern houses, the most common are crick (concrete brick) & wood for exteriors and wood studs (support beams) & drywall for interior walls. It’s pretty easy to put your fist or a doorknob through drywall. In fact if you’re hammering a nail or something into a wall and hit it too hard, the hammer could go right through it. Most apartments are built with those materials, too. In fact my apartment still has some scars from where, at some point, some past resident went completely apeshit and kicked/punched/knocked holes in three doors and four walls. (It’s since been patched up and painted over.)

So while it’s not accurate to say all our homes have drywall interior walls, it is true that a lot of them do.

*That’s a brand name but also basically a proprietary eponym. Even if they’re Dixie brand or some store’s house brand, we call them Solo cups most of the time.