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Adventures of Young Ben Solo - Part 1: Podracing

Ben looked around to see if anyone followed him. He pulled his hood up to cover his face as he pulled the gate of the academy shut with a flick of his wrist. He started walking down the sidewalk, sticking to the shadows and hiding his force presence.

Everyone in the academy was fast asleep; he had waited until the light of Master Luke’s quarters were turned off. He then jumped out of the window with the aid of the force, landing softly on the ground.

He took a sharp turn down the block and walked across the road to the other side once he reached the intersection. The streets were empty because of the late hours. He easily spotted the lone speeder parked down the street.

Ben walked up to it and found a pair of pale yellow legs hanging from the side. Ben peeked in and saw the long body of a Tong male sprawled across the seat, snoring loudly.

Ben shook his head from under the hood and knocked on the metal body of the speeder to wake the sleeping Tong up.

“I didn’t do it! I swear I didn’t.” He jerked awake, shrieking and flailing his lanky arms around to fight off the invisible enemy.

“Be quiet, Lau!” Ben muttered urgently under his breath to stop his friend from drawing attention.

Lau Quadinaros stopped moving when his eyes fell on the hooded form of Ben Solo.

“Oh Ben, it’s you.” He looked around nervously to see if anyone else was around. “Sorry. I fell asleep.”

“No need to apologize buddy, I know it’s late.” Ben hopped into the pod and buckled up. “Thanks for coming to get me.”

“Of course, anything for my friend. Besides, the race can’t start without one of it’s prime contestants.” He started up the speeder and they took off into the night.

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Sohere is the Pod racing one shot as promised. Hope you enjoy it! Also big thank you to my beta @ns0241 💙

Happy Revenge of the Fifth guys!


The brainchild of USA importer Max Hoffman was to reduce the 356 to the max. But rarely total renunciation of crank-operated windows, shelves, sun visors or heating has become as expensive as with the Porsche 356 1500 Speedster nowadays. We spotted the little fugitive of Stuttgarts 356-family in Hamburg.


Friday morning found Mark out on the road (again) and feeling good.  The crew managed to get some solid food into him (is there ever a bad time to eat pizza?) and reports that he’s alert and riding well.  He started out in 6th position among the solo RAAM racers (still third in the under 50 solo males) this morning.  Fifth position was reclaimed when Mark passed Sarah Cooper near TS14 in Cortez, Colorado.  Later Mark passed Guido Loehr (second photo above) along the Navajo Trail highway about 16 miles before TS 15 in Durango. 

Mark and crew will have the road to themselves after Durango.  Gruener and Baloh are about 85 miles up the road.  Race leader Strasser is 200 miles beyond Durango en route to TS 19 in La Veta, Colorado facing the last two of the big climbs in the Rockies.