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Has Ed said anything about whether he will use the loop pedal for his tour or whether he used it to record the album?

He hasn’t mentioned anything about recording with it, but I assume that he did for at least s few of the tracks. As for if he’ll use it on tour, when asked if he’ll be getting a band he said that he’s still going to preform solo as long as he’s young and his body will let him :)


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Muke is real

Just image after the boys got off stage of the BBC teen awards Michael was limping and Luke immediately rushed to his aid and wrapped his arm around his waist and held him close to his side and helped him walk the rest of the way to the dressing room while whispering little things in the older boys ear like ‘are you okay kitten’ and ‘its okay mikey we’re almost there’ and when they finally reach the door cal walks in front of them to push it open and Luke thanks him and he sets Michael down on to the chair and just pouts at his poor kittens face and then looks at ash and sighs because he had to fucking preform his solo and he knew it upset everyone and then mikey would look up at Luke and mumble 'water’? and Luke being wrapped around his finger rushes off to find his baby boy some water

Okay but

Iwaoi Orchestra AU
• Complaining to each other about how hard their pieces are (while trying to beat the other in how difficult their music is)
• Oikawa constantly forgets his music at home so often to the point he depends on Iwaizumi to bring music
• Preforming solos for each other to practice for auditions/fesitivals
• Helping each other out when either of them want to quit a piece or their instrument
• Iwaizumi loves music from the romantic period while Oikawa loves music from the classical period
• Debating on which composer is better
• Never getting anything done in sectionals because they’re always goofing off
•Dirty orchestra jokes


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