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*Time Sensitive/Urgent* Hi so I have a cold currently (which is shitty) on Friday 7th October 2016 I am going to be recording my solo performance for my music GCSE and helping someone else with their ensemble performance. Would it be safe to bind whilst doing this? Ideally I'd be able to, obviously. If it's any help, the songs I'm doing are: For my friends ensemble- Let It Be, the Beatles and for my solo performance- Play the Game, Queen. I'm going to be doing both singing. Thank you

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Binding while sick and binding while singing are both usually bad, so I’m going to say no, definitely do not bind.

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#ff This Friday morning, I fantasize having to perform a solo (violin) in front of millions of people, and being backstage and nervous and shaking, only for the door to open and Sebastian come walking in. He would be worried and he would come forwards asking what's wrong and wrap his arms around me and he would whisper soft reassurances in my ear, telling me "you got this." I'm sorry. I have to perform a solo today in class 😬

He would absolutely try to make you feel better! Can you imagine THAT FACE encouraging you?? 

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Good luck with your solo!


Game of Thrones main title theme cover on multi-tracked multiple flutes by Wouter Kellerman. Just listen. He’s good


Jesus Christ this fandom…“BBMAs Edition”…Part 105/? 🎤🎺🎸💃🏻❓