solo patrick

Volevo dirti che sto bene in ogni posto ma non sono al posto giusto se non ci sei tu
—  Massimo Bisotti - Il quadro mai dipinto

A collection of some of my favorite Valentine’s Day Cards.
Number One, as always, Ronnie from the Jersey Shore.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

A very bad post:

(@idontlooklikereginageorge and I have come up with terrible conspiracy theories)

What if FOB album colors truly alternated blue and red?

And the “purple one” is the combination of them both?

Meaning the “purple one” is the LAST one???

What if FOB is ending????

What if Patrick goes solo again????

What if Patrick changes his mind and just wants to be a dad and never appears again??????????

NO PLS NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries ocean of tears in the trailer*


Robert Solo smiled with infuriating mildness, pressing the scalding Epsom compress to Han’s chin again. Supine on the oilcloth-covered worktable Han hissed, digging his fingers into his own thighs.

“Hellfire. You gotta grind that salt in? I ain’t no—hey, hey!

“Just trying to clean the wound, little brother.”


“Horseshit’s what you get,” Robert snapped, “rolling around in the muck of Silver Street.” 

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