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Pues acabo de ganar entradas al cine (ya son tres veces) si me gano una cuatra vez sorteare entradas dobles en mi blog Anthony con H (solo para Perú, sorry). Guarden este post.

Si un río crece en mi habitación la unica culpa será mia por no poder cerrar la llave.

Qué truco se usa cuando el nudo de la garganta lo unico que hace es rasgar por salir?, yo solo quiero que desaparezca.

Dame la formula para hacer invisibles el rojo que rodea mis ojos, dame un solo tip para silenciar el sonido de el llanto.

Y dime como evitar este inmenso dolor en el pecho, como sacar ese puñal que se impregando dentro de mí.

No cesará, pienso que nunca lo hará, eres el paraíso de mi ser, pero también eres mi punzada al corazón.

Packing // Cyprien & Cyprien

Cyprien left the dance at the last song, and made his way back to the Slytherin Common Room with Alecto. They parted quickly (She had been behaving so oddly lately! And the rumors…), and Cyprien went upstairs to make sure his bag was really packed.

It was, although he remembered only at the last minute to grab another pair of socks. 

He made his way quietly down the stairs, not stopping to talk with the many Slytherins still loitering in the Common Room. Cyprien made his way to the Astronomy Tower, not particularly concerned with being caught: The halls were still crowded with students making their way slowly back to their rooms.

He waited in the Tower, watching his watch.

Going Brunette/ Solo Para

Sungmin looked around the hallway before walking to the washrooms. He tried hiding the little box he was carry so no one would stop him. When he reached the door he quickly entered and locked the door behind him. Setting the box on the sink, Sungmin quickly removed his hoodie and shirt. Taking a deep breath Sungmin open the box and followed the mixing directions for the hair dye. Slipping on the gloves Sungmin methodically started pouring the dye in his hair and rubbing it in. After about an hour, Sungmin stripped and took a shower washing the excess dye out. After getting dressed Sungmin looked in the mirror at his new hair color. Pulling up his hood, Sungmin threw away the box and bottles and walked back to his room. Hopefully, he thought, no one would mind too much.

Sneaking Out | Quinn Fabray

It was all coming back to her now. 

The car crash. She was hit by a car. 

A fricken’ car.

She had to sneak away from the hospital. That was the only thing on her mind. She needed to get out. These nurses didn’t know anything about her. She’d break the needle within seconds. She looked at her clipboard, seeing what the doctors have said so far. Unstable, comatose, unresponsive, vitals strong.. Things that they’re trying to make sense of still, she thought. 

She had to get out. She had to see people. She needed to make sure that everyone wasn’t freaking out. I mean, after all, she was apparently “comatose.” She shuddered at the thought. She was supposed to die in that crash, but she was saved by her werewolf gene. As much as she resented it, she would rather be alive than dead.

She threw the covers over each other, and she took a step towards the ground. Her head throbbed slightly, but her wounds were all gone. Her skin looked as good as new, with the exception of minor cuts. That was to be expected, though. She walked out of her room, and she dodged some nurses as she walked out the front door. She needed some clothes. And she needed to go away. Her name would be all over the paper, and she would be the girl that lived.

Popular for all of the wrong reasons.

Getting Darker. | Drabble

Alex sighed as she got out of the classroom letting a yawn out. If these dreams continued to torment her for a year, she doesn’t know how long she’ll have to keep up with it. And no amount of sleeping pills will help. It’s okay. She tells herself. It’s only three more classes, five more hours… You can do this.

But the minute she goes to her locker and reaches for the lock, Alex notices something spread out across her hand. It’s a spot. She looked around curiously, then up the ceiling, nothing. But she saw a red splat falling from the ceiling and onto her hand again, flipping it over. 

She tenses at the sight and realization of what it was, and resists the urge to scream out loud. It’s blood. Human blood. She dashes towards the corridor not minding the few students she had hit as she pushed them aside, heading towards the girl’s bathroom. Once she was there she stopped by a faucet only to see that she had more blood spread out across from her hands to her arms. 

Quickly turning the faucet on, she let her hands run through the water, scrubbing them of desperately. No, no, no, no, no. This cannot be happing. Not here. Not here. Oh God, please no. IT’S GETTING WORSE!

“Out… Out damned spot, I out I say!” She cried as she ran her hands through the water, roughly wiping them off as she did. 

Just get off, please, please, please, Just get it off!

“Get it out!!!”

Let It Go || Open/Solo

Kurt stared at his reflection in the dark screen of his iPhone, taking deep breaths. He was sitting outside, on a bench, his knees pulled up to his chest and his body shivering in the cold, even though he was dressed in a jacket and a scarf and had a blanket wrapped around him. He reached up to touch his face - fingertips icy cold against his skin. The familiar burn of tears built up in his eyes at the sight of his own face and he quickly shoved the phone back in his pocket. He wrapped his arms around his knees and took another deep breath, trying to push the tears away. He was tired, his head hurt and he felt alone. He didn’t understand why he was acting so weak, but he felt like everything was just crashing down on him. He felt like no one actually liked him. At least not since he had started to act different because of the stupid thing inside his head. He was sore and terrified, cold and alone.

He wrapped the blanket tighter around himself and took a shaky breath, before curling up into himself and allowing the tears to spill. He soon regretted this, though. Because at first the tears were quiet, but within a matter of seconds he was having a hard time breathing and loud sobs were wrecking his body. He curled up and pulled his hair, cursing his headache and his aching body, everyone who had yelled at him or gotten angry at him or called him stupid or selfish. He wrapped his arms around himself, took another deep breath, and just screamed, not caring if anyone would hear him. He was already labeled insane or unstable, or whatever they thought of him. His nails were digging into his arm, uselessly clawing - leaving marks. His thighs were burning with the cuts he had made a couple of days before that. He felt lost. Not just in the world, but also in his own body. He just wanted something good to happen for once, instead of the constant hurt, anger, fear and rejection. So all he could do was curl up on the bench and cry, while his breath kept catching in his throat, making him cough and cry harder.

Mommy?- Solo para

Sungmin peeked in his room again, inside was a woman. Sungmin took a deep breath and went inside the room. Upon his entry the woman turned and glared at him. She was beautiful once. Sungmin thought to himself. You could see it’s on her face, but now her eyes were cold and hard. She was bony and wobbled unsteadily on her heels. Her hair was once in a bun, but now was coming undone. Sungmin waved at her slowly. “H-hello?” The woman walked over to him and slapped his face, hard. “What the hell did you say?” Her voice was cold and devoid of any affection to the younger male. “What have I told you about stuttering?” Sungmin looked down and swallowed. “I’m sorry, mommy.” Sungmin focused hard on not stuttering, not willing to be slapped again. The woman, Sungmin’s mother, laughed. “I’m sure you are. Tell me have you caused anyone else to leave?” Sungmin hugged his waist thinking about Heechul and Tao. “I-No?” Sungmin’s mother grabbed his shoulder. “You’re lying.” Her voice was laced with a slightly happiness. “Did you love them? I hope you did, you pathetic child. Then you’ll know the pain I felt because of you.” She grabbed Sungmin’s hair and tossed him on the bed. “Your father left me because you were selfish enough to be born. You look just like him.” Her acrylic nails dug into Sungmin’s cheek. “My poor son had the misfortune of being cute, didn’t you? Did you use it to your advantage? Do you use it to lure people into your bed?” Sungmin mother grinned sadistically. “You’ll be a whore, Sungmin. It’s in you’re DNA after all.” She moved away from the silent boy. Sungmin took another breath. “You’re going to be a grandmother. That’s why I had them call you.” Sungmin looked down. His mother froze. “You what? Aw, I was right. You cute little whore.” She stroked Sungmin cheek. “Will you abandon the mother like your father did to me?”  She slapped Sungmin’s cheek. “What right do you have to have a child?” She grinned. “I know, I’ll take the child away. Maybe then you can feel pain.” Sungmin’s eyes widen in horror. “You can’t. Please mommy.” She turned and back handed him. “Shut up. I will ruin you, just like you ruined me.” She walked off leaving Sungmin alone, scared, and hurt, just like always. 

Confusion || Solo Para

Lily walked quickly away from James in the common room, though most of her wanted to stay. Especially after James asking her if she’d stay; she wanted to so badly but with whatever new feelings she had going on for him, she needed time to figure it out before she could spend that much time cuddling with him again. She closed her door tightly behind her and sunk to the floor, feeling like a complete cliche. Surely she was just feeling more than neutral feelings for James because he comforted her while she was crying right? Of course there had to be a logical reason for why she wanted to run back into common room right now. Okay, he held me while I cried; that could have caused this right? She shook her head at herself, no, Remus had also hugged her when she got the letter and she felt nothing toward him out of the ordinary. Okay, maybe Potter slipped you a love potion? She hadn’t seen him around for him to do so. Imperious Curse? His family are all aurors right, of course it wasn’t an unforgivable. 

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Mirages || Arena Day 2 || Solo

I woke up and stretched my tight muscles, feeling confused for a few seconds before being hit with the memory of where I was. The arena. That’s right. I sighed and collected my wire, the pocket generator having run out of electricity not too long ago, and packed everything back up. Time for another day. I glanced at the map I’d drawn the day before, then looked back up at the maze. This didn’t look familiar. Not at all. My heart sunk as I realized the maze must have moved over night. What a nightmare. I ripped the paper on which I had drawn the maze, crumpled it up, and dropped it on the ground before picking myself up to get going for the day. 

Before I could get going, though, my vision focused on a woman blocking my path out of the dead end. And unless I was hearing wrong, she was telling me to go with her, to follow her towards victory. 

I wasn’t stupid. Far from it, I told myself. But there was no way to get out of this dead end without facing the woman. And I couldn’t fly out without leaving behind my shield, which could turn out to be my most valuable asset. I drew out one of my daggers and gripped my shield tight, approaching her cautiously.

“And what if I don’t go with you?” I asked her. 

I’m Not That Girl | solo

It started as a great evening. The show was stunning and the after party was lively and full of people Laura knew - a lot of the new cast were her friends from the off-Broadway production she was part of a couple of years ago. It was great to catch up with them and she couldn’t complain about her company either.

While Laura engaged in yet another catch up conversation with an old friend, Theo excused himself and headed to the bar. She didn’t blame him; earlier that evening Laura made a mental note she should focus more on her date than other people, but there were just too many and her attention had to be split between them all. 

That was why she only started looking for him when he has been gone for quite some time. Her eyes scanned the crowd, trying to find the dark haired man. When finally she spotted him, Laura noticed his company, a teal haired girl one her friends labelled as Lizaveta Abramovich. She’s heard the name before and although she would never admit it, seeing the two of them there, looking so clearly very entertained by each other, made her feel a strange sting in her chest.

“Right,” Laura muttered, suddenly very captivated by her own shoes. She shouldn’t have been thinking into anything much, but one simply cannot help it sometimes. Somehow she managed to put on a facade of happiness while she talked to the people at the party, but it wasn’t long until she finished her drink and bid them goodnight. She lost interest in partying.

When she got home that night, her new apartment was empty. That’s why she moved there, after all, but that night, it felt almost too empty. She got undressed and went to bed, staring blankly at the wall before rolling her eyes and shaking her head, groaning at herself. This was why she didn’t do emotions.