solo norway

 Type: Ship (semi-canon)

People/ Characters: Harrison Ford & Carrie Fisher

Time Period: Somewhere between 1970′s - late 1980′s. Although, there are still things going on today, nearly 40 years later, which suggest that there are still feelings between the pair.

Inside Jokes: Norway, Marlboro Man

Evidence: There’s a lot. Mainly from Carrie but some other people have also hinted at the relationship including David Prowse, who played Darth Vader. 

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okay but norway and denmark driving and rocking out to really awful music and dancing like huge nerds and singing along but neither of them can sing at ALL and they never really sing in front of other people but they’re comfortable enough with each other that they’re just like THE STORY OF MY LIFE!!!! I TAKE HER HOOOME!!!! I DRIVE ALL NIGHT!!!!! TO KEEP HER WARM AND TIME!!!! IS FROOOOOOOZEN!!!!!!