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Harry Styles’ new album is going to be earth-shattering. Harry is a perfectionist as we all know. He would never settle for less than a completely new innovation. He is honing his skills as a musician in order to be able to produce something beyond expectations. Judging from his widely varied collaborators, this album may very well define what music in this new century should sound like.

Harry Styles’ new album is going to shock the world. That is what fans need to hear. This album is going to be better than what music fans have become all too accustomed to. This isn’t some prefabricated formula for songwriting. It isn’t going to be something five young boys had to rush through with three months to write and record. Harry is stepping as far away from that kind of writing as possible to give fans the music they deserve.


if this doesn’t make your life, I don’t know what will…

Random Advice #8

Before performing a solo, realize that the audience doesn’t want you to fail.

Your job as the soloist is to scare the crap out of them.

Think “I’m going to crush this, I’m going to nail this” right as you walk on stage.

If you think good, good things will happen.


My amazing friend singing the aria ‘I am the wife of Mao-Tse-tung ’.

This is one of the songs she sang for her Masters recital and got an amazing grade! It was a fantastic performance and I’m lucky to have been a part of it :)

So so proud of her <3 such an amazing singer 


There are few figures as revered within contemporary culture as Harry Styles. He is the poster boy for a generation, a figure whose Instagram posts inspire column inches and whose ascent to fame has been documented so thoroughly that you’d think there would be no stone left unturned. Yet, throughout his career, he has remained somewhat shrouded in mystery: aside from the publicity that surrounds One Direction, he is surprisingly aloof, thoroughly attuned to the aphorism that less is more. Now, he is embarking on a career of his own – as both an actor and a solo musician – and he has turned to Another Man to celebrate his independence.

“When we heard that he’d chosen Another Man to do something like this, it felt like a great responsibility,” explains Alister Mackie, who founded the magazine in 2005 and is now its creative director. “He just messaged me and said, ‘I want to do something with you,’ and so I felt like I had to give him the ultimate Another Man treatment, the whole experience, to do it properly. It became immediately apparent that there was so much more depth to him than to your regular boyband star, so we thought, let’s make it all about him.” What amounted is an issue that revolves around Styles – from three cover stories, each an immersion into a different facet of his persona, to an intimate archive of his personal memorabilia – which he himself worked on from start to finish. It is a complete and cohesive exploration of Styles’ personality, seen through the distinctive lens of Another Man.

The way that Mackie starts creating an issue of the magazine is somewhat unusual in the digital age: alongside myriad walls of moodboards, he compiles a physical scrapbook of images that operate as a sort of visual map for its narrative. Throughout the planning process, Styles would visit Mackie’s Shoreditch studio to rifle through the book, this time filled with pop star portraits and ephemera, Mick Jagger and John Lydon, and copies of Oh Boy! – a seventies pop-meets-punk version of Smash Hits which served as the starting point for Mackie’s research. “He’d turn up with his hood up, on his own, completely inconspicuous,” and the two would go through the layouts, explore references, select edits. “He was super trusting the whole way through,” says Mackie, “he always said ‘I’ve chosen you, so you do what you think works,’ but when he made a decision it always felt right.”

So, the pair travelled to Styles’ hometown of Cheshire with photographer Alasdair McLellan – a photographer determinedly part of the Another Man family, and who embarked on a similar project exploring Mackie’s Glasgow roots back in Autumn/Winter 2012. “He got really into it,” Mackie recalls. “We went to his school, to the pub where he used to live, to the bakery where he used to work, and it was just amazing. I wanted it to be like taking him home, and to explore the normality of his upbringing. It was such an uplifting experience – particularly because we were doing it with someone who is at such a great point in his life, who is starting out on his own. It just felt euphoric.”

Then, Mackie turned to Willy Vanderperre, “our signature cover photographer,” who has previously shot icons like Alex Turner, Cillian Murphy and Willem Defoe for the magazine. “We wanted to show what Willy does, what I do with Willy, and to put Harry to be in the company of those men,” he explains. And finally, to Ryan McGinley, whose poetic vision of Styles as a romantic hero was also transformed into a poster to accompany the issue. “There’s something indie about those pictures: otherworldly and contemplative,” reflects Mackie. “That day felt really spiritual because Ryan is so quiet and charming, and they really connected. Harry cried because he has really bad hay fever – and, while I was freaking out that his face would swell up, Ryan just kept it going. It ended up being so beautiful to see him crying like that – and when you work with someone as spontaneous as Ryan, that’s when those magical moments happen.”

It’s an encyclopedic exploration of the pop idol’s world, blended with the inimitable codes of Another Man, and it is remarkable in both its intimacy and aesthetic. “It was all so exciting that everyone involved could feel it,” says Mackie. “We’ve never gambled on one person like this before, and it’s the most pop that we’ve ever gone – but he’s more than a pop star. Way more. It’s been the most amazing trip.”

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It's like all of this is Harry's fault? and I know that's not how some of this reads but he just can't win with anybody basically like I'm excited for whatever he comes out with if all of this is true or not

He did a movie and a magazine spread and he’s just… letting people talk about him doing music. So what??? Harry actually showed a lot of hesitancy in his AM interview about his own career as a solo musician and nobody seems to remember that or take it into consideration when getting all up in arms anytime some blowhard spouts off to a magazine. Harry said what he was going to say in those AM interviews. He didn’t have to do that. He didn’t have to say anything at all or show any other side of himself publicly but he did. Why does he need to say anything else? Just to comfort people who think he’s an asshole?? Why does harry always have to jump through hoops to prove himself so much more than anyone else in 1D? Media written about the other boys are never held against their character like people do it with harry. Also, Jeff is doing what harry wants him to do…nothing. Jeff works for harry, not us. And they’re just letting people talk and stroke their own egos in the press. Maybe he doesn’t want to confirm or deny because he’s still unsure of his plans for the next year? Maybe he has personal shit happening himself this year?? Tbh I’m personally waiting on a whole slew of people to apologize or at least admit they were wrong for calling harry an asshole all last year for “stealing louis’ dream” (of acting) and accusing him of “leaving Louis to deal with bg” when we now know that’s not true AT ALL!! So…miss me with all the “harry needs to say something!” bullshit. Because every time harry does talk, no one seems to LISTEN.