solo made

windkonig  asked:

does anybody have the video of his solo where he supposedly made the mistake? I just want to see if I ever would have noticed it like... I bet people didn't even notice and he's still beating himself up ;;; kai please... we love you and you're allowed to make mistakes, nobody's perfect ;;

🌸 the video of his solo performance itself is here.. and i guess i know what he is talking about. but still.. no one would have been bothered by this but him. i just don’t.. i really hate when he does that because.. it just really makes me sad to see him like this :((


You all worked so hard for the past three years. Since our debut, we’ve been trying to show you good performances and make good music. And we feel so supported because you’ve been there for us all the time I thank you. I’ll make sure you will never leave us. I love you all. Please keep giving us your love and support - Jeon Jungkook