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What are words// H.S- Short Story

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Warning: None

Another day I woken up to the sound of my phone beeping- continuous messages blowing up my notification and I sighed at the thought of what had been written across the screen. It was extreme torture being the girlfriend of Harry Styles not in the sense that he is a horrible person but I still haven’t gotten used to the fans that are not supportive of us, well me.

See, I wasn’t exactly the ideal girl for harry according to them- my native background had kept me from actually speaking proper English and they felt that our communication would be lousy but for the life of me I am trying.

Let me introduce myself; My name is Y/N and I am from France, my native language is French and I lack the capacity to write or speak English in a proper grammar. Yes, I am the girlfriend of Harry Styles and he is wonderful- for so long I had read about him being such a sweetheart and now I actually get to witness being one and it is true, I will support the statement of him being a sweetheart.

I opened my twitter as I scrolled through the various tweets towards me and most of them were negative messages being thrown at me for not speaking the same language as most of them.

‘Go back to France and bake, leave English girls for Harry’ I read through them and I know harry had told me to brace myself and try not to give into whatever people had to say because it wouldn’t change his feeling towards me.

Pourquoi me déteste-t-il? - I thought to myself.

“Y/N are you okay baby?” I heard a voice behind me and I snapped to his direction and I met those lovely green eyes.

“Non pas du tout“ I scoffed out as the tears prickles down my cheeks, instantly Harry rushed to my side and engulfed me in a loving rapture as he stroke my hair and attempted to make me feel better.

“What happened?” he asked concern coursed through his voice

“They make fun of me” I tried to explain but my accent and grammar weren’t coming out fully well and I hated myself for not being able to communicate with him all that well.

“I’m sorry you have to go through this right now but I can help you along the journey, you don’t have to be sad, please.” he soothed

“Parfois, je pense que tu vas mieux sans moi“ I retorted and sniffled at the thought of being away from Harry and throwing what we’ve built away.

“I don’t think ending what we have is the answer to our little debacle, you know I am here for you and this is a little minor set back in our relationship, I understand how intense it can be around people but I love you the way you are- the sexy tone in your voice when your voice as you pronounce each word, you sound like an angel everyday and I would never change a thing about you” he sweetly spoke as he still hung onto me, his chin pressed on my head and he squeezed my body to his.

“Just to prove how to you how much you mean to me” he paused as he walked over to his built studio, shuffling his finger across his laptops keyboard and pressing onto a selected beat had been working on for his next album.

“I have been writing a song for you and I want you to join me on it but you will sing in French” he said

My smile grew wide and it lit up the joy in his eyes by achieving his main priority in life- Making me smile everyday.

“Sing what you feel in your heart and I will join you on it” he instructed

The beautiful melody poured through the speakers as I help the headphones and closed my eyes to listen to sounds and instruments deeply, my lips parted as the words flowed out of my mouth

“Parfois, je me sens un peu irrégulier et parfois je me sens peu froid et seul, mais vous êtes toujours là comme ma lumière pour me guider et me garder au chaud, mon cœur se sent en sécurité autour de vous vous sentez un peu de bonheur et c'est toujours autour de vous. Je vous tiendrai toujours ma lumiere, je vous remercie de votre existence“


“Sometimes I feel a bit irregular and sometimes I feel little cold and alone, but you are still there as my light to guide me and keep me warm, my heart feels safe around you, feel a little happiness And it’s always around you. I will always keep my light, I thank you for your existence“

And then his sweet voice came along as he sang beautifully to me, his eyes showed passion and the noticeable veins popping at the side of his necks as he focused on moving me with me with his talent and he did, he really did.

“And with the the touch of your hand, my demons are silenced- with the voice of an angel my existence is clear for I am nothing without her.” He sang

Tears formed in my eyes as I listened to his words with intensive care; my heart was pounding at this point when he held my hands in his as he sang to me.

“You are beautiful and never forget that” he kicked off and looked me directly in the eyes

. “Je t'aime beaucoup, Harry” my voice shaky from the overwhelming tears.

“What are words? If you really don’t mean them when you say them?” he pecked my lips gently and I felt all the worries and trouble had slipped away from us, and I really was happy.

“I love you most” he whispered

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Why am I so obsessed with the ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ characters? The ones I’m supposed to hate? The ‘bad boy’s? The ones with shaggy and/or messy dark hair with a brooding personality. The more angsty the backstory the better. Give them to me. I mean just


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