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i remember reading a post a while back where a person said that luna’s “free somebody” was the official lgbt+ anthem. now i’m reading that the #10 most requested song that people wanna hear at the lgbt+ pride festival in seoul this yr is the legendary and slept on song “free somebody” by the beautiful park sunyoung. simply amazing.

❄️️ snowy modern AU kylux! ❄️️ (-^   v ^-) a commission for the, very lovely, @jesuisbetejesuispatissiere who has had it made for their friend @coffee-without-a-pause to accompany the latest chapter of their fic A Cracked Gift, which you can read >here< ! it was a pleasure to work on this, and a pleasure to work with you jesuisbetejesuispatissiere! <3 (^ ___^) drawing these two is still delightfully comfortable and i look forward to finishing up more past projects of them! <3

Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey (2012 Remaster)
Paul Mccartney
Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey (2012 Remaster)

Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey -Paul McCartney, RAM

Albert was Albert Kendall, who married Paul’s aunt Milly (becoming “Uncle Albert”) and provided inspiration for a portion of this song suite. Albert had a habit of getting drunk and reading from The Bible; the only time he read from the Bible was when he was drinking.

McCartney combined pieces of various unfinished songs to create this; in the later years of The Beatles, they did this a lot as a way to put unfinished songs to good use. As a result, “Uncle Albert - Admiral Halsey” contains 12 different sections over the course of its 4:50 running time. This jumble of musical textures, comic character voices, sound effects and changing tempos turned off a lot of listeners, but many others thought it was brilliant. The song wasn’t released as a single in the UK, but in America it became McCartney’s first #1 hit as a solo artist.


Eddie Vedder - Out of Sand - Live and studio versions


Thanks to my queen Hyuna I discovered Pentagon and more specifically HUI, I simply adore his voice


Carrie was someone I not only looked up to but someone I considered a friend. She treated us not like fans but as family and the conversations I had with her, whether it was asking us how to use her phone, us asking for advice, her sharing her wisdom or even asking how much money it would take for the whole chat to meet up, those little chats always brightened my day and are memories I’ll forever cherish. I don’t think it’s quite sunk in and I still can’t quite imagine a world where she doesn’t exist but the legacy she’s left behind will continue to make me happy even if she’s no longer here. She’s given me and a lot of girls confidence and strength and was always determined to erase the stigma surrounding mental illness and to support a good cause. I made a lot of close friends through Carrie and I’m forever thankful to her for that. Because of those friends, there’s flowers with my name on at her memorial in LA and the fact that I can pay my respects from across the world because of them is something I’m eternally grateful for. Rest in peace Carrie and Debbie, I’m glad you’ve got each other in that galaxy far far away.